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Chapter 18: Happy Endings

1 year later

The Angelic Rosette Magic School, one of the largest facilities in the city of Rosette. It is a huge white marble building stands in the form of one gigantic dome and six surrounding large square buildings, also of white marble. The doors and windows are pink along with the millions of flowers growing on the property. A large statue of an angel stands at either side of each of the several entrances; all carved of either pink, white, or blue stone. Gracing a silver flagpole is the flag of Faith Cove. Standing softly beside the pole is a large, silver colored sign made of stone and shaped like a heart. Carved into it are the words;

'Angelic Rosette Magic School

Principal: Rosemary Loveday

"Seize the day, love your life, and sing its melody!"

Est. 2150'

Early graduation is easily achieved here and then many choices await the students; working in the building, heading straight to college, going to get a job elsewhere, and many others.

One particular set of seven students made the choice to work in the one of the six external buildings; one connected to the school by a long breezeway of stained glass. This building is the Student Resource Building; where the nurse, school newspaper, snacks, counselors, and other forms of aid exist.

"Leonardo, can you please get a sugary snack? I have a low blood sugar patient in here."

"I thought you could fix that on your own?"

"Of course I can and I already did but it takes down my sugars making me the low blood sugar. Most of my skills don't work on myself, only a few."

"Ohh, so the snack is for you."

"Finally you caught on."

Blast breaks into chattering laughter from where he sits on Kivira's back happily.

"Stop laughing Blast. Here Rinikira, here's a slice of Renaia's Triple Chocolate Cake."

"Enjoy!" calls the maroon haired Breaking Mage.

"I will!"

Renaia giggles happily as she hands Gerald a slice of the cake. They hadn't changed much themselves but Rinikira's hair had been growing out and she always let her blue eye be visible now. Leonardo had changed a bit more as one of his eyes was dim and unlit; a blind eye. His hair had lengthened and Gerald's had only gotten a little softer not to mention slightly fluffier. He and Renaia worked together as the school's counselors whether for single students or coupled students.

"Chris, give back my paperwork!"

"Not until you go get some more strawberries!"

"I have to do that first, Miss Loveday said she needed it by this evening!"

"Oh for the love," mutters Gerald.

He plucked a phone and dialed a number as he got some money from his wallet and sent it flying by the will of his mind. Chris continued laughing at her as she chased him, her hair now midlength due to the fact that Hikari had gotten it trimmed from its original long length but not short. She was not amused by her boyfriend of many years doing this to her all because she wanted strawberries, that was for sure.

"Hey there Sara, I'm going to use my mind to buy strawberries since Chris is addicted to them so don't panic."

"Alright Gerald."

Soon enough, his money was in the cash register, Hikari had her work back, Chris was sitting on Hikari's lap eating strawberries, and, due to this, she still couldn't get her work done!


"Yes love?"

"Get off of me so I can work!"

At this point, Renaia could only laugh and Gerald could only facepalm. Rinikira chuckled a little and Leonardo sighed, holding his head. Meanwhile, Shania was the office runner for the Student Resource building as well as the cleaner too since she could do it in record speed. She always got the messages delivered in record time...and without running over other students now. Alongside her was always Snowflake.

"Ca-caw!" yells Starlight, in light of her owners annoyance.

Blast chattered and Kivira howled a little. Snowflake meowed as she and Shania returned, not a single sweat being broken. Mikita purred from atop Renaia's head.

"Well, you guys sure look very happy and well," comes the voice of Miss Loveday.

"Good morning Miss Loveday!" they chorused happily.

She smiles, "Thank you. Anyway, Rinikira may I speak to you?"


Leonardo smiles as he watches Rinikira confidently walk to Miss Loveday and follow her outside, into the beautiful flowers.

"Rinikira, how are you and everyone doing?"

"Very well Miss Loveday."

"Good. Dear, have you or Leonardo confessed yet?"

A red blush painted itself, "Ahh! Miss Loveday, don't say things like that! I'm not asking him out!"

Miss Loveday smiles, "Except for the fact that he used a female pronoun, Leonardo said the exact same thing back when he was still trying to become your friend. But I know for a fact that both of you feel much differently than that."

Rinikira sighs, "Okay, okay you're right but...Miss Loveday I still can't. Why can't he say it?"

"Partially because he's a bit nervous. But mostly because he doesn't want to scare you back. You do realize...all of this time, he's been slowly pulling you forward. He's afraid of reversing it all, by saying things too soon. Nobody wants that, so Leonardo...just quietly left it in your hands. I'm no expert...but I do think that's the sweetest thing he could have done for you given that you lost it on him again last year."

Last year...Rinikira found tears in her eyes at that memory, of what she had done. One of the criminals involved in her rape had escaped from jail and she had gone on the panic; screaming that she needed to move, change everything, and get away. Leonardo, voice of reasoning, had tried to convince her that was all unnecessary. Rinikira had flipped;

"I always knew you were like the others! You want me to get hurt, don't you Leonardo? I knew you didn't care, I knew it!"

