This chapter is a tribute to Oywa. It tells of her journey through life on her way to the spirit world. And the ultimate showdown.

As Oywa passed, she found herself standing at a river-bank. Her sword she had lost many moons ago, was held in its sheath on her hip. "Is this where a spirit goes? To the river of tears? I have heard of this lake. I was once told, you meet the one named Luna, a spirit guide." no sooner had she spoke, a white fox with cubs wondered out of the forest to the river. Oywa grabbed her sword as the cubs began to walk on air, chasing each other but when she looked closer, they were grabbing orbs that held in the air. They seemed to be whispering. "Souls." she said flatly. The fox walked up to her, she pulled her sword out alittle. "Do not harm me with you sword young soul. I have waited eons for you. You were worse than Viana, her shadow, no?" she asked. Oywa stared at her. "Why am I here? I do not wish to be where the lost souls go. I truly deserve to burn for what I have done." she said as she got down on her knees. "Arise soul. You shall see why you have come here." one of the cubs stopped collecting and wondered over to Luna and Oywa. "He shall travel with you." Luna said. "Now go."

The pup ran around Oywa. She found herself at the moment when she was born. Viana took pitty on the runt that fought its way to get milk. That is when she got the idea to train the kitten. "I shall name you Oywa." she said. Oywa, looked up at the floating pup. "You were small weren't you? Your law was to kill the runts. She let you live." he said. "Yes. So she can train me to do her dirty work. Please, I do not wish to continue with these visions of the past. I do not want to see the pain I've caused." She replied. "You must." time seemed to speed up, after a year of training even though she was already a trained cat and human. This was the day where she received katonai her sword. She was branded with the print of a warrior. "Arise Oywa. Tonight, you shall obey my every command." Viana said as she opened her door. Oywa was in her human form. "You were only a five year old human." Little Oywa looked up, her eyes were black with red on them that looked like blood vessels. "Hai." she said digging the handle of her sword into the floor. "Yes I was." Present Oywa replied. Time sped up again, where Oywa and her mother went to ancient villages. They set the homes on fire. Oywa struck done everything in her way and she struck those innocent people and children with her sword. "I hurt so many people, I hurt families. I listened to everything she told me."

All the scenes of Oywa's life was of her doing this to the villages and villagers. She would even kill other cats that lived in secret villages. She killed kittens, parents, old cats. All with her claws. She was always called 'Demon with the blood thirsty sword' whenever she came. She always left a bloody trail. She basked in the blood, enjoyed the sound her sword made when it came in contact with flesh. She ignored the cries for mercy. Oywa was truly murderous. "Please, let me go. All the lives I've destroyed. All the family history all the homes. I know I've done wrong. I've paid for it my whole lifhjmjne. I deserved to die. I just don't want to see anymore." Present Oywa begged.

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They soon came to the birth of the new five kittens, but instead of five it was six. "This litter, it included your brother Omaki, no?" Oywa nodded her head. Afew days later. Viana came to Oywa after another one of her kills. Little cat Oywa looked up at her mother. "A runt has been born. I want you to take it away and kill it." she hissed. "Hai." Oywa replied. Present Oywa cried. "You were sent to kill your brother, I see." the cub said. The time sped up to when it was time for Oywa to kill Omaki. She was going to do it flat out. She had no regrets, nothing to lose. Her grin grew wider as she was about to kill him when Omaki rubed up against her leg. Even though he couldn't speak, his purrs were loud. "Omaki loves Oywa-chan!" he said. Those first words changed Oywa. Her fur changed to the color it was now. Her black eyes became innocent and gray. Her voice no longer had the maniac in it. She slowly put her paw down but stared straight ahead. She felt love. She was always tought not to feel, just kill. She was baffled how this tiny kitten could change her so quickly. How only 3 little words, a purr, and a nuzzle could change her. Oywa looked at the tiny kitten and smiled. "You and Omaki were so small." P-Oywa stared at her past self as she cried. She remembers at this age seeing a woman looking at her but then was gone, realizing, it was herself. The rest of the years went by with Oywa and the other kittens playing with Omaki.

"What did you see in that little kitten?" the cub asked. "Hope." Oywa replied. "I saw hope." Oywa soon returned to Luna. "You see Oywa. Omaki's love saved you from yourself. For if you cntinued to your ways, you would have killed everyone on the planet. you would have died by being hunted down by survivors. Oywa continued to cry. "I know, I know, I know. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop. I loved it all. Thats why I want to be punished. I deserve it." she said. Luna closed her eyes. "Your soul has been spared due to the touch of the one who is to set you free." Luna and Oywa watched as two shapes washed up on the river bank. Oywa tilted her head trying to see who it was. She gasped. "Omaki." the tears fell from her eyes. Her little brother was dead. When she turned to Luna, the fox was gone. Oywa watched over Omaki and Hiro. She cried when Hiro cried. She tried to hug Omaki's spirit as he looked at himself, but her hands went through. She watched as Luna aproached him.

