Title: First Crush
Author: MoiyaHatake
Characters: Hokori Sebastian Carter, Christian Scott and John Davis.
Rating: NC-17 just to be safe.
Warnings: Dub-con, BJ
Summary: I suck at summaries.
Author's Notes: All characters in this story are mine. I created them. Any resemblance to any other characters living, dead or imaginary is coincidence and are not related to my characters. Story is based on an art piece I found on Photobucket (see profile page).

Additional note: This started out as a oneshot based on an art piece I saw online, but has developed into a multi-chapter fic that will include First Crush and sequels to this fic. I had trouble deciding what category this fic should be listed under and chose Manga for the following reasons: I love yaoi manga and if I could I would make this series into a manga series. My character, Sebastian is half Japanese, the story is/will be set in highschool/college and is a yaoi romance novel.

How he'd ended up on the floor, Sebastian didn't know. One minute he'd been fighting to get past and the next he was on his ass watching as Christian unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. The brunette knelt between his legs, smirking. A paper fell to the floor. John Davis sat behind him, the desk pressing into Sebastian's back and John's thigh pressed against the back of his head as he caressed Sebastian's neck. Hazel eyes met dark brown, slightly dilated and less defiant than they had been a moment ago.

"I've seen the way you've been looking at me from across the room," Christian reminded him of a sleek cat stalking its prey.

It was true. From the very first time he'd seen the other teen enter their shared classroom he'd been stealing glances at Christian. But he thought he'd been careful enough not to get caught. The older teen was handsome and sexy and confident. So was his friend. He felt the light touch of fingers sliding against his jaw. John Davis curled his fingers under Sebastian's chin and coaxed his head back.

John Davis the Fourth, to be exact, was Christian's best friend. He was a great football player and he was handsome, like Christian. His father was a successful lawyer who dealt with international law and was always too busy to keep an eye on his own son. John Davis was coveted by the girls on campus and by the dean, therefore he got away with everything.

"You act like an arrogant priss, sipping your tea and reading your books. But you're just hiding behind them. The truth is..."

Warm breath on his cheek-when had Christian gotten so close?-and Sebastian could feel his face start to burn. He jerked his head away and made an attempt to force his way past Christian.

Christian Scott was the richest, most popular teen in the entire school. His father had donated nearly half the buildings on campus and Christian was the star player on the football team. His father expected a lot from Christian, but would overlook any transgressions saying 'boys will be boys.'

Sebastian wasn't weak, but the hand on his throat and the awkward position he was in made it easy for Christian to block him and push him back down to the floor.

"That wasn't very nice. Here I am giving you an opportunity most people would die for and you're trying to leave."

Sebastian watched as Christian leaned back and pulled himself free of his pants, lightly stroking, watching with amusement as Sebastian's gaze flicked to his hand and then away to focus on something on the chalk board on the far wall. Their homework assignment was scrawled neatly in a box in the corner. That had been fifteen minutes ago. The day had been going so smoothly; class had been uneventful. Had he known this was coming, he would have left as soon as they had been dismissed instead of being lured into staying behind by Christian and John Davis.

John Davis the Fourth, Sebastian corrected himself.

"Suck me," Christian ordered, tilting his hips to block Sebastian's gaze.

If Sebastian was arrogant, what would they call Christian? The way he looked at Sebastian, so sure of himself and what he was doing. So sure Sebastian would give into his demands.

Sebastian slowly turned his hazel eyes up to meet Christians. Hadn't he imagined something similar to this just a few days ago? Christian would call him over after class, and in his smooth voice he would admit that he was interested in Sebastian, and then they would kiss and no one would care that Sebastian was gay. No one would go against Christian.

And Sebastian would have proved his father wrong.

He wasn't disgusting and unnatural.

"Sebastian," Christian purred seductively, his fingers pushing the fabric of Sebastian's shirt aside so he could trace the line of his collar bone. That voice, the way Christian said his name, it reminded Sebastian of a few weeks prior when Christian was cornering a girl in the hallway and was sweet talking her into meeting him on the roof.

