Drinking coffee all by myself, the boss gave me the rest of the day off because I got dumped, I can't honestly say that I cared at all. Drinking coffee by yourself is pretty sad, as anyone who has tried will tell you, but for people like me, a bit more than antisocial, it is relaxing.

I sit quietly and slowly drink my coffee, I wonder why they made me take the day off, it wasn't like I was being emotional about it. My boss is an emotional person and assumes that people who aren't are only hiding it, she is determined to make me show some emotion, which is actually fairly annoying, it is a good thing that I like my job.

"Yo," I look up and see a surprisingly tall woman, she would have been surprisingly tall even if she was a man, and the voice is deep, only just feminine. She sits down across from me with a heavy and strangely metallic noise.

"Who are you?" I ask her, thinking that I should probably leave in a hurry instead.

"It does not matter," she says, she puts her hands on the table, she is wearing metal gloves, segmented metal fingers and plates on her palm and the back or her hand, gauntlets.

Somehow even the gauntlets don't bother me. I pick up my coffee and drink some more, she starts tapping lightly on the table with the sharpened point on her gauntlets.

"Who are you waiting for?" I ask her, assuming that is why she is impatient.

Her hands still. "Sorry, I am a naturally rhythmic person, I tap when my hands are not doing something else," she winks at me and starts tapping again.

"So you aren't waiting for someone?" I ask, wondering now why she would sit with me if she wasn't waiting for someone here.

"I am, but I tap anyway, you will find out," she winks at me again and stares out the door of the cafe.

I decide not to ask. "Who are you waiting for?" I ask instead.

"It is hard to explain," she says. "You do not know enough about it yet."

I decide to ask this time. "What do you mean, 'yet'?"

"I just told you, it is hard to explain," she says, there is almost no tone to her voice, I get a weird déjà vu, like I have had that thought before, but I couldn't have, I know people have said it about me, but that isn't the feeling.

"Alright, I'll leave it then," I tell her and take another sip of coffee, it is starting to cool down.

"Finish your coffee, here they are," she says, looking out the door. I look out the door, they are here.

Two men walk past, black suits and reflective sunglasses, one of them has the handle of a sword sticking, quite obtrusively, out of the back of his suit jacket. The strangest bit was that my boss is walking between them, smiling brightly, like she always does, when she isn't complaining that I should smile more.

I drink my coffee, she stands up and takes off a massive, black, coat, she looks amazing, it is spectacular, she is wearing metal, she has the gauntlets which lead into bracers, her upper arms are bare and she has a chest plate. She charges at them and she is wearing metal boots and tight black pants, she is amazingly muscular.

She crashes through the glass doors of the coffee house and immediately hits the man closest to the door, the sharpened gauntlets tear a chunk out of his neck and he fall, bleeding and still, to the ground, my boss turns to her and screams.

She swings at my boss but the man with the sword is suddenly there, he stops the woman and my boss runs for it. I stand and walk out the door while the woman and a man who can only be my boss's body guard fight.

He swings with the sword, two handed, she catches the sword with one gauntlets and holds it while she swipes at his stomach with the other hand. He blocks her with one hand, which he removes from the sword.

She lets go of the sword and hits him in the face with a closed fist, I hear his nose break as I get closer, he steps back a few steps, quickly, and spits out something that can only be a tooth. He swings again, quickly, if it had been me, I wouldn't have been able to block it, she does, catching it on her bracer.

She jabs him in the stomach, sinking the metal coated hand right into his stomach and tearing out something that I am fairly sure is his liver, he grunts and keeps going, swinging at her again, there is no strength this time, she moves out of the way and shoves her hand into his chest, tearing out his heart this time.

I'm standing almost right behind her, she turns and sees me, and doesn't look surprised. "Where did she go?"

I point the way my boss had run, she starts off, I follow, I am fit, I exercise because I have nothing better to do. She runs at the same speed as me, I don't know if she is pacing herself or if that is as fast as she can run in the metal boots.

I spot my boss ahead and finally question why I am running, am I going to help or hinder this giant woman? I don't really know yet, maybe I am just exited that something interesting is finally happening.

The giant woman jumps onto my boss and shoves the claws through her neck, the gauntlet goes all the way through the smaller woman's neck. "Why did you do that?" I ask her.

"It is hard to explain," she says again, and vanishes in a plume of black smoke.

Drinking coffee all by myself, the boss gave me the rest of the day off because I got dumped, I can't honestly say that I cared at all. This has happened before, but I don't think it matters, I drink my coffee and wonder why she killed my boss.

"Yo," she sits down across from me again.

"Who are you?" I ask her.

"It does not matter," she tells me, just like she did last time, I wonder if I should run, a different reason for the same thought.

She starts tapping again, the points on her gauntlets ringing against the table, I know who she is waiting for this time. I wait with her, sipping my coffee and still wondering why she killed my boss, or will kill my boss, it is hard to tell, but that doesn't matter either.

"Finish your coffee, they are here," she tells me, I finish my coffee and stand up, she has taken off her coat and is crashing through the glass window and I start after her, slightly earlier than the first time.

She swipes out a chunk of the first body guard's throat and has the same fight with the second man, I wait patiently, a bit further behind her than the first time. She turns, "Where did she go?"

I point again and we run the same distance, I stop when I see my boss, she takes another two steps and thud, she is tackled off her feet by herself. "Don't be an idiot," this new one of her says. "You will never meet her if you do this."

"What?" the original one asks.

"Who introduced you?" the new one says.

"Good point," they both vanish in a plume of black smoke.

My boss has stopped running, I walk over to her. "Are you alright?" I ask her.

"Yeah," she smiles at me and I want to break her face.

"Why do you have body guards?" I ask her.

"For that," she tells me, still with a smile.

"Stop smiling about this or I will break your face," I tell her, she always takes threats like that well.