Never a heartbeat or unsteady breath

Looming presence never heard but sometimes felt

Always there nipping at my heels

Dancing in the moonlight

Echoing my fears

Show yourself, don`t hide

A silhouette a ghost meandering behind

Each nimble finger holds a fogged elegance

Strumming away the thorns locked in your trance

Floating feet no matter the laced toes trailing a winding lullaby

One sense is the only way so pity or envy the blind

A new world mirroring reality

To the eye though, a secret sensuality

Soft features with a blank slate

Maybe the one spirit without a fate

Curl into a ball, become a distorted nothing

Hold onto points of certainty no identity altering

With hope maybe one day I can understand your ways

Why you only sometimes come out to play

Until then shadow stay close

I`ll catch up sometime so the story goes