-Author's note-

Hey! I wrote this in year 2005ish, so it may seem pretty sloppy! However, I thought I\d upload it for fun to see what you think! please comment with as much criticism as possible! it is greatly appreciated!

-End note-

The stars radiated in the vast black sky, the grass whistled as the wind rushed through it and across the eighteen year old, brown haired boy's face. The boy lay in the short grass, surrounded by the many fruit trees that his family owned. Deep in thought was the boy, his father was growing old, and soon he would inherit the orchard. His bright blue eyes sparkled at the thought… the whole orchard to himself. He wouldn't have to live as a miserable peasant anymore, and although his place in society wouldn't grow any higher, he was sure that people would respect him more as the owner of the orchard.

"Emerson? Are you awake, Emerson," said the teal eyed girl, laying to his left. Her long, light brown hair swayed in the wind. "Please don't be asleep." The worry in her voice displeased Emerson.

Out of fear that he was only going to displease his friend further, he turned to look her in the eyes. She was beautiful, in every way, and the boy would never let her stay sad for long. Even if she was a mere peasant in a world where princesses roamed the streets, looking for husbands, and where it was as simple as giving a gift to the bride's parents to marry them, Emerson Jesel had picked her. Olivia was the girl's name and she was more beautiful than any woman Emerson had ever seen.

As Emerson laid in the grass, in the uncomfortable peasant rags, the only cloths that he could afford, a slight grin crossed his face. "How could I sleep at a time like this? The moon is shining, the air smells of ripe apples, and I am spending this moment with you. How could anyone waste a moment like this asleep?"

"The stars really are beautiful tonight, aren't they?" Now it was Olivia who was deep in thought, instead of Emerson. "Perfect in every way… and just looking at them relaxes me."

"They're not the only beautiful ones." A full scale smile now stretched across Emerson's face.

Olivia's face lit red in seconds; she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Was this really the playful, and careless boy she had spent most of her life with. That smile was definitely Emerson's smile, the same smile that she saw every time she was with him. Whenever something scary or horrifying happened, it was that smile that would brighten her day. It was also the same smile Emerson had smiled after they ran a kilometre or two from an angry ins castle guard.

"Do you know why the stars gaze down at us every night, watching us?" this caught Olivia off guard. What was he talking about, was she just imagining what she thought she heard. Emerson continued. "I believe that the stars are really just holes god put in the sky, so he could look down at us every night. after all, we are his children… My dad disagrees though."

Emerson now had his hands behind his head, his eyes shut. It was silent for a while before anyone spoke up, and the first one to speak up was Olivia.

"Well, he can look all he wants. God, I mean. After all, he'll never be as lucky as me!" Olivia paused for a moment, thinking of how to end her comment, "He'll never have you as a best friend."

Slowly as the two listened to the calm whisper of the leaves, they drifted to sleep.

Not very far away, gazing out the window of the small orchard house was Emerson's brother, Gaz, a very displeased look on his face. He had seen the two of them together too many times, and couldn't stand the thought of it. He wanted Olivia for himself. At that moment, he decided that his brother was going to suffer an… unfortunate accident. He was going to have Olivia no matter what.

The morning sun shun through Emerson's closed eye lids, waking him from his deep sleep. The sun's warmth felt nice to his skin after a cold night in the orchard. Slowly, Emerson sat up, and looked around... a perfect day. The birds were chirping loudly as they flew around the orchard. Although Emerson's dad believed that the birds were a great pest to the apple trees, Emerson found it cute how every morning they would pick only the ripest apples to eat. The sun was nearly directly above Emerson now.

"Wow, did I really sleep in that long, it's almost noon!" He quickly stood up and searched for Olivia, but couldn't find her. "Maybe she already went home..."

Slowly, Emerson began walking home, where surely there was a hot meal ready for him. As he walked through the trees, he began to notice something was... off. Normally the cheerful chatting of the harvesters would never cease as they plucked the food from the trees, but Emerson heard nothing. Not a single word. All the fruit was gone from the trees, so maybe they had finished their job and left. He arrived home a few minutes later, and quickly ran up to the front door, swinging it open.

"I"M HOME" Emerson's voice echoed through the hallways, the kitchen, the three bedrooms, but there was no reply. "What's going on?"