Christian's roof, according to the other students.

Despite knowing about Christian's extra curricular activities, Sebastian couldn't help his attraction to the teen. Even now, he couldn't stop himself from reacting to Christian's silent request to look at him. Once again, hazel eyes met darker brown and John Davis took over caressing his chest and neck.

"You know you want to."

Did he? Did he really want to do this? This was Christian, the object of his attraction for the last couple of months. Sebastian had touched himself and imagined it was Christian. How was this any different than what he'd done in the privacy of his own room? If he did this for Christian, would the outgoing teen accept him? Would the other students accept him? If they did, would his father finally accept him?

Sebastian lifted his hand up towards Christian's, slightly shaky fingers feeling cold, as if the blood wasn't reaching them properly. He watched as Christian moved his own hand away, as his fingers hesitantly touched Christian's hardening cock, curled around it, as Christian's hips pushed forward.

"Do it, Sebastian," Christian urged, fingers carding through Sebastian's unruly bangs. His slightly wavy hair had always given him trouble and he was constantly pushing his bangs back away from his face. But no matter how much it annoyed him, he refused to cut it shorter. Why this thought passed through his head just as his tongue slid over the soft, curvy tip of Christians cock and fingers tightened in his hair, Sebastian didn't know.

What he did know was that he liked the sensation of someone fisting his hair, the tingle of guilty pleasure that raced through his body, the twitch of flesh against his tongue as he parted his lips and slipped them over smooth, warm skin.

Sebastian held all of the power now, clear in the way Christian's breath hitched and his hips jerked, and it was intoxicating. It made his head spin and his hands moved to Christian's hips. He was sitting on the floor, but he felt as if he could fall, as if the floor would disappear. And he was already falling for Christian in a way he couldn't have imagined.

Closing his eyes, Sebastian inhaled and slowly pressed forward, taking Christian in inch-by-inch until he couldn't breathe and his heart was pounding in his ears. He could hear Christian groan in pleasure, choking Sebastian with a gentle thrust of his hips and forcing the teen to back away. He didn't make it far before Christian was tugging at his hair and forcing his way past his swollen lips. It was a game of push and pull that continued for several minutes, and Sebastian had never felt more in control of anything, any situation, any person than he did when Christian suddenly gasped and held his head until he began to choke.

Just as the panic started to rise up in his chest and Sebastian's fingers dug into Christians hips, before he could push the teen away, his head was being jerked back. He coughed hard, the sticky mess mixed with his own saliva running down his chin and throat as he stared wide-eyed into Christian's darker gaze. The teens face so close to his own he could feel the heat radiating off his flushed skin.

"You always did say faggots give the best blow jobs." John Davis's voice sounded so far away, muffled, unreal. He'd forgotten the teen was right there behind him, watching. Sebastian wondered if the blond enjoyed watching. But the thought was there and gone when his brain finally decided to process what he was hearing.


Christian released Sebastian's hair, combing it back away from his slightly sweaty, all too readable face. "Don't look so shocked, Sebastian. This is what you wanted." He chuckled and placed his his hand on Sebastian's forehead, pushing him back against the desk. John Davis handed the older teen Sebastian's scarf with an order to clean himself up. They had practice in ten minutes.

Sebastian heard this much through the woosh-woosh-woosh of blood in his ears. Right before the floor fell away and he felt that horrible lurch in the pit of his stomach that only happened when you missed a step. What had happened to his power? What had happened to the seductive, beautiful, desirable Christian that had made his heart skip a beat?

Sebastian's slightly wet scarf hit him in the face, snapping him out of his daze just in time to hear the classroom door open and close with a finality that made his hands shake and his chest tighten. He used the scarf to clean the sticky mess off his face and neck and carefully buttoned up his shirt. He picked himself up off the floor. He tucked in his shirt. He gathered his books and coat. The scarf was dropped into the trash can by the door on his way out.