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Heart's Salvation

By Angela Fyre

Chapter 1: The New One

Many stories can be told about the youngest continent in the world, a dear little one named Faith Cove. It's story begins in the year of 2100, when an underwater volcano created the massive continent. Although large, it is still very small in comparison to the other continents of the world. Near the equator, the beautiful land suffers no winter and always stays quite warm. Ruled by democracy, conquered by none, and completely undivided in terms of land; Faith Cove can also claim the lowest crime rate and call the achievement of never fighting a war no matter how able they truly are. However, Faith Cove has one large thing that absolutely no other place can say they have; magic. Magic, a wonderful and useful, yet dangerous if wrongly used, power. It comes in the form of many types of people, whether it be mages, human limiters, guardian animals, or human weapons. So many mage types exist, more than can be honestly acknowledged. And there is only one, one single human limiter, in contrast to many human weapons and guardian animals. As this story unfolds, many types of mages will shine alongside a human weapon, the one and only human limiter, and a few guardian pets. Under it all, one heart must be brought from the shadows of mental pains….but can it truly be done?

Let's find out, shall we?

"Ahh, Blast…please stop trying to eat my hair…I'm waking up, see?"

Blast gives a chattering noise and uses his paw to hit Leonardo in the head, making the teen recoil.

"Ow-w-w! Not funny!"

Blast gave what appeared to be a smile as he gave a chattering chirp, almost like a laugh. He was a small, cute, and domesticated white squirrel with a long, thick blue stripe from the tip of his tiny pink nose to the end of his fluffy tail. Leonardo glared at his squirrel pet, a guardian animal to him. Only mages such as Leonardo or his friends, Shania, Renaia and Hikari, had guardian animals. His was Blast, whom also doubled as his alarm clock and Blast's way of fulfilling that job was to bite Leonardo's hair. Muttering, Leonardo climbed out of bed and flipped on the light, illuminating his green bedroom of his apartment. Plush dark green carpet cushioned his toes and four light green walls shimmered around him. Being 16 and a student at Angelic Rosette Magic Academy, Leonardo lives in the city of Rosette within the apartment complex along with Blast and many other residents.

Blast chattered excitedly while Leonardo pulled jeans and a red t-shirt over his skinny, white, semi-muscular form. His bright blue eyes danced with a spark of energy so bright that only the energy in Blast's dark blue eyes could match it. Red and brown streaks calmly decorated the blond of Leonardo's hair, which fell to the end of his back. In many ways, Leonardo had the earthly tones of his mage element, given that he was a mage of the Earth element.

Once his casual brown boots were securely on his feet, Leonardo placed Blast on his shoulder and handed him one of their many breakfast granola bars, which were of a variety of flavors. After picking one himself, he heads out the door as he eats on the granola bar as a squirrel eats. This is Blast's fault, because he caused Leonardo to eat pretty much anything like a squirrel. It's a comical sight to behold; that much is for sure. As to whether it is normal or not, who honestly cares? Outside, houses of millions of colors stand along the perfect sidewalk as Leonardo walks along. The sun shines in the bright morning sky and the wind whispers its joyous song of wisdom and love. It is simply another morning, until Leonardo sees a girl on the opposite side of the street.

She is exiting a house, a simple house of pink with a tiny garden. Falling slightly below her waist is long, straight silver hair, the bangs of which cover her left eye. Both eyes shimmer a cold gold and scars paint her severely pale skin. Scars, so many of every size and shape….all telling a story of pain.

"She' pale...Blast, do you think she's okay?" asks Leonardo in a light gasp.

Blast chatters and Leonardo hisses a 'Shut up' to him.

A dark reddish pink tank sleeved dress, practically ripped off in the front, covers her small body and tiny shoes of black hold over her feet. She looks so tiny, aside from her height which seems to be equal to Leonardo's. He's fairly tall, so that says something. The jagged edges of the torn front on her dress falls slightly below knee and the back falls closer to the skinny ankles of the girl. A thin black choker sits upon her neck, with a small gold crystal upon it. At her side protectively, is a large white wolf. Up to her knees, the furry white wolf stands with pink fur on her paws, one gold eye, and one blue eye. Her ears are large, fluffy, and very capable of hearing literally everything. A small pink collar, similar in caliber to her owner's choker, holds around her neck with a silver identification tag dangling upon it.