After Omaki left, Oywa finally spoke. "Why couldn't I touch him?" she asked. "You are already dead, but he is having an out of body expirence. I allowed the three days because I belive he will make it before the last of his life strings break. Only then he shall be completely dead." "So he's like a zombie?" Luna nodded her head. "His actual body still remains here. He is using the amulet to live again without it. Now, you have a test. I shall see if you are truly pure of your evil spirit." she said.

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"Wah?" Oywa said as the scenery changed. She was standing in the middle of a village. Children ran around playing, women chatted while some held baskets of food or clothes on their heads while holding hands with their children. Oywa began to feel a pain in her head. She tried to fight the temptation of shedding blood. "No... I don't wanna... please stop... I don't... I don't want to be here..." some men came by to see what wrong. "Ma'am are you ok?" "Are you sick?" One man gasped as Oywa's eyes changed. The sign of the warrior appeared on Oywa's arm but it was blinking like a light. "I know whats going on. Evacuate the village immediately!" he said. Soon the village was empty as Oywa cut into the walls of homes with her sword. A sadistic laugh escaped her throat. The man that demanded the village to evacuate stood on the path of where they ran as Oywa's instincts was making her follow it. "Move out of my way human." she growled. But the man stood there. "Why have you come here demon? Haven't you had enough after you destroyed my home village? You shall not harm these people!" the man gulped as Oywa was next to him with her sword at his neck. "Who's gonna stop me? You? You can't stop me."

"I remember you. You are the stupid priest from before. You destroyed my beuatiful sword." Oywa hissed. "I thought you were dead. How were you able to get the sword restored?" "Oh I was killed, just not by any mere human. You shall pay for destroying my beautiful sword!" Oywa shot foward but the priest justed out of the way. She growled in anger. She looked up then smirked at the priest. She then jumped up and disappeared into the trees. "Can't find me now." her voice echoed. The priest looked around but stayed where he was at. Something blurry shot past him, cutting his leg. He fell to one knee in pain. He spoted her on a branch. She licked his blood off the tip of her sword. "Oops did I do that? I'll be carefull next time. You know how you shouldn't run with knives." she said. She again disappeared from sight. The same blurry objest shot past the priest licing his arms then his side. He dropped to his hands and knees. Oywa appear next to him. She raised her sword over his back. "Godbye." but before she could drive the tip of it into his back, one of Luna's cubs appeared and touched Oywa making her disappear. The priest collapsed gratefully. "Thank you great sprit." he said. The villagers returned and found there dying savior. "You shall be remembered forever by your bravery." a man said as everyone said goodbye to the priest.

Meanwhile with Oywa, she was in a place that had no lights but in the area she was in. She growled in frustration as tried to get out but was blocked by invisible walls. She saw vision of Omaki and lunged at it. "This is all your fault!"she growled. Luna appeared with her cubs. Oywa became her original cat self and attacked them. She struck all of the cubs and ripped them in half. She then turned to Luna and jumped. The fox's eyes flashed red as she yelled "STOP!" at that, it felt like time had froze. Oywa remained in the air. She tried to move so she could finish attacking Luna. She somehow broke through the time freeze and jumped at Luna. "You do not want to go up against me!" Luna said. Oywa ignored her and continued to run to her. Luna grew bigger. She was so big, her ears touched a now visible sky. Oywa cowered alittle but recollected herself and continued to attack. "FOOL!" a giant paw hit Oywa as if she were a mouse. The 4 fox cubs were joined back with their lower halves then changed into giant wolves that barked and snapped at Oywa until she was backed up into a corner. She panted, the adreneline still coursing through her veins. "If it's to yell you want, hell is what you get!" the ground began to crumble beneath Oywa. She jumped up, digging her claws into a tree that began to fall into the crumbling ground. She jumped off and began to run away from the ground that fell beneath her every step. She tried to run to Luna, the giant wolves still snapping at her heels. When she jumped, more of the ground gave away. She feel into the hole but she still held on with her paws, her claws digging into the ground holding on for dear life. Oywa kept looking down as she tried to get a good enough grip to pull herself up, when something hot grabbed her. They were burning souls trying to take her down with them. "STOP!" the ground closed up tossing Oywa into the air onto the ground. She gasped for air as she stared at the ground as if it would open again. "Do you forever to be locked away demon?" Luna asked. Oywa's face twisted into a sneer. She was about to attack again when a shout escaped her. "NO!" the real Oywa shouted.

