Well, they got my bag, that isn't new but it sure pissed me off. Throwing it back and forth, that is a fun game, keep it away from the fag. They keep saying that, I can only hope if they repeat it enough they will realise how stupid it is.

Back and forth, back and forth, more people join in, I guess they haven't realised yet. One of them opens it up, of course I have to stop him, there is nothing in there, not really, but that doesn't mean he can look through it.

And now I am chasing it, back and forth, back and forth, a fun game that you can only play when you are outnumbered. The new kid is watching us, he has been here almost two months, just like anyone else who came at the start of the year, but everyone calls him new kid, not to his face, no one says a thing to his face.

My gaze leaves the new kid as my bag starts moving again, back and forth, back and forth. I see movement behind them, I guess more people have come to join in. "I think you should give that back," it is a voice I don't know, everyone turns to see the new kid.

I guess I know why no one talks to him, he is intimidating, he looks really strong and is at least six inches taller than anyone else here, probably more, he is really tall, but that doesn't change the fact that he is outnumbered.

"What if we don't?" a boy, who seems to think he is the leader, asks, looking confident.

The boy rubs his eyes and mutters. "What a stupid question," he mutters. "If you don't give it back, I will have to help you."

"What are you going to do?" the boy asks, looking a little less confident.

"That depends on whether or not you give this boy his bag back," the new kid says, rubbing his eyes again.

"I'm not going to give his bag back," the kid says turning away.

The new kid rubs his eyes again and mutters something like "every time."

The bag throwing resumes, back and forth, back and forth. There is a choking sound, we all turn, my bag stops moving. "I think you want to give his bag back," the new kid says. He has a firm hold of the self styled leader's neck.

"Why should we?" someone else asks.

"Because if you do, I will let go of this boy's neck," the new kid replies. The boy in his hand is gasping for air, and his face is starting to get a bit red.

"You wouldn't kill him," the some person says, not sounding all that confident.

"I doubt it will come to that, but I am not joking here, you give the bag back and I let go," he says, rubbing his eyes again, it doesn't look like it is actually a strain to hold the boy up one handed. "I will not let go any sooner."

"You will strangle him if we don't give the bag back?" another person, a girl this time, a girl judging me for liking boys? I guess it is the principal of the matter.

He rubs his eyes again. "Your talking doesn't seem to be helping anyone," he says, it is true, the boy he has by the neck is twitching and appears to be frothing at the mouth a little bit. "But if I need to say it again, I will: I will not let go until you give this boy his bag back."

"Alright," the person with my bag shoves it into my stomach and they all look at the new kid expectantly.

He lets go. "That could have gone better," he mutters, just walking off.

The boy falls to the ground, gasping in air as hard and fast as he can, I follow the new kid, not wanting to hang around long enough for them to realise that it was really my fault that someone got strangled.

"Why did you take so long?" I hear the boy gasp as I leave, but I don't hear the response.

I catch up to him but now I'm not sure what I should say.

"Do you want something?" he asks, turning to me.

That is frightening, he really is intimidating but I really want to thank him. "I just wanted to say thank you," I tell him. "I mean it."

"You're welcome," he somehow manages to sound sincere and like he doesn't care at all, at the same time.

"Um..." he looks at me expectantly, I feel so much more nervous now. "What is your name?"

He laughs, it isn't loud but it echoes through my head. "New guy? That is hilarious," he says, breathing deeply. "My name is Lucifer, nice to meet you."

"I'm Scott, nice to meet you too," I reply, taken well aback by his response, and his name.

"Interesting name?" he gives me a strange look, like he is curious as to what I think but also couldn't care less, I wonder if it is something he had to work on or if it comes naturally.

"I guess," I say, trying not to commit to anything, remembering the blue tinge in the face of the boy he had strangled. "Thanks again."

"You're still welcome," he says, turning and walking over to where he was sitting before, he picks up a book and opens it to around the middle.

I shake my head and walk off in another direction, wondering if I can at least find some peace, if not solitude. The bell goes, well that just means that I have to spend time with others, not just that they will force their presence on me.

What class do I have?

It is lunch time now, I have yet another class before I can leave, but at least I can leave by myself. I had biology and English, Lucifer wasn't in either of them. I can't see him now, but what I can see is an angry looking boy with a livid red mark around his throat, followed by what I assume are his friends.

"Your friend choked me," the boy says in an accusatory tone, his voice is still a bit hoarse.

"He isn't my friend," I reply, trying not to seem fazed by their presence.

