I'm in theater right now. We meet in the theater, not a classroom. Kenya falls asleep after lunch on the walk over here. She's taken care of. We read off the rules which we thought were going to be extra boring.

Mrs. Foster walks in wearing a black motorcycle jacket and black pants. She's in her mid thirties. She is wearing black skinny jeans. This isn't going to be fun. She must be new here. Our old teacher got laid off.

"Ok class, I'm here to teach you about the ways of the theater. I'm forced to go over rules that you all should know by now. Your first assignment is to act out the rule I give you and a partner. I have already chosen who you will be with, so don't ask to change. First off, Chad and Tiffany."

Chad is a jock, and Tiffany is a prep. They will be happy to be each other's partner. Mrs. Foster gives them a slip of paper and sends them off into the other side of the room. She calls name after name till I'm the only one standing.

"You are a bright student. You will be doing it on your own since we have an odd number." She hands me the slip and walks to her "Queen Chair" across the room. I read it and it is about stolen items. How am I going to do this with one person? I see Kenya a little daze as she wakes up.

I know what to do.

"Time is up. Come here." We all walk up like zombies to the teacher. She stands with her arms crossed over her chest. "We are starting with the first group." Chad and Tiffany walk to the front. "Start acting. No longer than five minutes. When you are done, three people will guess. Only three people. If the three people don't guess than the group will tell them the rule."

Chad and Tiffany stand up at the front of the room and start making-out. I put my hand over Kenya's eyes. She tries to push my hand away. Mrs. Foster just looks away from them. They do this for two minutes straight. I know the rule right away. Mrs. Foster rings a bell.

"Can anyone guess the rule?" Every hand shot straight into the air. I put my hand down after I see every hand shot up into the air. Mrs. Foster looks around the room. I shrink down my chair trying to act invisible. I don't feel like talking in front of the class. Her finger comes out in front of her, pointing at me. "Rose, answer the question." I sigh and sit up.

"No PDA in the school." I answer with a very bored voice. Mrs. Foster nods her head. After everyone goes, it is my turn. I pick Kenya up. She has her hands wrapping around her stuffed Zebra. It is too cute. Time starts and I walk up and steal the toy from Kenya. She starts bawling her eyes out. I give her back her toy after a little bit. Not a lot of hands go up.

"Don't steal candy from a baby, but in this case it would be 'don't steal toys from a baby." Says the jokester in the class, Jack. The class erupts in laughter.

"That's close, but not it," I say. "Try school rules, not ways of life." I smirk and Jack stops laughing. He gets on my nerves all the time. He is that annoy fly that buzzes in your ear when you try to sleep. The only reason he has friends is because he's funny. I'll admit that he can be funny, just not when he takes it too far.

The class erupts into more laughter. I hear some 'burn' and 'oh' through the class. Jack shuts his mouth because he knows I will win. I'm good on my feet.

Mrs. Foster points to someone else. She guesses it wrong and the person after that too. That means I have to say it.

"No stealing. Come on, you guys could have guessed it. This rule is also illegal. You hear that, Corbett?" Corbett is this bad-boy figure. He wears all black, but he is a good actor, surprisingly. He gets into trouble, but if you bring up him not being in the theater, he will shape up. He still gets in trouble, though. It's kind of cute, in a bad boy way, but not my type. I'm also not into dating anymore.

"Yeah, I know. Got caught doing it too. You should have told me sooner. It would save me some trouble." Corbett says. I'm surprise by that. He rarely talks. The bell rings and people start to storm the hallways. I start packing Kenya with her stuff. I never carry a purse and now I have to carry a diaper bag. It is a big change. I'm walking out when the diaper bag slips off my shoulder. I bend down to pick it up when someone else's fingers wrap around the strap.

I look at the face that owns the fingers that are holding Kenya's diaper bag. It's Corbett. Didn't expect that to happen. I smile a little and take the bag from his hand.

"Thanks," He gives me a nod that quiet guys always do. He walks off down the hall. I turn to go to study hall. I have Mr. Strange again. His classroom is in the math area. That's on the other side of the school. I cross through the school building. I quickly grab my backpack and head off to class.

Safe! I made it to class before the bell. I do a mini dance in my head. As quickly as I can, I take a seat. On the first day of school, teachers don't give you homework. That means there is nothing to do. I pick up Kenya and hold her. She grows a small smile on her face. I start to lightly tickle her belly. Everyone is talking, so they can't hear her. Her small body shirks up and grows as she laughs.

A dark shadow covers my desk. I look up to see it is my teacher, Mr. Strange. He isn't really that strange. His name doesn't fit him. He is pretty cool, for a teacher. He makes a hand jester asking if he can hold Kenya. I hold her to him. She looks up and around the room. Most of the kids look over at Kenya. The girls get up and make the 'cute' noises around her.

Kenya eats up the attention.

I go to grab the diaper bag, when it isn't here. Crap, I left in my other class. I knew I was going to lose it. Grabbing my tracker, I make a note to get out of class. Mr. Strange is still holding Kenya, so he couldn't sign it.

"Mr. Strange, I'm going to go look for Kenya's diaper bag." All the girls look at me making me feel self-conscious. They forgot that Kenya is my child.

"Ok, I can't sign your tracker, so just be invisible." He says not taking his eyes off of Kenya.

"Yes sir," I say. I walk over to Kenya's head and kiss it. "Be good." I whisper to her before leaving. I walk straight out the room. I sprint to theater. This time I stay outside, so I won't get caught. The only teachers who check to see if your tracker is signed are the principals. They only stay inside too.

Mrs. Foster is sitting on her throne. She looks up when she hears the door open. She doesn't seem surprised to see me. She looks down at the book in her hand before shutting it to look at me.

