Do you have a rational fear of hospitals? Or an irrational fear of going to the doctor?

Then perhaps this story isn't for you, maybe you're the type of person who'd be better off reading about some fuzzy little woodland creatures discovering the power of friendship.

That's not you, you say?

You're not afraid of going to hospitals? You like gruesome and gory stories? Well then perhaps this story is for you.

My name? I can't remember my real name, I'm known as "Subject 245."

And this is my story of how I was reborn, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The annoying beep of the alarm clock woke Lillie from her sleep, causing the woman to mumble incoherently as she reached up to hit the snooze button only to have a cold hand wrap around her wrist.

"What the…?" She thought as the hand yanked her from the bed, another cold hand grabbing her other wrist.

She blinked to focus her eyes, jerking her head from side to side to look at the masked men dragging her from the room.

"Let me go! Sons of bitches!" She yelled, thrashing violently as she managed to kick her legs wildly about.

The masked men dressed from head to toe in white nodded to each other before the man to Lillie's right pulled a syringe from his pocket and jabbed it into her arm.

She blinked her eyes slowly, her head drooping forward as darkness consumed her.

"She's out; let's get her loaded up before it wears off," One of the men grunted as they dragged Lillie from her house and to the back of a black van.

The other man nodded and pulled open the doors at the back of the van as the first man lifted Lillie inside, lying her down on the makeshift mattress.

They slammed and locked the doors shut before climbing into the front of the van and speeding away.

The girl sitting at the back of the van looked up when she recognized Lillie, a look of pure fear in her eyes as she struggled to crawl towards her.

"Lillie? Are you okay?" She spoke quietly, silently cursing the leather straps binding her wrists together behind her back.

"Huh? Wha… What?" Lillie mumbled slowly opening her eyes.

"I…Where am I?" She blinked, taking in the face of the woman looking at her.

"Alicia!" She shrieked, quickly sitting up as she recognized the woman.

"Oh Lillie, I'm so scared. What's going on?" Alicia cried, looking up at Lillie.

"I don't know… I wish I did, the guys who got me looked like doctors…" She answered, leaning back against the side of the van.

"We need to get someone's attention or something," She continued, looking around the back of the van.

"I've tried… there's no windows," Alicia sighed, lowering her head.

They were slammed against the wall of the van as it came to a sudden stop, causing both girls to curse at the sudden pain.

"Damnit…" Lillie growled, rubbing her head.

"Shit, they're coming to get us. Quick! Fake like you're still unconscious," Alicia said, lying down on the floor.

Lillie didn't argue, she lied back down against the cold floor and closed her eyes as she made her body go limp.

The men opened the back doors of the van and both reached inside, each grabbing a woman before dragging them out.

"This one's still out, she'll be a good test subject," One of the men grunted as he dragged Lillie along the cement driveway leading up to a building.

Lillie carefully peaked with her right eye, bile rising in her throat at the sight of the building she was being dragged towards.

"Fucking bastard… Might as well be dragging me to my grave," She thought, closing her eye.

The men dragged the women through a glass door, their bare feet sliding across the white tile floor.

"We brought two subjects for experiments," The man holding Lillie grunted as they reached a circular desk in the middle of the immaculate and pristine white room.

A petite looking woman sitting in a black swivel chair behind the desk nodded and reached up to slip a plastic band around Lillie's wrist before doing the same to Alicia.

Lillie glanced down at the band around her wrist.

"Subject 245" stamped on the wrist in place of her name.

"This isn't good…" She thought, closing her eyes as she found herself being dragged along a hallway.

"Think we should take her to the room?" The man carrying Lillie grunted to the man carrying Alicia.

"No, she needs to be taken to the lab so she can be prepped," The other man answered.

"That's my cue, sorry to cut the conversation short boys," Lillie thought, suddenly leaping away from the men.

She didn't bother to look where she was going as she ran down the hallway, sprinting as fast as she could.

"If I find a way out of here I should thank my old coach for making me take track back in high school," She laughed harshly, looking back over her shoulder to see one of the men chasing after her.

"Aw shit, shit, shit!" She cussed as she looked around for a way out.

Off in the distance was a stairwell, calling out like a beacon as she raced towards it.

"Just a little further…" She cried out, drawing closer to the stairs.

She pushed off from the floor, leaping onto the bottom stair before quickly running up them.

"There's nowhere to run!" The man shouted after her, running up the stairs behind her.

She continued to sprint up the staircase, praying it led her to the roof.

"Fuck… that's no good… I can't jump,"

She sighed and suddenly fell to her knees at the bottom of the fourth staircase.

"You're fast; you'll be a perfect subject," The man grinned as he reached her, pulling her up by the shoulders.

She went limp as she was lifted into the man's arms, bowing her head to avoid looking him in the eyes as he carried her back down to the hallway.