One hundred eighty four.

That's the number.

The number of years that will hold the most deaths.

The most confusion.

The most... Mutations.

It started in 2180, when my great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather (no, its not random) was born.

From the day of birth, all he wanted was his parent's success.

That's all he ever cherished, so he built a machine at age 26.

In 2206, the machine he built was perfection as he called it.

It mutated bugs and animals, to make our 'Wildest Dreams' as he said.

His parents were impressed indeed.

But for one thing.

They wanted it to continue.

The families' success, so they forced a marriage with a nasty woman and at age fifty, he was sentence to death by his own mother, so the child would learn independence, and it continued.

Slowly and slowly the humanity turned us into the greatest famous family alive, to the worse infamous anyone's ever seen in only one paper.

By the time my great grandfather became 38, the animals escaped.

Flooding the area, nothing stopping them.

The police tried to hold them off only to die by a terrible crime, and since then, people shunned us.

When at age fifty, Twelve years past by, and his Son only at age Twenty, watched his Fifty year old father and Forty Six yes old mother, die in front of him, by his own grand mother.

And she killed herself.

Just to teach the horrid boy independce.

No he was never charged, because everyone was HAPPY.

HAPPY, that they were gone, HAPPY, That he would be next to die, HAPPY, that they would probably do it with there own hands.

Eight years later, at age 28, He tamed the animal's his father made, and sold them as protection after training.

Different types of mixed mutated creatures.

And made a fortune.

No one made newspapers; no cops were going to stop him, because by that time, they never existed.

They were long gone.

The routine continued, and I think my great grand father, and I, are the only sane in the bloodline.


Alys sat, cradled in her mothers pale arms and both held the worriest looks

"Jonathan, is this the best idea? You promised me you would stop!" Her mother lashed out on her husband.

The family of three sat in a white room that was lighten by dim lights handing on the ceiling in the fairly messy room.

Ayls' father had dark messy, pitch black, hair that was slighted with gray pecks all around.

He sat in front of a machine that brown, red, and blue, chipped off paint and rust added making it smell like that nasty copper and it fills Ayls' mouth, making her feel like she was eating the nasty brown.

Every time she took a step into the room, she felt like puking.

The four-year-old child clinged to her mother's neck and burring her face into her neck, trying to block out the nasty smell.

"You know I cant! It's in my blood! We NEED to do this!" He hollered at his wife and she flinched at the sound waves entering her ears freely.

"WE?" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

Ayls' father held a sharp glare to his wife and faced the machine

"If you hate it SOOOOO much, why did you marry me?" He explained then headed to some container's holding different bugs and grabbed a bee, along with a black widow.

"You know why! I was FORCED to and I was FORCED to have Ayls'! I wish we didn't have to bring her in the world in this time of period." After her daughter's name her voice grew to a whisper and she hugged her only child.

She loved Mayumi more then the world, but this point and time, the world has gone to hell.

She wanted what was best for her.

Ayls' father typed different words on the chalky keyboard only 100 words per minute and his hands were racing across, looking more and more insane per letter.

Ayls frowned as she smelt the copper and plugged her nose by pinching it and breathed threw her mouth still having the smell threw her mouth making it feel like she was tasting it and she coughed.

Her mother frowned and hugged her daughter and soon watched her husband race to the other side and press just one green, chunked button.

He slapped it causing the machine to make all kinds of old and cranky noises and Ayls plugged her ears.

She rather smell the nasty machine that smelt like blood rather then listen to the old piece of junk.

Her father sat there laughing like a crazed man, which he was and always will be.

Soon the machine stopped and out came an awful creation of a black widow and bee (and some bug that's blue).

Ayls actually liked this bug but it wasn't large, not at all.

I was still the same size as a black widow and her father frowned in disgust and her mother smirked in victory.

"See! That riled up old machine piece of junk is breaking, now STOP" Her mother ordered and Ayls' father swung his head to her, his face filled with complete disgust, and betrayl.

"You know nothing, THIS IS JUST A FAILED CREATION!" Her hollered, and both mother, and daughter flinched at the loud noise.

The mixed, mutated bug, began to crawl quickly off the machine and Ayls' Father notice the rampaging away and began to chance it.

Ayls peeked at what the noise was, and seeing the bug, made her feel guilty.

She knew the bug was fearful.

Mayumi forced her mother away and her left eye twitched from the stench, but ignored it, and began to make her way to the bug

"Ayls!" Her mother scolded but she didn't listen and she picked the bug up.

"Thanks sweetheart, now hand me the spider" Her father bent down, and reached for it but, Ayls held the spider away, glaring, and ran behind her Mum

"Ayls!" Her father yelled with his anger rising up fast

"I like her" Ayls said simply and genteelly pet the mutated spider across its back, already earning its trust.