"Come Kivira…I'd rather not be walking too long…" she sighs.

Her voice is low, nearly a whisper, but still audible to even Leonardo.

"Hey Blast, let's go say good morning. She may be new here."

She begins to walk forward, followed by her wolf, as Leonardo runs across the street.

"Hey there, good morning!" calls Leonardo.

The reaction is instant, as a snarl rips from the wolf's throat and the girl nearly leaps out of her skin. Leonardo back up and Blast chatters worriedly as his owner gasps. Meeting the girl's eyes…Leonardo feels a cold stab at his heart. Kivira, the wolf, growls angrily and snarls as her owner backs away further, fear and distrust glowing in her eyes.

"Who are you? Get away from me!"

"I…I'm sorry. Just wanted to say good morning…I meant no harm or anything."

"Just stay away from me!"

She tugs Kivira's collar and rushes away, followed loyally by the female wolf. Leonardo stands in shock and Blast stares blankly, both thinking the same thing; 'Holy crap! What did we do wrong?'

" you think she's hateful...or do you think she's hurt? Either way...I wish I could help."

Chattering slowly, the young squirrel nods slowly, understanding his owner completely. Sighing, Leonardo completes the walk to Angelic Rosette Magic School, one of the largest facilities in the city of Rosette. The huge white marble building stands in the form of one gigantic dome and six surrounding large square buildings, also of white marble. The doors and windows are pink along with the millions of flowers growing on the property. A large statue of an angel stands at either side of each of the several entrances; all carved of either pink, white, or blue stone. Gracing a silver flagpole is the flag of Faith Cove, which is a large pink rectangle with a border of purple hearts. In the center are two angels, standing back to back. One, with pink hair, holds a heart, and the other with silver hair holds a glowing religious cross. Feathers of pink, silver, and white surround them. Wrapped around the flagpole is a fabric sash of pink, blue, and silver. Standing softly beside the pole is a large, silver colored sign made of stone and shaped like a heart. Carved into it are the words;

'Angelic Rosette Magic School

Principal: Rosemary Loveday

"Seize the day, love your life, and sing its melody!"

Est. 2150'

Leonardo inhales the floral air as he spots two of his five friends, Renaia Alfina Sage and Gerald Tomlinson laughing together by the door. Smiling as his slightly broken spirits lift, Leonardo runs over to his favorite couple.

"Morning you guys! Still kissy?"

It's automatic, Gerald blushes hard and Renaia laughs lightly, although she tints pink.

"Ahh, Leo!" yelps Gerald.

Renaia holds a silky hand over her soft lips, trying to suppress her giggles since she can't hide the blush on her cheeks. Leonardo chuckles as Renaia lightly pats her boyfriend's back to calm him. Settled softly on her maroon haired head is a small pink kitten with tiny white angel wings. This darling is Renaia's guardian pet, a dear one named Mikita. Renaia stands near Gerald's height, which is a few inches over five feet like Leonardo. White, sparkling skin covers her fit form and long maroon hair pours down her back in waves, reaching to her ankles. From her small, beautiful, oval face, two loving pink eyes shined with their natural color. A silky pink and violet dress holds her body and delicate white sandals guard her feet. By her side, Gerald stood slightly tan with slight muscles and a very fit form himself. Light blue jeans and a gray t-shirt along with black tennis dress shoes his form. Dark blue eyes show from his rounded head and soft locks of his spiky orange hair adorn his head. A dark past surrounds the one and only human limiter, but Renaia lights up his world. Her past isn't the best either, but that may be why they work together so well.

