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My day began like it usually did. All my students came in, sat down, and was ready to listen. I considered myself lucky. I had the best class ever…they were so well behaved. The only unusual thing to day was that the kids were aloud to bring one adult with them. Usually they brought a family member, one of my students brought in a young boy who seemed to be in late middle school or early high school. He had long dark brown to black hair that was loosely tied back and dark tan skin. I walked over the boy and said to him.

"Fang… you were supposed to bring an adult."

"I know but Buggy, Mel, Solstice and Angela couldn't come. They have to work…and my sister couldn't come cus she was in Mrs. Burgenberry's class and jack has high school, so Seacret decided he would come since he has nothing to do." The young child said beaming with happiness and pride at the older boy he had brought along.

I then ruffled Fang's strawberry blond hair and then Turned to the boy's friend.

"Hi I'm Mr. Heathcoat, what's your name?"

The boy stared at me with his oddly colored eyes. One was a dark forest green and the other a dark amethyst purple.

"Seacret doesn't speak much and he's shy." Fang said pulling on my sleeve.


He doesn't seem shy…just a little… displaced? I don't know if that is the right word.

"But don't worry Seacret is nice. There was a one time when we went out for ice cream and some one tried to steal Mel's bag and He stopped the guy." The boy said with a bright smile and ride as he hugged the boy.

"Oh how nice. He's a good big brother isn't he?"

"No he's not my brother…but he is a lot like one. He is really nice and when me and Wind are in a fight he helps up settle it…and, and He makes really good food." Fan blurted out in excitement.

"Oh…well I got to got meet some of the other Family the other kids brought with them. So how about we talk later okay?"


I then walked around meeting with parents and other adult family members until the bell rang. With that it was time to start class.

The day went very smoothly with cooperating family and students. Even though I made it through the day. Seacret is an odd boy, just sitting there with a solemn expression the whole time letting Fang pulls him around and showed him things.

The two are very interesting. Much like they were a flame and I was a moth.

Before I could think of any more Fang and Seacret walked up to me, one with a beaming smile the other the same expression he had all during the day.

"Mr. Heathcoat can I bring Seacret with me again?" Fang asked happily.

"I don't know…maybe if we have another day to bring in family."

"Awww…but I like having him with me." Fang said pouting.

"I know it would be more fun to bring him along but this is the way it is."


Right then Seacret bent down to Fang's height waved his finger at him and then gave him a hug.

"Okay." Fang said looking down to the floor saddened.

How did that explain any thing?

"I'm sorry Fang…I'll see if it's okay with the other teachers if you can bring him along again, but I don't know if they will say yes."

"Thank you Mr. Heathcoat!" Fang said happily and then ran off with Seacret close behind him.

I love my students. It's always interesting to see the simplest things make them happy. It reminds me that sometimes I need to be thankful of the simple things.