With no second thoughts, Emerson ran from room to room searching for anyone, but found nothing. He had lived in the house for many years with his father and brother, but never had he come home to an empty house. As Emerson walked past the kitchen, he noticed that the colander had been laid out on the table. At that moment, something in his head clicked, today was the day of the harvest festival. He sprinted back to his room, grabbed some money and sprinted off to the festival.

The loud cheering of villagers enveloped Emerson as he ran through the festival. "How did I forget something so simple?" Emerson searched through the crowds, looking for his family, and Olivia. He searched for an hour or so, declining all the offers, and bribes from other harvesters to try their food. He didn't want to try someone else's foods, his were just fine. He continued his search for a little while longer, and after a few minutes, he finally found them.

Emerson ran up, and greeted his father; happily announcing that he had finally woke up, and decided to join them for the rest of the day.

"What? I thought you were staying home today?" A much questioned look crossed Mr. Jesel's face. "That's what Gaz told me. Something about your fear of clowns?" now, his father was chuckling lightly, as well as Olivia. It made Emerson glad to see her happy but...

"GAZ! I told you to never mention that! And, even if I am afraid of clowns..." another chuckle escaped the lips of his father and Olivia, and now that he thought about it, Emerson started laughing too. "There's no way I would miss the festival!"

Gaz was the only one of the group not laughing, instead, he was almost growling with anger. Why didn't his plan to ditch Emerson work? How was he going to get rid of him now? These and many more questions shifted through his head, as his anger built up.

"C'mon, I want to play some carnival games!" every one instantly turned to Olivia, who was now walking back towards the carnival. "Maybe we'll actually win something!"

Only moments later, Emerson and Gaz were standing at either side of her, fighting for her attention. Of course, Olivia preferred talking to Emerson, being best friends and all. After being shunned for a while, Gaz gave up and went back to talking to his father.

Emerson and Olivia walked through the festival, looking for games to play, but without any luck. Men and women would walk by every once-and a while, speaking of food contests, and other food related topics. After a while, they both realized something. They were at the harvest festival, not the carnival, and they probably weren't going to find any games.

"Sorry, Olivia," Emerson spoke in a quiet tone. "I thought there would be something fun to do, but I guess I was wrong... Well, either way, I'm sure that your parents are worried about you, so you should head home now. C'mon, I'll walk you."

Olivia seemed depressed for a moment, but quickly changed her expression after seeing Emerson's displeased look. "Oh, well, that's ok. I had fun here any ways, so don't worry too much." Her words seemed to make Emerson a bit happier.

"Hey dad?" Emerson called back to his family, who were now quite a while behind him. "I'm going to take Olivia home, so I'll meet up with you guys later." Without another word, Emerson grabbed Olivia's hand, and ran off in the direction of her house.

His dad was fine with the idea, but Emerson could have at least waited for an answer. Well, it didn't really matter anyways. He had some important business to attend to. He had competed in the Harvest festival competition, and wanted to be their when they announced the winner.

"Um, Actually dad, I've got some where to go to so...?" Gaz spoke with great confidence, hoping his dad would actually believe him.

"I understand, you don't find harvesting very interesting. Well, if you have to go somewhere, you can go" Mr. Jesel had a tone of displeasure in his voice. Would neither of his son's want to know if he had won the competition? With that, Gaz sprinted off in the direction of the church.

After walking for nearly half an hour, Emerson and Olivia reached their destination. Olivia's mom stood on the steps up to her house, arms crossed, angrily pacing back and forth. She had been waiting there for nearly an hour. When she noticed the two young adults walking towards her, she quickly ran towards them.

"Umm, mom, I can explain. You see-" Olivia's sentence was cut off as her mom ran by her.

"Thank you for bring her back home Emerson, I was so worried!" To most people, Olivia's mom was evil and cruel, but to Emerson, she was never angry.

"Oh, it was no problem." A slight blush appeared as he spoke

"You'll make the perfect husband for my little girl one day."

"W-what? Emerson was almost red now; he wasn't expecting anything like this.

