Chapter 8

Round Two of the Initiation

Superhero Smiley Face said, "Congratulations, you win round one. But, I'm your opponent for round two. The name is Superhero Smiley Face. Don't forget it."

"Power identified: Transform. Effect: Switches Jeremiah to his alter ego, Superhero Smiley Face. Calculating counter- strategy. Calculations complete. Sending counter-strategy to other Mantisbots."

They started getting into an attack position. Then, they started drilling into the sand. Causing a sand eruption. SSF couldn't see. He said, "So, that's your game." His eyes started glowing blue. He was able to see everything clearly, only in blue. They started shooting lasers. SSF dodged them. Then, he levitated to one of them. Next, he used Fire Strike on that one. It exploded. He went to the center of the stadium and said, "Come and get me." They shot lasers at him. The lasers collided. He used Fire Strike on another Mantisbot. It was destroyed. The sandstorm stopped.

There was only one left. It shot all its missiles at him. He tried to dodge them but they came back. While dodging, SSF said, "What are these things?" Jeremiah appeared as a transparent figure and said, "Missiles. They must be heat-seeking because they're following you." "This world is different from mine but I have a plan," said SSF. Greg said, "He must have just talked with Jeremiah." Superhero Smiley Face used Fire Strike. It formed a ring of fire around the Mantisbot. The missiles hit it and it was destroyed.

Superhero Smiley Face used Transform and turned back to Jeremiah. Jeremiah said to SSF, "What happened when your eyes glowed blue?" SSF reappeared in ghost form (still funny) and said, "I'll tell you later." Greg walked up to Jeremiah and said, "Congratulations, you and Superhero Smiley Face pass." "You knew about him?"

"I figured it out when you transformed. Plus, he said his name."

"Oh, right."

"Don't worry, it's not against the rules. Same body counts as one."

"That's a relief."

"Anyway, take this."

Greg gave him a weird watch. It looked like this:

"That's an Emergency Watch. Once it scans your DNA, you'll be the only one who can use it. You better configure it, now."

Jeremiah put his finger on the DNA scanner. It scanned his DNA. Then, a creation screen appeared. He named his new hero, Robot Boy. Greg gave him a book.

"That is the Superhero Rulebook. Make sure to read it thourghly."

"Say what, you're giving me homework?"

"Yes. Very important homework. It's also written in Superhero Code. Your Emergency Watch will help you decode it. You got all of tonight to decode, read, and study. Effective tomorrow, you'll be the new leader of Sector 17. Its location is, also, programmed into your Emergency Watch. Understood?"