My Summer Tradition


Amusement parks are not always amusing

"My word, how long does it take to get dressed?" Austin asked, throwing his hands in the air with frustration.

Well for someone who is trying to when a guy's heart I suppose it would take hours…

Kelly always exaggerates everything, and more often than most she is extremely annoying with perkiness. Knowing exactly where she is going and exactly who is going to be there, Kelly must be taking even more time to make sure her outfit is extra perfect and 110% cute enough.

It was just as I began to explain to Austin why his sister would be plotting against me that Mrs. Durbin walked through the front door letting in streams of sunlight. Following closely behind her was Victoria, and her brother Hart.

Victoria wore a hot pink camisole with blue jeans. Her long black hair was tied neatly in a high pony tail with a frilly pink scrunchie. –Just like her to wear her normal cheerleader look-a-like outfit in front of Austin.

Victoria obviously has this huge crush on him, and has had one for quite some time now. She never would admit this to me, seeing that we're not really what you would call "friends", but you can frankly see that she is head-over-heels in love for the guy. Seeing that I am her "acquaintance" I probably should let her know how often Austin and I joke about how passionate and immature her love is, but seeing that she could normally care less about my opinion, I keep to myself.

If it isn't obvious already; I did not beg and plead my best girl friend to take over my baby-sitting job today just so I could go to some amusement park with Victoria or Kelly, or even Austin- although he is really cool and fun to hang out with. No, I begged my best friend Rachael to take this three year old under her wing because of that brown-eyed angel in the doorway.

I mean, it's not like I never see Hart or anything. I do. But, when I see him it's hardly the case where I get the chance to talk to him. When I see him, I usually just stare at him from across the room wishing he would look over. Look over just once please; if you do I promise I won't be such a stalker! But the fact is, is that I have had this HUGE crush on Hart since about forever, and he still doesn't know about it. I mean sure, I refuse to let him know about it. And maybe I do ignore all my friends' comments on how he knows I exist and how I should give us a chance, but I don't need to hear about it. Really. After all, what would he say about how much I adore him? Stupid. Immature. How do I know this? Because my best friend is an eighteen year old guy, and he lets me know plenty about how he feels toward Victoria. Who is to say Hart wouldn't think the same about me?

(My personal feeling is that Austin really does like Victoria back; only he just doesn't want to let anyone know about it because she is fifteen.)

"Sup, Hart?" Austin said cool as could be as Hart and Victoria entered the room.

"Hey," Hart walked over to the leather love seat I am sitting on and sits beside me. He starts a conversation that contains the matter of whether or not his shirt, which is white that emphasizes his tan and brings out his six-pack, looks alright.

Yup…it sure does.

"Oh, hey Bridget."

Oh crap, Bridget get a hold of yourself. He didn't just now notice you. You're not invisible to him! - But of course I really am.

"Hey," I said back. Just on cue Kelly walks into the room wearing blue tank top that matches her eyes, and really cute, though form fitting (this is not going very well for me…), black leggings. He brown hair is clipped back by a blue headband with a beaded butterfly sitting diagonally upon it.

Well this is better than I thought…

And this is when I notice her shoes; four inch black heels. Who, and I do mean who wears four inch heels to an amusement park?

"Hellllllo Hart." She cooed.

Okay so another thing about Kelly; she's totally crushing on Hart. And I am not okay with this.

"What's up with these heels?" Austin asks. Austin's so great.

I really appreciate the way he feels obligated to help me out in these times in which I clearly need it.

"Bridget…" Kelly says as if she has come down with the flu. "I thought you were sick."

Sometimes this girl isn't all that smart in how she delivers her "I'm sorry but why were you invited?" attitude.

I laughed and tried to fight the sensation to kill her on the spot. "Sorry to disappoint you," I say sweetly. "But that was two months ago, and I am doing just fine, thank you. I really appreciate your concern."

Oh you should have seen the look on her face. She thinks she's so cool being an adult and everything. Well guess what Kelly? Most people are; it's not a big deal! Oh yeah, not to mention the part that a seventeen year old just out smarted you.

Kelly purses her lips and walks, although practically stomps, over to the sofa, and –will you believe it- sits between me and Hart. Who does she think she is?

"Boys and girls ready?" Mrs. Durbin asks. I love Mrs. Durbin; she still acts like we're all five and still stands to come with us to the park. I certainly understand this considering a chaperone and all, but the real thing about her is that she still fights the urge to hold our hands when crossing the street. And the best part about it is, almost every day I come over to Austin's she has set out some homemade cookies and milk for us.

"Ready!" Kelly calls out as if we are all deaf. And I am sure we all are by the time she has stood up and wacked me upside my head with her 30-pound purse. This purse literally must way a ton or something, because when it hit me it also pushed me off the armrest of the sofa. I suppose I should have remembered my parents telling me when I was little not to sit here, but I couldn't help it. And now I have paid for it by the humiliation of falling on the hardwood floor in front of my worst enemy, my worst frenemy, my best friend, and my best wish-it-could- be boyfriend.

Before I have the time to think more about the subject someone surprises me by offering their hand to help me. Surprise, surprise it's- Oh snap it's not Austin.

"You okay?" Hart asks.

Yes, can you believe it? Hart Krulik actually offered his hand to help me, Bridget Swan. "Yes. Super!" I said as he pulled me to my feet. – How heroic.

Hart and I slowly file out the door, partly because I am still in my "Oh My Word I can't believe I just sort of held Hart's hand" daze, but when I finally am out of the Durbin's living room I realize that Austin's family doesn't own a van or even a car that will fit us all; we'll have to drive in two cars.

This is when I start freaking out because if I don't ride in Hart's car-

"I call going with Austin!" Victoria shouts.

Between her and Kelly we are certain to need hearing aids by the end of the day.

"I gotta stay with her," Hart says regretfully, and surprisingly looking in my direction.

"Okay, so I'll drive one car with, Austin, Victoria, and Hart, and Kelly can drive Bridget. Okay, we're all set!"

Whoa…did she just say…?