"Mom! What's that supposed to mean?" Olivia angrily grabbed her mom's arm and started pulling her towards the house. "See you tomorrow Emerson"

Emerson was still blushing as he walked away from the house. What had she meant when she said he would make a great husband? Erasing all thought of the situation from his mind, he began to walk home. Meanwhile, at the church, his brother was scheming up a new plot to get rid of Emerson... for good!

The church was very old, even older than the city itself. It had been here before the decision was made to build the town, so it was decided that the city was to be built around the church. Nobody knew where the church came from, or who made it, but there was a legend about it that Gaz once heard. Apparently, if someone was to pray to the statue at the end of the church, their wish would come true.

Gaz was never one to believe in folk tales, but he had decided that nothing else was working. He had been trying to separate Emerson and Olivia for years, but nothing seemed to work. He didn't want to hurt his brother, too badly that is. Sadly, over the years, his love for Olivia had only grown, and now, he would do anything to be with her.

As Gaz dropped to his knees in front of the statue, the statue that had given his city it's name, he clasped his hands together, and he prayed. At first, he only prayed for Olivia to love him, but soon, he found himself praying for the death of his brother.

"As you wish" the voice came out of nowhere, and as Gaz looked around for whoever said it, he felt as if the statue itself was staring ay him.

Once Gaz was done praying, he stood, and began to walk away, and as he did, he began to laugh hysterically. If the stories were, indeed true, his brother would die tonight, at 12:00.

Emerson arrived home shortly after leaving Olivia's house; it was 5 minutes until 10:00. Noticing his dad's shoes at the front door, he called out for him. Emerson couldn't wait to find out whether or not his family had the best orchard in all of Rhythm. After a few moments, his dad came running towards him.

"WE WON! WE WON!" Emerson's dad threw` his arms around Emerson joyfully, gold medal in his hand.

"Really! That's great! I knew we could do it!"

At that moment, the door opened behind Emerson, and Gaz walked into the house. "Guess what, we wo-" Emerson began, but was cut off by his brother.

"I know, I could hear from outside." Gaz began to walk away, and muttered something that sounded like 'two more hours' from under his breath. After that, he went directly to his room.

"You know, I'm pretty tired to, so good night." Emerson slowly walked past his father, who was still celebrating, and into his room, where moments later, he laid in his bed fast asleep.

That night, Emerson had nightmares of shadowed figures slashing at him with knifes, and shooting at him with arrows. The figures wore long robes with hoods that covered their faces. Throughout the nightmare, Emerson found himself constantly running from these figures, as the pain grew worse and worse. The figures were everywhere, he couldn't escape. Once they had him cornered, one of them stepped forward. A strong gust of wind blew by Emerson, knocking the person's hood of, and the face that remained, was that of his brother!

Emerson woke up abruptly; sweat dripping from his hair, as the bell tower began to ring. What was nightmare that all about? Emerson took a quick glance at the clock, 11:59, and then a quiet knocking came from his door. The bell tower had rung six times. Emerson stood, reached out to the door knob, nine times, and opened it quietly, hoping not to wake anybody up. Gaz was standing their, smiling like it was the happiest day of his life. At that moment, the bell tower rung for the twelfth time, and Emerson's heart stopped beating.

Emerson could feel as he fell, face first into the ground, his brother had not even tried to catch him, and then nothing...

The sun shun over the town, this was normally the time when most of the town's population woke up, and began their day. Today, though, Gaz and his father were already awake. They woke late last night, when a loud thump sounded through the house. Mr. Jesel was still weeping in the kitchen, his son's body across the table. He couldn't believe what had happened. His son was not murdered, or accidentally killed, no. His son's heart had stopped beating, and nobody knew why.

Gaz sat beside Mr. Jesel, trying to calm down his father. Unlike his father, Gaz had felt nothing but joy when he found his brother dead on the ground. An eerie silence filled the room, Gaz was afraid to speak, for he was afraid that he would sound too cheerful, and his father would suspect something. Mr. Jesel was afraid to speak, because, well, his son had just died, and he was too sad to speak. The silence continued for a while, but after what seemed like an eternity, a loud knocking sound came from the door.

Almost afraid to answer it, Mr. Jesel stood, and walked to the sound. He reached out, grabbed the handle, and pulled it open... He couldn't help himself as more tears rushed down his face; at the door was the one person who would take Emerson's death possibly worse than he had.

At the door... Stood Olivia.