"Rinikira, that's not true!"

"Oh yes it is, I can tell it is! I knew you wanted me to get hurt and die!"

"I don't want that! I would never want that for you!"

Rinikira sickened at this...because after that, she had been the one to hurt him. She was currently why Leonardo had a blind eye at all and now only had one eye of sight to work with for gardening or anything else he did. There were a few scars engraved in him now from all of it and she had almost gone to jail like those who had hurt her. But Leonardo told them not to, told them not to arrest her. He never ever pressed charges against her, something that even surprised Shivira.

"That haunts me..."

"I'm sure it haunts him too dear. But he still didn't have you sent away for it and the very day after, the criminal that escaped was caught and executed as part of his death penalty."

"I...just wish I had never done that to him..."

"We all wish that Rinikira, but you can't change it. Isn't that what he's been teaching you?"

"Rinikira, I'm sorry you've been hurt, but we can't change the past! We just move forward, that is how it works!"

"Yes," she sighs, wiping a tear from her eye.

Suddenly, there was a crash and a loud yelp from inside the building

"Ack!" cried Leonardo.

Rinikira and Miss Loveday ran into the building to find he had tripped over an overturned rug corner that lie in his blind spot.

"Ugh...that didn't feel good," he sighed, carefully working to pick himself up.

Everyone looked at him.

"Leo, you alright? You fell pretty hard," Renaia calls.

"Yeah, really," Gerald added.

Rinikira frowned hard as he smiled, his blind eye shaking a bit. It seemed to be mocking her, as to say 'Look, he fell! All because of you!'

"I'm fine you guys, don't worry about me," Leonardo sighed.

In normal circumstance, Leonardo's eye could have been fixed. Except for the fact that Rinikira had caused the injury to that eye while furious and making his own blood mess with him. By being furious, the grips she used in blood were more damaging and thereby...he would never see out of that eye again. Yet he never complained, he never asked her apology, and he never acted any different towards her...even when it hindered him in ways such as this. Tears collected in her eyes and she fell to her knees.

"Leonardo...I'm so sorry...this is my fault..."

He sighed and knelt back down by her, "Rinikira, don't say that."

"Even though its true, Leonardo's right," Hikari sighs.

Chris facepalms, "Hikari, don't put it that way!"

Leonardo stood and gently picked her back up onto her feet.

"Rinikira, ease up. The schoolday isn't over yet, you have a few patients to care for."

She swallowed and went to work as Renaia worked with Gerald for a little couple's counseling. Hikari was now working her paperwork, she did administrative tasks for the building and Chris was her assistant like Leonardo was Rinikira's.

"Leonardo, its noon anyway. Time for you to go...put that solution stuff on your eye..." Rinikira stated painfully.

"Oh...right. Thanks for reminding me, I'd forgotten."

Everyday since then, Leonardo had to use a solution on his eye to keep it from any rare but possible further deterioration since the damage that rested was bit odd in the fact it could damage further with time. He accepted the bottle from her and went to the building's adjoined bathroom. Rinikira closed her eyes as she used her powers to purify one kid's blood and to heal wounds on another. She sighs as they leave;

"Lauren...I'm so sorry I hurt your son..."

This Rinikira has done everyday at the same time Leonardo goes to put the solution in his eye.

"Oh God Rinikira, will you just go kiss him already!" cries Hikari, starting to cry now too, "It's just too depressing like this!"

"I second that!" calls Shania.

"I third it," laughs Miss Loveday.

"Fourth for myself, I fifth and sixth it for Renaia and Gerald. Case closed, go kiss him already!" finishes Chris.

"Not a chance in the world," sighs Rinikira.

Miss Loveday frowns as she stands, knowing she has to return to her office.

" deserve joy. You and Leonardo both. You guys can't go on like this."

With this, the principal makes her way back to the building. Rinikira throws her arms up into the air.


She goes to the bathroom, exactly similar to the ones in the school itself.


"Oh! Hey Rinikira...sorry, didn't see it was you."

She walked up to him as he started cleaning the materials, his eye twitching before closing for about two minutes. It opens back up, looking about as every blind eye looks; similar to an eye with vision but dimmer and more distant. She wraps her arms around him, starting to cry again.

"Leonardo...I'm so sorry for everything I've done to you and put you through. After everything you've done for me, all I keep doing is hurting you and I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!


"Don't Leonardo, don't. I...just want to apologize and say thank you instead for...everything you have done despite everything Despite that deteriorating internal infection I caused in your eye...everything...I'm so sorry and I'm so thankful to have you."

He opened his mouth again, but he didn't get a word out as Rinikira finally finished her talk with a kiss. Something Leonardo had wanted to give her for these past years, something he accepted with passion and love; his arms wrapping around her and pulling her closer. His embrace...forgiving her for everything.