Mind, Body and Soul

The band of merry men is what they always called them, but now they are something more, more than they will ever see, more than they will even know. So they couldn't do it, said the mind. We wouldn't do it, said the body. And the soul was silent, just like a soul always is.

A gun goes off within the city, but still no one moves, because no one can see you if you aren't moving, people only see what catches their attention, these days, and they no longer catch anyone's attention, statues never do, the eyes do not see what the soul doesn't feel, and there is no longer a soul.

Now here they come, the soul stealers, but no one sees, no one but them, so they wait, because even a soul stealer cannot see the soul, no one can take what is not there to take, and so no one takes what is not offered, they never offered.

They are here, but they still don't see them, because they aren't there until He is, He is the only one who can see them, and they are the only ones who can see Him, brothers of a mind is what we are called, but no one knows why.

But He is here, like a wind, and He sees us, and with Him, the soul stealers do too, and they are moving, because when you are moving, there is a chance, never stop moving until He is vanquished, and brothers of a mind can rest again.

There is rain now, rain because the sun no longer shines, rain because the essence of all things is water, they are following, driven on the wind, and wind that no one feels, following people that no one sees.

The world is grey, there is no colour, because colour comes from the soul, and there are no souls, but the wind is closer, and if it gets them then they will be like everyone else, a body without a soul, but the body grows tired and the mind impatient, only the soul is what drives on.

There is another gunshot, this time from the body, the body with a gun, the mind stops, and so must the soul, there is no strategy, so the mind works fast, and then there is a strategy, and the mind is turning, and so is the body, the soul remains still with the mind, because the mind is the resting place.

Guns go off, the thunder is everywhere, like fire on the sea, like lightning from the storm, and they fall, but they always get up, because a soul stealer will always get up, but that is not the plan, nor the strategy, because a strategy should help, this does not, but the body knows not the strategy and the mind knows not the plan, the only one that knows is the soul, and the soul stays silent, silent as the grave.