I met her on her holidays, we went out for almost a month before she told me that she went to a boarding school, which was pretty much a downer. But I liked her then so I could ignore it, it didn't matter during her holidays.

I still like her, even though I can only visit her on Saturdays. So every Saturday I visit her, and I have been for almost three months. But today she says she wants to stay here, she has never said that before, what is different today?

I am sitting on her bed, leaning against the wall, and she is sitting on me, leaning against my chest. I look over her, like I do every time she sits on me like this, and wonder why there is another bed but I have never seen anyone else here.

There is a knock at the door, which has also never happened. "She's here," she sounds excited about that, but Mary sounds excited about everything.

"Who is?" I ask, standing up and stretching my back.

"My roommate," Mary tells me this like it should be obvious.

"I didn't know you had a roommate," I say, turning towards the door and running my hands through my hair.

"She's new," the girl tells me excitedly. "And apparently she is really cool."

Mary opens the door and the woman who is revealed is the opposite of the image in my head, almost. She is tall, which I had been expecting, to some extent, cool at an all girls school apparently means boyish, but she isn't boyish.

She is taller than I expected, taller than me, she must be at least six foot six. She is heavyset, which is why I say she isn't boyish, she isn't mannish either though, she is just masculine. She is muscled and she is wearing a black exercise shirt and camouflage pants, I hesitate to assume it is only a pattern.

Her hair is pretty long, from what little I can see, it is in a pony tail. And she has a look that actually says that she doesn't care what anyone thinks. She has real confidence, not the kind you get from having people who will do what you say, the kind you get from not needing them.

But she seems to be exactly what Mary was expecting. "Nice to meet you," Mary says enthusiastically, offering the woman a hand, she might be my age but the word 'girl' doesn't fit her.

The woman shakes Mary's hand. "You too, probably," she says, entering the room, brushing past me and carefully placing a heavy bag at the end of the bed.

"I'm Mary," Mary tells the woman, following her into the room. "And this is my boyfriend."

"I am Ronnie, and I do not care if he is your boyfriend," the woman says, unzipping her bag and pulling out what looks like welding equipment.

"I care if he is my boyfriend," Mary says, but she doesn't say it like she was insulted, which is how is seems from here.

"You would," Ronnie says, putting the equipment on her desk and pulling out some strange pieces of metal. "He would be a waste of your breath if you did not care." She says this while putting the metal on her desk next to the other equipment.

"That didn't seem very nice," Mary says, I guess it could be true.

"It seemed pretty neutral to me, I did not mean to offend," Ronnie says, retrieving what looks like a hole punch from her bag and putting that on the desk as well.

"Ok," Mary says.

I recover myself by the time Ronnie is putting her bag on her bed and pulling out clothes. I wait until she turns in my direction, to some extent. "Nice to meet you," I say, my voice not betraying the amazement that I have met someone like her at all.

"I guess you will find out," Ronnie says, turning towards me.

I offer her my hand, not really sure what to say to that. She shakes it, for some reason I expected her to shake like a man of her stature, but she doesn't, she just shakes my hand. "Cute girl, right?" she asks me, a grin on her face.

That is a weird thing to say. "I would say so," I say, after just a little bit too long, I think. Mary gives me a look, it isn't quite angry, I don't think she can get angry.

"Probably not a bad idea if you are her boyfriend," Ronnie says, turning and pulling yet another garment out of her bag. "See you later, enjoy your romantic day at a boarding school."

She puts on the jacket she just pulled from the case and walks out again, closing the door behind her.

"Damn it," Mary says after a moment. "I forgot to give her the key."

"You'll be here when she gets back," I say, wondering if that is the reason that we stayed here today.

"I guess so," she says, sitting back down on her bed.

We stayed there until I had to leave, it surprised me again the lack of suspicion the matron of the dorms has when she sees all the visitors out, I guess she just doesn't care. Strangely Ronnie hadn't returned, even though all the quests have to leave at the same time as the gates are closed.

The gates closed behind us, everyone got in cars and I walked over to where my bike was tethered, I ride everywhere I can, it is only an hour ride from my house to here. My bike is gone, that is weird, as there is no one here who would want it.

I stand there for a while, not longer than ten minutes but a long time to not do anything, for me anyway. I hear the sound of a bike, coming up the path, either a strange coincidence or my bike finding its way back.

I look over and there is Ronnie, riding up on my bike. "I guess that makes this your bike," she says. "I thought I would be back on time, sorry."

"You stole my bike?" I ask, despite the pointlessness of the question.

"I stole the first bike I found," she says. "With the intention of getting it back here before the visitors left, I didn't know it was yours."

She isn't wearing a helmet. "Where is my helmet then?" I ask her.

She stops next to me. "Allow me to retrieve it for you," she says, her smile laughs at me as she hands me the handlebars and... jumps up into the tree right next to where the bike was tied up.

She grabs a hold of the lowest branch and pulls herself up, she reaches up and grabs the next, and the next one, disappearing into the tree. Then her feet reappear and she lands with a pretty small noise on the ground in front of me, she hands me my helmet and the combination lock that I used to lock the bike up.

"Well... um," I can't think of anything to say.

"See you next week," she says, slapping me on the back and walking off towards the gate.

"It's locked," I say quietly, I doubt she can hear me, and I know she can see it.

I half expect her to rend the gate in twain, but she only vaults it. Wait, only vaults it? How is that less impressive? She lands with almost no sound on the other side of the gate and walks in, she doesn't even glance back at me, why would she?

I get on my bike and put in my headphones, riding is boring if I am not listening to music.