(A/N: I'm using two of the characters from my other story, 'Alice, Stay Home' but this story is set before the events in 'Alice, Stay Home' just thought I should point that out)

Lela could remember the whole incident all to clearly. She knew it would be something she simply could not forget, how could anyone forget such a thing? She sat in the woods just outside town, it was the only safe place she go. Tears fell from her eyes, loud sobs escaped her throat and her body shivered from the cold. Her weapon was gone, it was a long way down the road where she had discarded it, as a way to forget. Even though she knew in her heart she could never forget. Their blood was all over her, their screams still rang through her head, it had all happened merely hours ago...

She had woke up early in the morning, her father laid in the other room snoring loudly. Lela slipped on her pink dress and walked slowly down the hallway, being careful not to wake her father. She wanted to leave early so she wouldn't have to deal with him. Lela's father was a savage and angry man, his anger stemmed from an unknown source, his daughter could never understand it.

Leaving the house, Lela first looked around her to see if anyone was about. The street appeared to be empty. With no one around, she walked away from the house and down the deserted road. When she walked in to town, she made sure to avoid the people that were around. This was the part of town that was run down and where few people ventured, most of the buildings were abandoned. Lela felt she could relax her, with a deep breath she sat down on the steps of one of the buildings. If anyone passed by she made sure to avoid their gaze. Some of them she had seen a few times before.

"Your sitting on my property" someone said. Lela looked to her side and saw a woman standing there. The woman's appearance was almost shocking. Her brown hair was severely matted and tangled, Lela's own hair was very similar. Her clothing was torn and stained. What was really shocking about this woman was her eyes, they were red along with that her face was covered with many scars and bruises. Her teeth were sharp and her fingernails jagged. "I'm sorry, I'll leave" Lela had never seen this woman around before and did not want to deal with her today.

"I didn't say you had to leave" the woman said.

"I think it's better if I do" Lela said quietly, trying to avoid the woman's gaze as she did with everyone. She didn't like awake eyes, they could read her. When Lela got up to leave, the woman grabbed a hold of her shoulder and sat her right back down. Her body shivered at the touch of the cold and rough hand. "Please just let me go" she said desperately, she was almost close to tears.

"Why can't you look me in the eyes?"

"I-I don't know" Lela could almost feel the woman's stare burning through her flesh. Soon she felt her shoulder being gripped harder, the woman's sharp nails digging in to her skin, causing her to cry out. "Look me in the eyes now" the woman said in a savage and voice. When Lela didn't do as she was told, the sharp fingernails were dug in deeper, so that they scraped against her bone. Sharp pain shot throughout her frail body. The few people about did not even look her way, Lela wanted to cry out for help, but she simply could not.

"Look at me and I just might let you go."

Lela turned her head and looked the woman right in her red eyes, her body shook with fear. "That's right darling" the woman said as her eyes began to glow brightly. Lela soon became drawn to them and she could no longer turn away. Her tense body began to relax as she started to feel weightless. This woman's eyes were the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Her mind went blank and then blackness.

The Place She Designed:

When she awoke her vision was blurry, she felt cold metal around her wrists and ankles. Two smiling faces stared down at her, one was all to familiar with those red eyes. The other woman was strikingly beautiful, her hair and eyes were hauntingly dark, her skin amazingly pale. She wore a tight red dress that showed off her lovely figure.

As a shiver went throughout her body, Lela realized that she was naked. She began to thrash in her restraints, crying uncontrollably. Her fear of the red-eyed woman was great. "Enough!" she was struck hard by the woman in the red dress. Lela stopped her thrashing but her breathing was heavy, she just couldn't calm down.

"Thank you Queen" the monstrous woman said to the beautiful one. She then looked down at Lela and smiled, "My name is Dani" Her tormentor's name was Dani, Lela of course now knew to avoid her eyes. The task was actually difficult, she felt a strange connection to those beautiful eyes. Lela sobbed loudly, her crying was the only sound in the room. She once again began to thrash madly, she screamed as loud as she could. They weren't in some isolated area, surely someone would hear her. "Help me! God please help me!" she cried out.

"Scream all you want, darling. No one can hear you, this building is special, I designed it all by myself" Dani said, smiling. "No one outside can hear a damn thing and if they happen to wonder in, it just looks like a boring run down place...that is until I wanna play with them" She was embracing Lela's screams, loving the sound of them. The two women looked at each other and chuckled.

"Help me! God help me!" Queen screamed mockingly. "Enough of this, lets play with her now!" She ran her long black painted nails across Lela's naked flesh causing tremors throughout the girl's body. Queen stroked Lela's small breasts, her touch was gentle but fear still filled her. Her whole body was shaking. Lela saw Dani grab a large sharp knife from a nearby table, "N-no please don't hurt me" The blade shined from the room's bright light.

Dani's pressed her hand on top of Lela's breast, pain exploded throughout her body as the blade was forced between the bones of her ribcage. Lela screamed out loudly, "No more! Please stop!" The pain was more than she could take, she wanted to vomit. Dani chuckled, "Oh come on now, we're just getting started" Dani slipped the knife out and tossed it aside. She reached inside the wound with both her hands and began to spread, "So lovely" she said under her breath, wrapping her hand around one of the girl's rib.

Lela's screams had become hoarse. She could feel Dani trying to break off one of her ribs from the inside and she could hear Queen's laughter. She then saw Dani and Queen, release their unbelievably sharp teeth. Dani pulled back her hand and smile, "I want to taste you" she whispered as she was kneeling down, getting a better look at the wound she had inflicted. Lela would soon feel Queen's hand pierce through her stomach. Grinning, Dani licked at the flesh on the girl's exposed rib.

