Silent as the grave:

"Who is the new guy?"

"Not sure, he only got here yesterday."

"Weird," I said, then called: "New Guy," like it was a name.

The man looked at me.

"What is your name?" I asked.

He said nothing.

"Seriously," called my friend beside me.

His gaze shifted from me and I felt an almost physical relief.

The man looked out the window and my friend let out a sigh. "That was weird."

"Yeah, I wonder what's up with that guy," we looked over at him again, he was still looking out the window, there was nothing there but grass.

"You really want to know?" the lieutenant sat down across from us.

"I guess... sir," I said, he had only been in the position for two months, I kept forgetting.

"He is a spook."


The lieutenant nodded.

"Why is he here, sir?"

"Not sure, I think it is this next mission, don't know why we need a spook though."

"What does he do, intelligence or something?"

"No." The Lieutenant looked over at him. "'Solo Stealth Reconnaissance' and I don't know why we would need that either."

"An Assassin?" I asked, a little too loud.

The man at the window didn't move, but we knew he had heard.

"Exactly," my friend talked a bit quieter. "There must be some high priority target or something."

"Yeah, that is my guess as well. But wouldn't they just tell us to do it?"

"Not if it was someone that is not wanted known as dead."

"But then wouldn't he be sent in by himself?"

"I guess so, then why is he here?"

"I guess we don't know," I lean back.

"I can deal with that," my friend agrees.

"I can't," the lieutenant turns to the man. "Why are you here?" he calls to the man by the window.

The man turns and I can almost feel his gaze land on the lieutenant.

"Oh," says the lieutenant.

"Rabbit caught in the headlights," comments my friend

"Yeah," I say, feeling a bit sorry for the lieutenant.

"I don't think we will get answers out of him, somehow. Should have guessed." The lieutenant says.

"How could you have guessed?" my friend asks.

"His nickname." says the lieutenant.

"Which is..." I prompt.

"Silent as the Grave."