She's a Breaking Mage, which means she can't limit the output of her magic energy. This, due to the lack of a certain mental skill, is a genetic condition. It causes exhaustion and can even paralyze the mage temporarily which leaves them susceptible to attacks. Special limiters are created to fix this problem, but none could fix Renaia since she's simply too strong for any of the manmade limiters. Her doctor then told her of Gerald, the only human limiter and the only one strong enough to limit her. She rescued him from a place called Safely Enclosed, an old abandoned asylum in Rosette where many with strange powers unlike mages were once kept as to prevent danger or calamity. With that, Gerald went with Renaia…beginning their partnership, which has become so much more. Rarely apart as of late nowadays, they couldn't enjoy a single moment very easily without one another.

"Gerald and I were thinking of going to the gym before school starts and practicing a little. We're just trying to find Shania, Chris and Hikari to see if they'll come along too. Would you like to?" Renaia asks.

Suddenly, Shania appears behind Renaia and reaches out to tap her shoulder. Before she can however, Renaia whirls and smiles brightly.

"Hey Shania! Nice try."

Shania stands slightly shorter than Renaia with long, wavy hair. It's white as snow and beautiful against her soft ivory skin. Her eyes shine light blue as does her dress. The top part is a three-fourth sleeve light blue fabric with a rounded collar and a small dark blue broach on the collar. A white ribbon of fabric separates the top from the long dark blue skirt, which forms around Shania's curves and stops somewhere before her ankles but below her knees. A gold star sits on the left side of the waist and black cross-strap shoes cover her feet. At Shania's side, up to her knees, is a large white Bengal Tigress. Ocean eyes with the hardness of crystal yet the calmness of a low tide shimmer from her face. She is Snowflake, Shania's guardian pet and one of the most calm, loyal creatures to walk Earth.

"I'll get you one of these days," Shania sighs jokingly, "-anyway, I will gladly go along with you guys to the gym."

Not one for much chat, Shania does talk sometimes but usually just listens instead.

"Chris! Give me back my strawberries!"

"Nope! You wouldn't give me my morning kiss, so no strawberries for you!"

"Well," sighs Gerald, "-here comes everyone else's favorite couple."

"I would have given you that kiss, but I wanted you to brush your teeth first!"

"Oh….that was it?"

Chris stops and turns, letting Hikari crash into him and causing her lips to press to his by accident….although it was a welcomed accident. Leonardo groans and rolls his eyes as the pair finishes their walk over to the group. Hikari and Chris both stand around everyone's heights. She has a curved, fit form covered with a plain, light purple dress and black sandals. Waves of golden blond hair pour down her back, nearly to the length of Renaia's. Chris stands with Gerald's build, only he's paler and a little less muscular than the limiter. Spiky brown hair covers his scalp and sticks out in some random, yet strategic areas. His mocha brown eyes shine with a mischievous, yet calm energy, in stark contrast to Hikari's fiery and wild energy. He is her bow and arrow, she is the Magic Weapon Mage that utilizes him for her form of magic. Perched lightly and boredly on her shoulder is her guardian pet, Starlight. Starlight is a firebird, though she is not a phoenix but rather a medium sized bird with a thick coat of red, orange, and gold feathers. Her head is smooth and fire red eyes shine from her face. Her gold beak curves, ending at a very sharp, deadly point. Don't mess with Starlight….ever. The bird softly grooms her feathers and stares at the crowd like 'Seriously? Why are we just standing here?'

Leonardo sighs as he zones out, still thinking about this morning.

"-so would you guys like to go with us?" asks Renaia.

"Sure," replies Hikari and Chris.

Starlight squawks and a soft meow can be heard from Mikita while Snowflake just nods calmly. Blast chatters as they ask Leonardo, but he remains unaware.

"Leo?" calls Renaia.

Suddenly, he sees her again. That silver haired girl! He gasps as he immediately sees that….she needs help!

"Oh my god! Guys, I'll see you later! I have to run, have fun practicing or whatever!"

"Wh-what?" stammers the group in unison, completely confused at him.

Leonardo dashes away, causing Blast to cling to his shirt for dear life. They rapidly neared the other side of the school, where she was being cornered against the school by four evil students Leonardo knew too well. She was desperately holding a furious Kivira back and trying to hold herself together.