The pain was unbelievable. Lela closed her eyes tightly, she could not understand this pain and the cruelty of these monsters. She then went in to blackness once again, she hoped she would stay there.

Beyond the Darkness:

Lela found herself in a strange and empty room. Was it over? She thought, the pain had been far too real, it could not have been a dream. She had her dress back on, Lela pulled at the top part of the garment and looked down. There was no trace of her wounds, not even a scar. How could this be happening? Lela looked around the room and saw that there was no door, in fact, there was nothing.

"Miss me?"

Lela jumped and right behind her stood Queen, smirking. "Please just let me go"

"Please just let me go" the woman said in that mocking voice of her's. "You're pathetic, you can't save yourself can you? Typical woman, are you waiting for a man?"

"No" Lela answered, she was trying too hide her fear. She did want someone to save her, no matter what gender they were.

"Oh really, little Cinderella? That's sure what it looks like, you're so weak!" Queen grabbed at Lela's dress, ripping it off in one swift motion. "Please stop!" Lela shrieked over the sound of the woman's cruel laughter.

"Please stop" she mocked, "Poor ole' Cinderella" Lela fell to the ground and buried her face in to her hands as she began too sob. Why was this happening? How was this happening?

"Get up right now!" Queen shouted.

Lela breathed heavily and looked up at the woman with hateful tears falling from her eyes, "No, you fucking cunt" she whispered angrily.

"Oh, so now you're getting brave" Queen said, unfazed, "But you're still gonna do what I say" she grabbed Lela by the hair and pulled her up from the floor. "Now put your little dress back on, you need too look nice and pretty for Dani" She her go and quickly Lela tried putting on her dress, which was practically torn apart. "Well your dress is a little raggedy but that's okay. You sure look nice and helpless" Queen gave Lela a hard shove, "Have fun Cinderella" Lela fell backwards with a scream, it was a long fall into darkness.

Rip Us Open:

The sun was shining so brightly, Lela realized she was in town. She heard the faint laughter of children and stood up from the concrete. Three little girl in pink dresses were dancing together in a circle, Lela watched them for a moment but then turned away to look for Dani or Queen. Surely this was one of their mind tricks. Her surroundings seemed ghostly and faded, her body felt so light.

"Cinderella! Cinderella!" the girls shouted in unison. "Come and rip us open Cinderella!"

Lela would then feel something in her hand. She looked down at her left hand and saw that she was holding a large knife, dripping with blood. It was the same knife Dani had used on her. "Go and get them, you know you want too" It was Dani's voice, but she was no where in sight. The raspy voice rang through Lela's ears from all around. Lela tried to drop the knife, but she could not. Her hand held on to tightly and painfully.

"Go get 'em Cinderella" Laughter sounded from all around. An unbelievable pain went throughout Lela's body like lightening. She screamed and ran straight for the three little girls. When they saw her coming they did not run, they only giggled. Lela jammed the knife in to one of the little girl's chest and the others laughed madly. The three of them suddenly became one. Lela yanked out the knife and shoved it deep in to the child's right eye, the blood leaked out beautifully.

Lela wanted too see more blood, she craved it. She pulled out the knife and shoved the girl to the ground and immediately she pounced on the child. With the knife she slashed and slashed, blood splattering all over and dripping down her body. The child's eyes soon became lifeless. "N-no I'm sorry" Lela whispered, snapping back into reality as she backed away. The child became three once again, and now they were all an appalling sight. Lela cried out angrily and threw the knife as hard as she could.

"You're not sorry, you enjoyed killing those little cunts and you know it" Dani said. Lela could picture the mocking smile on the demonic woman's face. That hideous face, leering at her and her suffering. She covered her ears and she ran, she didn't know where she would go, but she wanted to get away. Too find somewhere she could be safe.

"Go ahead and run"

Lela did her best to ignore the voice and she kept on running. Her legs were becoming numb but she did not care. She not stop until she found her safe place.

The Safe Place:

The woods where so peaceful but her mind was not. She fell to the ground and began to cry. The woods were the only safe place she could find but she did not know if they were truly safe. Lela was almost waiting for Dani to come out and kill her. She waited hours and nothing happened but still she was afraid to move from the place she sat. Perhaps these woods truly were a safe place, or maybe it was part of Dani's game.

"Hello darling, have you missed me?"

Lela looked up and saw Dani standing before her, but she did not move. She was beginning to feel truly safe and fearless being in these woods. She felt not even Dani could hurt her. "Do you feel safe here?" Dani asked, she moved closer and stroked Lela's cheek. "Answer me"

"Yes I do" Lela looked to the ground, avoiding the woman's gaze. She would stay where she was and not move. No matter how tormenting Dani's voice was, Lela would not move or even flinch.

"Oh, then you'll stay here forever. I give you your own little killing ground, I see potential in you Cinderella" said Dani. She place her hand on Lela's forehead and Lela felt a jolt of pain throughout her skull.

"This is your home now, you'll never leave again. You will destroy anyone who tries to step into your haven" Dani kissed her on the cheek and then she faded away, leaving Lela all alone. Lela stood up and saw the knife she had killed the girls with. She felt drawn to it as if it were a part of her.

Lela picked up the blade and held it tightly, she knew she could never leave her safe place. Here she could be alone and away from everyone who taunted her. And if anyone tried to invade her safe place, she would be ready for them.