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Luna lifted a fox eyebrow. The demon Oywa froze as if fighting away something. There was a bright light, then on the ground lay two Oywas. The real one and the demonic one. R-Oywa sat up and gasped as the demon growled and advanced towards her. "Now I can finally get rid of you." it said with a growl. "I've been trpped inside of you for too long, all because of that BRAT!" "Omaki is not a brat!" Oywa looked up at Luna who was now her normal size. "What's going on?" Oywa asked terrified. "That is the reason why you killed. It is because of that demon. Believe it or not Oywa, you died." Oywa looked at the fox horrified. "W-what?" "She's not lying. Though I truly wish that you hadn't decided to live off of my life force. If you hadn't, I would have killed that BRAT and many others, the wonderful blood I could be bathing in by now." Oywa looked at Luna. "Your mother... you were actually miscarraged. Your mother ignored my warnings and brought you back to life, but it wasn't really you. It was that one over there. Your soul was dragged back to your body and it fed off of it's life. So Oywa, you wasn't actually born until Omaki was planned to be killed. You aquired it's knowledge and lived. I am glad I got there in time to save him." Oywa gasped. "You were the fortune teller?" Luna nodded. But D-Oywa growled. "So it was YOU who sealed me away!" Luna just ignored it. "The only way you can be free of it and your mother's binds is if Omaki succeeds in killing her." Oywa hung her head. "Omaki wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone a mouse. How can he kill the one who has killed many and created this to kill more?" Oywa said as she changed to her human form and pointed at D-Oywa. "Just believe he can." "Ha she said it herself, that pipsqueak wouldn't hurt a fly. He can't do shit. Sorry Oywa but your body is mine."

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Omaki opened his eyes but quickly closed them as the world continued to spin. Once he wasn't dizzy anymore, Omaki head to the butchershop where he lived. There, he saw his siblings Suyu and Omi. 'Guys!' 'Omaki?' Omaki ran up to them. They gave their brother a cat hug and ruffled the fur on his head. 'We thought you were dead!' Omaki explained everything to them. 'But you've never killed anyone before.' 'I know. Thats the problem.' Omaki replied sadly. Omi and Suyu looked at eachother then moved away from the door. 'We'll come with you then. But know Omaki, once this begins, theres no going back.' Omi said. Omaki nodded at them but before he entered he asked them the question they didn't want to answer. 'By the way, wheres Oywa?' Suyu looked at him. 'Omaki she's-she's... Mom she... Omaki gulped then continued forward. This wasn't the time for crying.

As they continued, more of Omaki's siblings joined him until it was 9 of them plus Omaki. The butchershop was huge, bigger than what Omaki remembered. 'She could be anywhere.' 'I don't see how we got in so easily.' as soon as the words were out of Rory's mouth, they were surrounded. 'Don't worry Omaki, Me and Suyu will handle them, you guys go ahead.' Rory said as she and Suyu stayed behind. They continued to go on. They kept getting stopped by traps and other cats. By the time they made it to Viana, only Omaki and Omi made it. The light on the amulet was dim. 'Has it already been a day?' Omaki thought to himself.

'How the hell did you not see the stupid cage?' Omi yelled. Omaki looked away. 'How was I suppose to know that it was a trap?' 'Oh I don't know probably when she said TAKE A GOD DAMN STEP CLOSER!' Suyu hissed at Omi. 'Don't yell at Omaki. It's not his fault.' Omi scoffed. 'Then who's fault is it? The cages?' Rory groaned. 'Can't a cat get any sleep around here?' Omi glared at her. 'All you ever do is sleep!' 'The four of you quit it!' Ryu hissed as he stopped licking his wounds. 'We're not gonna get anywhere by arguing.' 'Nor sitting in here! Omaki dies tomorrow but we're stuck in here arguing about who's fault it is. Well you know what? When I get out of here or if I get out, I'm giving mom a piece of my mind!' Omi said as he pushed the bars in their cell. The rusty bars fell apart leaving him speechless.

'Omaki, today is your last day. You have to set us free. You are our last ho-' 'You really believe IT can kill ME?' Viana's voice echoed. All of a sudden, a corpse of a cow fell almost crushing Omaki but he jumped out the way onto another piece of meat that hung from the high ceiling. Viana cackled. Then the meat Omaki held onto, began to fall. He then jumped to another one. 'Aw is little runty scared? Here let me get rid of the scary meat.' then again it started to fall but as soon as he jumped the other one fell. Now whatever one Omaki jumped on, it tumbled to the floor. "Hold on Omaki!" Suyu and Rory yelled in their human voices. They ran below and watched the meat Omaki jumped on fall. They tried to keep of with the cat as he started to jump faster. All of a sudden it got quiet. The meat stopped falling.