"Then why did he choke me?" the boy asks, obviously not used to being spoken back to, at least not with his friends present.

"You would probably have to ask him," I reply.

"He isn't here though, is he?" the boy says, I don't know if he is trying to be menacing or just checking if his neck muscles still work.

"He isn't," I reply, fairly certain that my bag is properly locked in my locker this time.

"Where is he?" another kid asks.

"How would I know?" I ask him.

"He's your friend," the kid replies.

I rub my eyes understanding how Lucifer felt. "No he isn't," I tell the boy.

"Then why..." he starts.

"Shut up," the choking victim says. "We covered this."

Lucifer walks past, giving no indication that he knows or even cares who we are, or what is going on, and it is entirely possible that he doesn't.

"Hey you," the choking victim tries to yell but ends up choking.

Lucifer turns. "Do you want something?" he asks the coughing boy, the same curious but uninterested tone as he had used on me.

"You choked me," the boy says, managing to get in a deep breath.

"I know," Lucifer replies, looking slightly confused. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Well... because..." the boy looks perplexed.

Lucifer turns and keeps walking.

"He's really tall," one of the choking victim's friends says.

"Do you think I don't know that?" the choking victim asks.

Maybe I should find out his name, thinking of him as the choking victim is going to make me laugh in his face at an inappropriate moment. But there is no diplomatic way of asking.

"He is really strong too," I tell them. "He held this guy up with one arm without straining himself, and held him up for quite a while."

"Really?" another kid asks, a girl this time. Maybe they feel deprived?

"He did, didn't he," the choked guy says, looking a lot less confident than a moment ago.

They leave, which is convenient because it means I am less likely to be assaulted. But it doesn't mean that I won't be, lunch time has only just started after all.

"That could have gone badly," Gabrielle says, appearing next to me, I swear she must practice her stealth or something.

"But it didn't," I reply. I don't mind Gabrielle, she is a bit strange, and she is taller than me, I am five foot eleven and she is six foot four.

"Hmm," she is staring after the new kid.

"Now Gabrielle, are you interested in someone?" I ask, giving her a sidelong glance.

"And here I thought I would save myself for marriage," she says back. An ongoing joke, Gabrielle has never had a boyfriend, and has no problem with that. I have never had a boyfriend either, but it is still early days.

"Sometimes your plans go awry," I tell her, as if she didn't know.

"But generally that is my fault," she says, sitting down next to me.

"This is too," I tell her. "I can't really be anyone else's fault."

"Hmm," is all she says again.

"You should probably just talk to him," I tell her, "even if he seems pretty scary."

"You are correct," she says, "he is pretty scary."

I just smile.

"See you later," she says, coming to her feet as if pulled by strings. I don't know where she gets the time to be able to do that and have the best grades in the school.

I get to sit by myself for the rest of lunch, which is better than usual. I manage to sit through another class and then I can leave, which is great. I stop at a cafe on the way home, to get a coffee and because the guy who works there is cute. Mostly for the coffee.

I come out of the cafe to find Lucifer being hassled by quite a few people, the most prominent being the choking victim. "What are you, a fag?" the boy asks, his recovered a bit since he talked to me.

What an incredibly stupid question, but it means that I get to see the whole thing.

"No," Lucifer says, looking very bored.

That pretty much shuts the boy up. Pretty much.

"We think you should apologise to what you did," another boy says from within the group.

"Why?" Lucifer asks, still bored, but quizzical now.

"Because," is the response.

This doesn't seem well thought out.

"If you aren't a fag then why did you help him?" the choking victim asks.

"Because he needed help," Lucifer says, like it should be obvious. It should be but it is the way of humans that it isn't.

This gang was obviously put together under the assumption that Lucifer was a human, and the way he is I kind of doubt it. It doesn't matter if his body is human, his mind is not and that is where the problem for these people is.

"But..." none of them seem to know what to say.

Lucifer rubs his eyes. "Let us speak eye to eye," he grabs the boy by the throat again, "I don't care what it is you think about me, but I am going somewhere, so maybe you can think about what you want to say, if you are capable of that, and come back later."

He drops the boy again and walks around the mob that seems reluctant to do anything.

"Somehow I doubt they are capable of it," Gabrielle says, again appearing beside me.

"Don't you live in the other direction?" I ask her.

"Yeah, but I felt like something interesting was happening this way," she tells me.

"Seems like it is not anymore," I tell her.

"Hmm," she replies, "would you like me to walk you home, considering that you are going that way?"

"I would appreciate it," I tell her, she makes it less likely that I will be assaulted.