"I…I can't believe this….why Mason…why?" she murmurs.

"Get up Rinikira, you emotional pile of useless baggage. What the hell do you think you're doing showing up at my school?" growls Mason.

Mason, one of the three bullies in the group known as The Magic Devils, stands tall and muscular. His form is severely overbearing and horribly terrifying. Dark skin covers his body and ashy black hair falls in spikes to his shoulders. His deep brown eyes are sharp as knives and are as cold as the worst blizzard.

"Why do you hate me now…? You used to be….Mason, you jerk!" screams Rinikira shrilly.

Kivira spits furiously and rises into an angry growl, wishing her master would let her rip them all apart. However, her owner is smart in knowing that Kivira would lose control and that would get them into lots of trouble.

"Get over it. Who would stay friends with a piece of garbage like you? From what Mason told us, you really shouldn't have been born!"

Reginald, the leader bully, stands with an even more fear-evoking form than Mason. His eyes are a piercing green and his skin is a deep tan. Dark brown hair falls above his broad shoulders and she looks a mere toothpick to all three bullies. Leonardo felt his blood boil heavily as he finally got to his destination.

"Leave her alone! Now!" screams Leonardo.

"Aw great, now we have a rodent problem," mutters Jace.

Jace stands as the smallest one, although he still has muscles, but he's nothing compared to the others. A tall red Mohawk stands upon his thick, white head and dark brown eyes stare with detest of pretty much everything.

"What….what the?" gasps Rinikira softly, "Kivira…isn't that the one…from this morning?"

Kivira just continues her protective and angry growls of fury, not really caring who is who.

"Yeah, leave her alone!" cries Hikari's voice.

Leonardo whirls, just to find everyone from Renaia to Chris standing behind him.

"Bullying just shows what kind of hateful fool you truly are," Renaia sighs wisely.

"So can it and go sell it at a store. Maybe you can buy a brain with the money," Gerald suggests.

"And if you don't, Chris, Starlight and I will gladly beat the hell out of you," Hikari states cheerfully with a smile.

"Yeah!" agrees Chris, "Wait…what?"

"Words are not for giving hell. They are to speak the words of thoughts, wisdom, caring, learning, and guidance. And they should be listened to when they ring true," Shania sighs.

"But the words of a bully never ring true," adds Renaia.

Rinkira stares, wide eyed as Leonardo gave her a small smile. Starlight, Snowflake, Mikita, Blast, and Kivira all called out in agreement.

"You guys are ridiculous," grunts Reginald, rolling his eyes.

"Oh really?" Hikari swirls her hair and grins, "Like you're any better…Reggie!"

"It's Reginald!"

"Sure it is Reggie, sure it is!" laughs Hikari.

Scowling, the group retreats and Rinkira stares up at everyone, waiting until Kivira calms before releasing her collar and letting her stand guardedly by her owner.

"You okay Rinikira? That's your name right? It's nice," Leonardo states.

She stares before her eyes darken.

"Just…just leave me alone! I didn't need your help!"

She stands and runs away as fast as she can, her scars shimmering in the sun.

"Rinikira! Crap!" yelps Leonardo.

Renaia sighs, "Ohh, poor girl. She really needs a friend..."

Looking back up, Renaia calls after her, "Wait, are you okay? Rinikira!"

She darts after her and Gerald yells after her;


He sighs and turns to Leonardo, "Dude, it's a female version of me. How in the world did that happen?"

Leonardo shrugs and Gerald rushes to catch up with Renaia. Shania says nothing and darts after them all.

"How is it I'm always the last one here? Guys, wait!" Leonardo cries, rushing after them and forcing Blast to hang on for dear life again.

Hikari sighs and looks at Chris as she rolls her eyes.

"My life is so weird."

Chris grins, "Hey, you said it, not me."

"Shut up Chris!"

With that, Hikari rushes after her friends, Chris rushing after her at her heels. Every single one of them concerned for the new girl in the school.