Her father glared at her a stood, looking like her was going to beat the hell out of her, and so she ran.

"Run!" Her mother encouraged and Ayls did it happily.

She then felt a pang of Guilt, as she knew her mother was receiving the punishment, but knew she only wanted to protect her only child.

Ayls breathed heavily as she reached the front door and plopped on the ground.

She opened her palms to peek at the bug, and she mutated bug looked up at her, scared.

"I wont hurt you! I promise!" Ayls told the bug and the small bug began to back up in caution

"I wont! I promise!" She told the Spider and it stopped, looking up, and laid down. (Do spiders even lie down?)

"Good!" She cheered and began to laugh a bit.

To her, it looked cute.

On cue the door received a knock and she looked up, then back at the bug that was terrified of the unknown noise

"Its okay" Ayls explained smiling and made the bug move to one part of her palm to the other.

Ayls wasn't allowed to open the door because she was really young, but, what the hey?

She peeked out the window for sure then her face brighten as she saw a Seven-year-old boy with a bloodied bat.

Ayls ran to the large double doors and slammed one open

"Maracas!" Ayls shouted happily and hugged the boy happily, only to get blood on herself

"Ayls! You're going to get dirty!" He told her and she looked up with a crazy grin

"Guess what?" She asked in her childish voice

"What?" He groaned and Ayls released her grip and held out her bug

"TA-DAA!" She cheered happily and her best friend stared at it oddly

"Annddd?" He asked not really surprised

"Its cute..." Ayls said sadly and her friend smacked her head

"Snap outta it! Don't become crazy like your father!" He scolded and Ayls frowned, rubbing her head, and with tears brimming her eyes.

The mutated Spider looked at Ayls, then Maracas.

The bug then jumped on him and ran down his shirt, teasing him

"AHHH!" He cried scared and Ayls laughed and reached down his shirt, and pulled out the bug.

"I feel molested..." He grumbled sadly and Ayls tilted her head

"What's that mean?" She asked not too familiar with the alphabet and her friend shook his head

" Well, want to go?" He asked her and the female nodded happily.

Ayls placed the small bug on her shoulder, and ran off with him.


Ayls sat at her mother's grave, just looking blank.

Her eyes were covered with a thick, white cloth and a bloodied tear ran down her cheek, and she wiped it away, as she remembered that horrid day.


"AYLS!" Her father roared out and Ayls flinched at the noise, and stood.

"Y-yes dad?" She asked in a small voice, terrified.

Her bug crawled to her right shoulder, for comfort.

Once Ayls herd a frightful scream, her eyes widen, recognizing it.

Her Mother.

Ayls then raced quickly, holding onto her spider to make sure that she wouldn't fly away, and made it to the living room.

The twenty-year-old eyes widen at the site before her.

Her father held a knife, against her mothers' throat.

She now knew why today was filled with weirdness.

She now knew why she had a bad feeling this morning.

She now knew why her mother was acting so odd at breakfast.

She now knew why her father had a manic grin crossing his face.

She now knew.

"NO!" She cried and before he slit her throat, she tackled him

"I WONT ALLOW YOU!" She hollered and her mother coward behind the sofa in fear.

"GET OFF OF ME!" Her father roared out and raised his knife unknowing, and stabbed.

He stabbed her right eye.

Mayumi's Right eye.

She yelled in pain and crawled off her father and backed up.

She felt someone's hand and her eye widen and she looked up with relief.

Her mother.

She then held Ayls sadly then her father stood

"MOVE!" He demanded but she didn't move.

Ayls' spider crawled off upon her shoulder and quickly moved to her father.

Ayls' Dad felt something in his pants and began to kick his leg, then a bite.

His eyes widen and he yelled and Ayls' bug moved back quickly.

Ayls stood after receiving her mutated bug, and held her right eye with blood dripping out.

To her surprise her father had ignored the pain in his leg and charged after her, striking her left eye.

Her ONLY eye.

She screeched as the knife was still in her eye and it pained.

Her father, to her guess, took out the knife, and she heard a gurgled and a pained scream.

There was a thud behind her.



She was happy she couldn't see but she WANTED to.

After that she herd a smug voice

"Independece is what you really need" Her father told her then.


She was... alone...


Ayls was sobbing blooded tears as she sat there.

She always sat there.

She rarely ate.

She rarely went to the restroom. (No, doesn't mean she pees in pants, and you know I'm talking to you Mike)

She rarely did ANYTHING.

Her bug crawled around her to comfort her, and it wasn't working

"Chi..." She mumbled not crying anymore and her bug stopped hearing its name.

"We need to stop this" She mumbled and stood upon her mothers graved and grabbed her walking stick.

"I'm sorry" She mumbled and walked into the house, tapping her branch stick, to her family's workroom.

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