Author's note – This is a sequel to Bangla and Doug. I know the first one isn't finished...but bear with it. SPOILER WARNING There will be a few or more spoilers to the other story…and because we don't have all of the first one I may have to change a few thing later on. I doubt it but just in case there needs to be. Thank you.

Bangla POV

As I walked down a familiar street that I had once walked down before I remembered some unpleasant things, the memories of the only human partner that ever really made me feel lonely when he left my life. Then I remembered my cat Coco. They were my best friends…even if Doug pissed me off all the time with his ruthless crap for jokes. Back then I didn't give him a chance because I was too afraid of what would have happened if I did. I ran my hand threw my now short teal hair and sighed at the memories.

It's too bad that he had to die like that.

I had long since returned to the way I was before. Strongly disliking the world around me, holding spiteful feelings because of past experiences. After Doug died all I could do was cry and be depressed…even if I didn't show it. I didn't want to. I was afraid.

I continued on knowing the job I was given.

I was to meet up with two people.

Sound kind of familiar…yeah it was. Just like the time I was suppose to meet up with Doug. Except this time I'm not going to rush in. I will not get captured.

The names of my new partners were Marco Tyson, he was new to this line of work…got to start some where, And Issac Running, who is apart of this for unknown reasons. Nothing a little spying couldn't cure, but for now it was time to meet them.