Then, out of nowhere, two cats fell. The one the size of a beagle was ontop of the average sized on. It's paw pressed down on it's throat. It tried to scratch the big cat but to no avail. 'Now die! I'll make sure you don't come back.' the cat said. Her free paw became a hand and started to pull at Omaki's amulet that rest on his chest undisturbed. 'No! Don't! Hiro!'

Hiro picked up his head. "Who called me?" he asked Luna. "Was it that cat you said would come for me? I don't want to leave. I love it here and the little foxes are so cute." Luna sighed. 'I'm sorry Omaki, but he cannot help you. He doesn't even remember you.' "Hiro please help me!" Omaki's voice called again. Something in Hiro's mind began to recongnize Omaki's voice. "Hiro please. Where are you? Why haven't you come?" Then it hit him. "Omaki," he mumbled. He looked out to where he heard Omaki's voice. The fox cubs ceased their play and looked worriedly at their mother who didn't seem to notice. "Omaki!" Hiro bolted into the forest looking for Omaki. This got Luna's attention. She was amazed at how he remembered the cat even though she put a very strong block on his memories. 'He really loves you.' Luna thought to herself. She located Hiro and changed him into a cat so he can make it in time.

Meanwhile with Omaki. His eye's were shut tightly as the pain got worse as Viana continued to pull at the amulet. 'Hiro where are you?' Omaki felt his heart beat begin to slow and his breathing was becoming hard to do. He just waited for death but for some reason it didn't come. His heart went back to beating regularly and breathing was easy again. When he opened his eyes, what he saw surprised him. A gray cat he didn't know was fighting with Viana. The gray bit her tail and clawed her back. Viana growled in anger and scratched his head. The gray let go and stepped back trying to get used to the pain on it's head. This gave Viana the advantage and attacked it. She tried to sink her teeth into it's neck but it scratched her on her face making her fall back. It jumped up and bit her on her neck and didn't let go until she stopped moving. The cat looked up at Omaki with worried eyes. 'Are you ok Omaki?' 'Hiro?' the cat walked over to Omaki and licked the scratch beneath his eye thats been there for a long time. 'I'm glad you're ok.' it said. 'How did you-?' 'Luna. I heard you call for me. I promised you already that I would always be there to help you.' Omaki smiled. 'It's finally over.' he said.

As everyone was about turn around, a cat came out of nowhere and attacked Hiro. Since he was caught off guard, Hiro wasn't able to fight back. He was bitten on his neck then thrown across the room. Viana looked at Omaki. 'I thought you were-' he looked at the bite marks on Viana's neck as they healed. 'Think again runt.' she said as she jumped Omaki. Omaki fought away the thought of he shouldn't be fighting his own mother and fought back using his newfound strength. He pushed the offending cat off of him and ran towards her like she did before when she planned to kill him by throwing him off the bridge. As they fought, they got closer to a big picture window. Viana picked up Omaki by the scruff of his neck and threw him at the window. The window cracked due to Omaki's weight. As he lay on the floor, Viana got ready to pounce. Her prey was Omaki, she kept a lock on him and ran at him. When she landed, Omaki pushed her with all his might at the window. It broke as Viana fell through it, but she dug her claws into Omaki's back legs and dragged him out the window with her. Omaki looked at his siblings as they were frozen with fear. He tried to get a good grip on the floor but fell with the heavy weight on his back legs.

All the cats ran to the window and looked down at the two unconscious cats below. They quickly ran down the stairs and out the door to the two cats. Viana was definately dead, her face was frozen in between fear and a horrible sneer. But what about Omaki? Was he ok? Suyu just stared at him. 'H-he's not moving.' Hiro limped over to Omaki and rest his head on him. 'Please wake up.' The amulet began to grow warm to the point where Hiro jumped away. There was a bright light and Hiro was restored to his original form and Omaki still lay on the ground and looked up at hiro. "Is it finally over? Did I do it?" he asked. Hiro smiled then picked up the feline. "Yup. You did it." he replied. Omaki smiled then closed his eyes. "Hiro?" "Yeah?" Omaki licked Hiro's fingers. "I love you." he said. "Love you too." Hiro replied. Omaki changed into his human form and kissed Hiro. It took Hiro a few seconds to realize what was going on and kissed the smaller male back. 'Sniff sniff.' 'Omi are you crying?' Ryu asked his older brother. Omi looked at him then quickly wiped away his tears. 'N-no, just a piece of fur got in my eye, that's all.' he replied. The two of them, including Omaki's siblings, walked to Hiro's house to tell Hiro's mom about everything that happened. "Imagine what her reaction will be." Hiro said. "This is my reaction." Omaki said as he kissed Hiro again. "Surprisingly, you don't taste like tuna. You taste like ice cream." Omaki blushed.

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