"What are you doing here?" She asks. She must have been surprised, but didn't let it show. I wait a few seconds to catch my breath. She waits for my response. She is waiting impatiently for me to come. She has no patients when she feels like being a biker.

"Have you seen my bag?" I ask. She shakes her head.

"No, I think you dropped it at the doorway and Corbett picked it up for you. Then you left." She says. She eyes her book, telling me to leave for her to continue that book.

I nod and leave. Where could I have put that thing?

Next, I have to go ask the office. I'm safe as long as they don't ask for my tracker. When I get there, I don't see it at lost and found. Maybe they are keeping it behind the desk. I see the secretary sitting behind her desk. She looks up and gives me a small smile.

"Hello, how may I help you?" She says in a soft voice. I smile and bring out my nice act.

"Did someone drop off a diaper bag?" I ask in my talking to adult's voice that I use to get my way. She looks down and flips through a stack of papers. She doesn't glace up. Her hand grabs a piece of paper and pulls it up.

"We sent it to the room you were in." Ugh, I went on a wild goose chase for nothing. I smile and tell her thanks and walk off. Hopefully it is in my classroom by now. When I get there, I see it sitting on my desk. The group of girls is still in a pack around Kenya.

Kenya is eating up the attention. I make my way through the crowd to get to Kenya. I take her from Mr. Strange much to his disliking.

"Hey baby, did you miss me?" I ask her. She giggles and moves her arms around with a smile on her face. "I bet you are sleepy." With that she gives me a big yawn. I chuckle at her. I start to rock her to sleep. Slowly her eyes start to shut. Then she is out cold.

We have about 20 minutes left of class. I pull out my book "Parenting for Dummies". This book isn't the most interesting, but I need to know a little more about being a mother for Kenya. I don't want to be the horrible parent or the over-protective parent. Thinking of being a parent is a scaring thought, especially for a teen.

Kenya is a little slow for 3 months. Even though I gave her, her birthday July 24th, she was about 1 to 2 months old. Now she is about 3 months. She still sleeps more then she needs too, but she does love playing with her hands. She will grab her feet and try to stick them in her mouth. It is the cutest thing ever. I wish she was doing that now.

The bell rings, signaling me to my next class. I quickly leave to go to athletics with Coach Allen. I went straight to the gyms. We would be getting our PE clothes. They are red, cotton shirts and black shorts. I don't like them. The black makes it much hotter. Even though our school colors are black and red, couldn't they have picked a different color? It isn't that hard.

I sit down with Sora. She is just wallowing in the floor. Her book bag is acting as her pillow. She has her headphones in like she has been there all day. Kenya has woken up, so I put her on top of Sora's stomach.

Kenya started to hit on the flat surface. Sora opens one eye and gives a wide smile. She picks Kenya up while she sits up. She then holds Kenya to tickle her. Kenya, in response, laughs and wiggles her whole body.

"Class, it is time to get started. We will do Coach Lindsay's class first. Line up in alphabetical order by last name." One of the coaches says. About 30 stand up and get in line. They start to pick up shirts and shorts. Then they sit back down in their cliques. It took about 15 minutes for Coach Lindsay's class to get done.

"Coach Finch's class now." The same coach says. Another group of kids get up to get in line. This takes another 15 minutes. Then Coach Wilder's class goes up. After a while Coach Allen's class goes up.

"Finally we can go up. We are always last. I better go up front since my last name is Dupuis." She gives me Kenya and goes to get in line. I put Kenya down in her carrier and get in line. Since my last name is Miller, I'm stuck in the middle. At least I'm not last. That would be total torture. One thing that I hate about being in the last class to go up and get our clothes is that our sizes aren't always there. Sometimes we have to get sizes too big.

They have one adult medium left in shorts and shirts. I grab them. Last year I had to have a large. We sewed them smaller to fit me. This year we won't need to fix them. I then get in line to say my name for them to write down the number on the set of clothes. We have to turn them in at the end of the year.

Coach Finch is sitting at the table taking up numbers. She is very beefy. She is a shot put and discus athlete. She is someone you don't want to mess with. She is wearing our school's track and field shirt from last year. She can be easy going when she is in a good mood.

"Last name?" She says.

"Miller," I state. You could tell the Coach Finch is tired of sitting here taking numbers up. She pulled the short straw.

"First name?"

"Katy." She writes down my first name.

"Shirt number?"

"52 and shorts are 15," I say to finish up sooner. I then leave holding with Kenya and my clothes. I sit down next to Sora again.

"Our coaches are so unorganized. They should be handing out our lockers, so we don't need to take our PE uniform home. Shouldn't they be giving us our rules today anyways?" Sora says. She is being pretty laid back right now.

"You know our coaches don't waste time going over rules. They think that there are better things to do then go over rules we know. It isn't like the school district will change the rules. They are the same every year." I say lying down with Kenya on my belly. She looks at me and pats my belly with her hands.

"I know, but what if they did change the rule. We might get in trouble if we broke a rule we didn't know." Sora says freaking out a little. Sometimes she tries not to act like she cares, but you know she doesn't like to get in trouble. People call her a goody-two-shoe, and she knows it.

"Chill, Sore, you just tell them that you didn't know, and they will let you off with a warning, depending on the teacher. Don't worry about the future. You can't predict the future. Last year I didn't even dream that I would be a mother, and look at me now, I have a child. You never know what will happen." Sora just nods her head.

Kenya still plays with her hands on my stomach.

The bell rings and I get Kenya ready to leave. I strap her in and leave to get on the bus. I climb on and find an empty seat. That has to be the worst first day ever.

Quote of randomness: "The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn…"