"If another person asks, I am leaving," the voice was male but there were so many people there that I couldn't tell where it came from.

"It can't be that bad," this voice was female and seemed to be coming from behind me.

I turned and saw a couple heading in my general direction.

"She looks cute," the woman said. She was tall, very tall for a woman, at least six foot four, and had black hair and dark eyes, she was wearing all black.

"You would say that," the man next to her said. He was massive, he was easily a foot taller than the woman he was with. He also had black hair, but his eyes were hidden behind reflective sunglasses, he was also wearing all black. They were definitely related.

"And I did say it," the woman looked at me and I saw that her eyes were actually black, it was like her pupil was too big and she had no iris. "Hi, I'm Jessie and this is my brother, Theodore."

"Hi," I replied, not really sure what to say now.

"Hi," the tall man said, looking down at me. "Call me Ted."

"Hi Ted, I'm Cassandra," I extended my hand. "Call me Sandy."

He gripped my hand, his hand completely enveloping mine, but he was not forceful. "Can I call you Cassie instead? Sandy sounds like a problem you have with your..."

"Don't say it," Jessie interjected.

"I'm not that much of an idiot, sister," Ted said, withdrawing his hand and looking at his sister.

"Of course you're not, brother," Jessie said sarcastically. "I will leave you two alone now, try to find someone for myself."

"Why leave? You are more attracted to her than I am," Ted said, I practically died at the words.

"But she is more attracted to you than to me," Jessie said, turning away and disappearing into the crowd.

"Sorry about that," Ted said. "I only realised I said it after I said it, you know?"

"That happens to me sometimes too," I say, not sure why I am still talking to him after that.

"Yeah, it happens to everyone apparently," Ted looks around the room, at the tops of people's heads at least. "Do you want a drink, Cassie?"

"Not really," I waved the drink in my hand at him. "You can get one if you want, I will wait here."

"I don't drink," Ted said, looking back at me.

"Why offer me a drink then?"

"Maybe I am trying to get you drunk," he said. "Or maybe I am just being nice, you can draw your own conclusion."

"I will assume you were being nice," I had only been joking.

Neither of us said anything for a minute.

"So, what brings you and your sister to this party," I asked eventually, out of desperation.

"She thought I should get out," he said, then muttered something under his breath that sounded like: "all healed now."

"Sorry, what was that?" I could resist asking.

"I was talking to myself, but what I said was: 'I am all healed now anyway.'"

"Healed of what?" I asked. "Where you sick?"

"You could say that," Ted looked down at me and smiled to himself. He undid the buttons on the sleeves of his shirt and was about to pull them up when Jessie appeared.

"Stop it Ted, she doesn't need to see it," Jessie said, gripping his hands and looking into his face.

"She asked what I was healed of," Ted said, redoing his sleeve.

"That doesn't mean that she wants to know," Jessie kept looking at him.

"I will show her the other one then," he said.

"What are you talking about?" I finally worked up the courage to ask.

"He was going to show you what he was healed of," Jessie said, turning to me. "And now he is going to show you something else he is healed of."


"Look at me, Cassie," Ted commanded, I couldn't help but look up at him. He took off the sunglasses and I couldn't stop myself from gasping; there was a ragged scar over his right eye. His left eye was fine, the same black as his sister, but the other looked really weird, it was not clouded or damaged that I could see, but it was a different colour, and had no pupil.

"You know why I never take you out?" Jessie asked him.

"Because I always refuse," he suggested, pushing the glasses back over his eyes.

"Pretty much," she said. "I hate it when you tell the truth."

"I know," he says, then seems to notice that I am still there. "But I like you," he said it seriously, to me, I swear I blushed. "We haven't left yet, but don't ask."

"I won't," I told him.