"What's wrong?" Olivia couldn't help but feel that something was horribly, horribly wrong. "Did something happen."

"Olivia..." Mr. Jesel almost couldn't bear to say it. "It... its Emerson... he's dead..." More tears rushed down his face.

"No... That can't be... you must be lying..."

"I'm so sorry." Mr. Jesel was talking so quietly Olivia could barely hear. She couldn't believe it. Emerson. The person, who Olivia loved, was dead.

"Olivia! You're here!" Gaz was overjoyed to see her. He quickly ran to her side, and tried to comfort her.

Before Gaz could make it to her, Olivia dropped to her Knees, and tears began to pour out of her eyes. Her hands clasped over her eyes, which were shut tight, trying to hold back the tears. Olivia could feel as Gaz wrapped his arms around her, attempting to comfort her, but it only made thing worse. It made her realize that she would never feel Emerson's warm touch again.

Slowly, Olivia pushed her self off of the ground, and spoke only four words. "I have to go..." with that, she turned, and walked out of the house.

"Wait, Olivia!" Gaz screamed as he ran after her. "Please, we'll get through this together."

Gaz's arms once again, wrapped around Olivia, pulling her close to him. He knew that now that Emerson was dead, he could make Olivia his own. After a moment, Olivia pushed Gaz away, and began to run off.

"I'm sorry, Gaz, but I will only ever love Emerson... and never you. EVEN IF HE IS DEAD!"

Gaz stood silently for a few moments. Instead of making Olivia love him, he had hurt her... and he could never forgive himself... even if he could never live happily with Olivia, he knew how he could make her happy, and that was good enough for him. He was the one who had killed Emerson, so he was going to bring him back.

Gaz turned, and began running towards the church.

An hour or so later, Gaz found him self standing in front of the church. He took a deep breath, and began walking up the thirteen step staircase. Once he got to the doors of the church, he pushed them open, and began to walk inside. After he took a few steps into the church, he stopped... Olivia was at the foot of the statue, praying.

"Please... I know you can not give time to those who are already dead, for there is no time to give. Because of this, I ask that you give Emerson my time... Please" Olivia had spoken her last words.

"OLIVIA!" Gaz shouted as he began to run towards her.

Olivia turned to look at him, and as their eyes met, she stopped moving. Olivia's heart had stopped beating. The last thing she heard were the words 'as you wish' coming from the statue. Gaz couldn't believe what he had seen. Without thinking, Gaz ran to the statue, and dropped to his knees.

"PLEASE... please bring Olivia back to life, give her my time, and let her and my brother live happily together. And I also have one more request... Please erase everyone's memory of this whole accident." Slowly, Gaz looked up at the statue.

"As you wish..."

A tear dripped from Gaz's eye. "Thank you." This was the first time Gaz had ever said thank you, and they were the last words he ever said.

Emerson woke, lying on the kitchen table, knowing not how he got there. His father walked into the room, and stared at him for a moment

"What are you doing?"

"Umm... I don't really know."

A loud knock came from the front door, but before they could answer it, Olivia came rushing in. "Gaz is dead!"

"What? Where is he!" Mr. Jesel stood, and rushed over to Olivia.

"I-in the chur-" before Olivia could finish her sentence; Mr. Jesel had left the house.

Emerson ran through the entrance to the kitchen, and walked up beside Olivia. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her, and they stood their, crying together.

The stars radiated in the vast black sky, the grass whistled as the wind rushed through it and across the fifteen year old, brown haired boy's face. The boy lay in the short grass, surrounded by the many fruit trees that his family owned. Deep in thought was the boy. His brother had died recently, and the cause was still unknown. His bright blue eyes dimmed at the thought… he was going to own the orchard soon, and he would need some help taking care of it.

"Emerson? Are you awake, Emerson," cried the teal eyed girl, laying to his left. Her long, light brown hair swayed in the wind. "Please don't be asleep." the worry in her voice displeased Emerson.

"Of course I'm not asleep!" how could she think such a thing? "You know... I've been thinking... I'm going to own the orchard soon, and I'm going to need some help... A wife maybe..."

"What are you getting at?"

"Olivia..." Emerson shifted his weight to the side, and gazed upon Olivia. "Will you marry me?"