the sun hides
behind a veil of clouds. brooding.
a storm is coming.

if i close my eyes i can feel you here with me.
the wind whispers in my ears
& i hear you speaking your words of wisdom.
it'll be o k a y
the trees rustle. your eyelids flutter. you
stir from your endless slumber.

in the fairytales it was always the prince
that saved the damsel in distress. i'm
breaking the glass ceiling: i will be the one
to save you.

i owe you for saving me.

i will awaken you from your dreaming; i
will bring you back to me. & when you
finally open your eyes again for the first time
in almost half a year,
the first thing you'll see is me. my smile.
my eyes, my face, my teeth.

& then we'll walk hand in hand
around the silvered lake, its placid surface
a mirror. the clouds will part &
the sun will shine again for the first time
since the day you fell into your deathly slumber.

"wake up," i whisper. i'm breathless, my
heart is pounding in my brain. one lone tear
slips down my cheek. "please, wake up."

but my words fall on cold, deaf ears.