Sweet adoreable angel face

with eyes of grace, please

come and bless me with

your presence and invite

me into your world of innocence.

Please come and embrace me

so we may dwell in the same

zone and become one in spirit.

It is a beautiful day whenever

we are together and you say

I love you. We lay down in silent

heavenly bliss, I pray we will be

able to stay this way forever.

Hopeful, I open up my heart to

endless possibilities and there is

a tug at my heart to be with you.

I refuse to be shaken and overtaken

by the wind of change. I refuse to

be left behind, therefore I cross the

oceans in my mind. I always know

where to find you if I ever needed you.

Through the pain, rain and lost train

of thought, you are still worth it for as

long as there remains oxygen in the