Have you ever sat and been sucked in by a thought?

Let it consume you with the flames of impossibility,

A flame which licks your senses like an unknown drug.

It takes you over, inch by inch, till you feel the tangible essence of it.

The presence makes it seem like it jumped out of mind to stand before you.

Such an illusion which seems to mock you, it robs you of the thought you wanted so much to be real.

A thought which mirrors your life and without it, it would seem like a void somewhere deep inside you.

Those little thoughts which spring to mind in a summer dream almost blossom into dreams,

Such a sweet smell that could intoxicate you if you just let go for a second.

Thoughts which you humoured in younger days,

Thoughts you'd reveal in and play a game of make-believe.

But now as the days grow colder and attentions wafer on the thoughts of something serious,

The games are put on hold for another day, another week, another month, another year.

The rules grip tight enough to force the thoughts away, the dreams, the hopes.

Sit up straight! Pay attention! Focus! Answer me! Don't you answer me back!

Conflicting words which seem to be on some repetitive loop.

The empty symbols on the board make now sense, not when there is a thought lurking nearby.

Now in the midst of a lecture, you feel like you're floating between worlds.

One which seems to empty the thoughts which make days seem so temptingly exciting,

One which has cold hard faces set in a hard line of thinking, set in stone.

You keep telling yourself that the thoughts will wait and you'll get round to conquering your dreams,

But what if the boat sails and you miss your stop.

I know after watching you that life is not always easy,

That people always miss their stops, thinking that time is slow and will be patient.

I know what I have to do and I know it won't be easy to leave you behind.

But I've always been a day dreamer.

And I like the way it feels,

So I'll follow the path and see where it takes me…