I Need my Emerald City

Your name is written in all the stars

Across the universe's skies.

And your face is forever there

Every time I close my eyes.


So where's my yellow brick road,

A golden ribbon leading me home?

For this world is stranger than Oz,

This fantasy land I'm forced to roam.


I can't think of anyone but you -

My brain is corrupted, a mess.

And that wooden box is looming;

I can't bring myself to confess.


The beats of my heart are unfamiliar,

Like the eurhythmic beat of a drum.

I can summon the right words,

It's the emotions that won't come.


You've got my pulse racing double time –

The deafening roar of blood in my ears.

I cower away from you - afraid

That you'll realise the extent of these tears.


It feels like straw flows through my veins,

My face is as expressionless as tin.

My lion-like ferocity is long, long gone,

My patience is wearing thin.


Lost, I need my emerald city,

There must be a wizard I can find,

Because you've sapped me of my courage,

Stolen my heart and taken my mind.

I had an idea of how this would come out, not sure if it's completely worked, but I hope you enjoyed reading. Please review!

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