I though this would make up for last chapter dumb joke. ^^

Rococo's POV

As Bangla speed down the street like he usually did I sat happily in the back…that is until I looked up at the man who was sitting beside me. He had turned completely green.

"Bangla, he's ganna puke." I meowed.

"HE'S GANNA WHAT!" Bangla shouted speeding even faster.

Smart…now that will make him even sicker.

"Puke as in tossing his freakin' cookies…and I don't want it on me." I continued.

"The hell you can understand the thing?" Issac questioned as I continued to watch the human next to me.

"Now's not the time… open the glove compartment and tell me what's in it." Bangla barked.

Issac opened it and said "the car manual, candy bar, random papers, and a condom."

"Give him the condom." Bangla commanded seemingly upset.

"…Okay…" Issac said chucking the condom to the back, "Why?"

"So if he pukes it in that." Bangla said as I was thinking of how such a thing could work.

I had to admit Bangla was a really awesome human but some times I wonder if his mother dropped him on his head a few hundred times or more.

"Um…yeah perfect logic." Issac said with a raised eye brow, "When the loony bin calls I'll tell them where you are."

Yeah he's likely to kill every one wearing a white coat… he has a chronic fear of the white coated people and cleaner smells.

"Well it's the best we got." Bangla replied as I watched the poor guy turn greener.

After what felt like the longest minuets in my cat life the car stopped and Bangla jumped out of the car and pulled Marco out of the car. Marco then proceeded to puke for the longest amount of time.

Just how much does this guy got in his stomach?

"Haha he puked!" Issac laughed obviously amused.

Says the guy who looks like he got in a fight with an electric shaver and lost…now you only got a row of hair. You look stupid with your…what is it you human call it…the punk look I believe. I though you humans invented callers for us…not your selves…unless he's into…I need to stop going on mission's with Bangla…then again he has said that there are times my processor was needed for missions. Well if he needs me I'm here…it's not like this lonely kid really got any but me.

"Wow… man how much do you eat? That is like a gallons worth." Issac continued laughing.

"Issac now is not the time to make fun of him." Bangla said as he handed the said person a tissue he had in one of his pockets.

"T-thanks." Marco said weakly.