Love 2:

"I think I'm in love with you," she said it with a straight face, her dark hair blowing around her head.

"I think it is too soon to say that," she couldn't help the shiver that passed through her at the idea.

"But it is true," she ran her hands through her hair and it stopped moving for a moment.

"Maybe it is," she turned to look, pushing her glasses up her nose.

"I really do love you," she looked pleading, her pale blue eyes shining.

"We are friends," she wanted to be absolutely sure.

"But I want to be more," she took a step forward, running her hands through her hair.

"Are you sure about that?" She tried to look surprised and unconcerned.

"I am completely sure," she took another step forward. "Please believe me."

"It is good to know that my feelings are not one sided," she smiled tentatively.

"So you love me too?" she took another step forward, running her hands through her hair again.

"I'm not sure if it is love," she dug into her pocket. "But I like you a lot."

"So my feelings aren't one sided either," she tried to hug the other girl.



"I am helping," she pulled a hair tie out of her pocket and tied back the other girl's hair.

"Why do you have a hair tie?" She asked, fingering the pony tail.

"Because I used to have long hair," she hugged the other girl.

"Your hair is cute now," she hugged the girl back.