Chapter eight-

"Alright, Scryer, go ahead! Open your eyes!"

He did. The first thing that he noticed was the sky. As Scryer gazed, eyes wide into the sky above him he did not know how to react. Where there was normally the moons, or the sun, there was now Erlton, his home planet. He could see it's vast ocean; the only large body of water on the planet; and the vast orange eradicated landmasses that made up the countries. As well two of the other moons, Victoria and Typhoon floated in the skies nearby.

Lowering his gaze Scryer spotted an ocean, flowing with bright crystal blue water. Or so he thought. At first the wall of blue before the boy surprised him, made his wonder how water could stand straight up. After a moment, though, he realized that it was not water at all. Before him was a lush forest of large trees, resembling the fern trees that he'd seen pictures of in his books. These trees, of course, were not green. The trees were taller then most buildings Scryer had ever seen before, towering above him like the old clock tower he'd spent so many days working in.

At the base of the trees, or rather what he assumed to be trees, Scryer spotted more plant-type life. The new plants were thin, very thin, almost like snakes and about as tall as a fully grown man, if not a little taller. They shot straight up from the ground like bamboo, but they were covered in what seemed to be thorns. Large thorns.

"Scryer," Amelia spoke walking up beside the boy. "amazing, isn't it? First time I was this place I refused to go inside, slept under the stars for a whole three nights before David convinced me to come in."

Scryer barely heard her, his full attention focused forward into the forest. He spun on his heels, looking in all directions but everywhere he looked he was surrounded in the strange new world. Finally he spoke, not bothering to tear his eyes away from the trees. "Is the whole planet like this?"

"Yeah, pretty awesome, huh?" Amelia giggled lightly to herself before continuing. "Have ya looked down yet?"

Before Amelia even finished her sentence Scryer's gaze dropped to the ground below him. Fish. Dozens of strange, fish-like creatures swam through the vast ocean below him. He watched in awe as large eel creatures and strange deformed sharks swam below, each creature shun brightly, as if they were made of neon lights. He watched as the creatures swam through the roots of the large trees which now seemed to be planted into the ocean itself, yet somehow staying above the water.

Then it hit him. He was standing on the ocean. Stepping back out of confusion Scryer's foot bounced against the strange surface, and he fell.

"Scryer!" Amelia rushed forward and kneed down beside the boy. He watched, terrified, as the surface of the water formed around her leg but she did not sink. The pants she wore did not even get wet. "Are you alright? Kinda strange, eh?"

"Wait, what is this stuff?" Scryer flailed wildly, trying to push himself up. Each time he planted a leg or hand against the surface the water would wade, knocking him of balance. He continued to struggle.

Amelia placed her hand on his shoulder, holding him sternly. Her playful voice had become one of worry. "Scryer, you need to calm down. I know it's strange, but if you struggle too much-"

As if on cue Scryer slammed his foot down, looking for a firm grip. However, as his foot impacted the mysterious surface something gave way and water spurted up, soaking his right pant leg and boot. Screaming he rolled away, landing face first against the surface.

"Seriously man, calm down!" Amelia's voice shook in fear, but there was nothing left she could do. She could only watch in horror as Scryer began to sink. "Scryer, you need to-"

Her voice cut out as Scryer's head sank below the surface. He had never learned to swim. Still flailing he sank, grasping at anything to hold him up, but found nothing. Eyes darting from left to right the nightmare only got worse. One of the creatures that failed to notice him earlier, as he walked on water, turned to him.

Gasping, the boy tried to turn away To escape. The air quickly escaped his lungs. Pain. Fear. Hopelessness. Above him he could barely make out the forms of three more people running towards him, across the ocean's surface. His vision was becoming blurry and his lungs felt as if they were collapsing in on themselves.

Is this the end? Scryer watched hopelessly as the shark-creature swam towards him, alarmingly fast. He could just barely make out the sound of muffled voices from the surface above, screaming and hollering to him. Streaks of his sandy-blonde hair floated around is the water freely. Precious oxygen had all been depleted from his starving lungs, and the whole world went black.

Suddenly a voice filled his head, but it was not his own. It was neither masculine nor feminine, like nothing he had ever heard before. Scryer could not tell where it came from. It was crystal clear, not like the other voices; muffled and distant. The pain that flowed through the boy's body morphed into a warm tingling as the voice filled his head. Don't worry, Scryer. I'll save you.

Author's note- Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed, and I'd love to hear what you thought about this chapter! Writing some of it was a little difficult, and I'm not sure if I did such a great job conveying this new world! If there's anything that seemed strange, or that you didn't understand please message me and I'll try to fix it asap! Sorry for another short chapter, and I'm hoping the next one will be quite longer!

End Note-