I'm Omaki Neko or Neko Omaki. I used to be a cat but now im human and with Hiro and i couldnt be happier. Before i finish this story i must go to the beginning for you to understand.

Omaki's past

2 months old

Hi my name is Omaki.I was named after my Grandfather Omaki Grand by my Papa. My Mama doesnt love me but Papa does. One time Mama got so mad she scratched me and now theres a scar on my cheek. Papa takes care of me cause he loves me. One night the master threw Papa and i out the house. It was raining and Papa immediately tried to find a dry place for me since i was small and sick. So, since then its been the two of us, he would go and find food while i stayed put in our warm shelter under a house. Soon a person found us and took us to their home. It was a nice place. But after a week we were back outside in a box. It was winter by that time and Papa was skinny but stayed strong. I was still cold.I tell papa and he curls up around me and i fall asleep.I feel papas heart slowly begin to slow down until it stops completely.I snuggle closer to him,a tear falling from my eye. My Papa kept me warm that winter.

Chapter 1 paw to the heart

"Hiro you comin' to the party?" "No I have to study." It is late February but the weather is still cold. Hiro headed to his dorm on the south side of campus. Hiro Itake is 24 and goes to Sakura University. It was originally a girls college but renovations made it big enough for both genders to attend. Instead of going into his dorm,he slipped past the gates and headed twards the town to go shooping for needed items.
On his way back,he noticed a cardboard box that had fur peeking out from the top. Hiro looked inside and found a big male tabby cat lifeless with a kitten tucked underneath him."Poor things."Hiro said standing up. Right when he turned around,he heard a soft mewing coming from the box. So he looked inside again,the kitten was peeking at him with its large green eyes.
Hiro picked up the kitten and tucked it into his coat then ran back to his dorm.

Omaki looked around the dorm and found that there was two beds."I dont have a roommate so you can stay I guess."The human said. Omaki hopped up on the bed and fell asleep.'I miss you Papa.'

Hiro watched the kitten sleep until he relized he was late for one of his classes."Oh crap!" he yelled,causing the kitten to lift up its head to the noise. Hiro quickly gathered his stuff and was out the door.
"Late again Mr. Itake." "I know I'm sorry Mizaki-Sensei."
Hiro took a seat next to his friend Yoko Toshiwa."You're always late." "Yeah but this time its a lagitament reason."

Omaki looked around the room. There was a closed door which must be the bathroom and on the other side of the room there was no door and he guessed that it must be the kitchen. He also noticed that the door was slightly open.'Guess I'm an explorer today' Omaki jumped off the bed and squeezed through the door.