Waving goodbye to her good friend Caitlin Fletcher, Stony slowed her walk to a snails pace. It was a while after school had ended, and Caitlin had convinced her to run home with her. But all things had to come to and end. Their paths split, and she had to go alone through the desolate, shabby neighborhood that she was forced to call home.

Coming to a halt outside the walkway that led up to her house, she pulled her coat closer to herself as the cold, biting wind blew through to her bones, making her shiver. Sighing mournfully, Stony forced herself to walk up to the cold, shabby, and frankly creepy house that awaited for her. Coming to the front door, she reached into her pocket for her keys. Pulling them out, she fumbled for the right one as her fingers trembled from the cold seeping through the ragged gloves she

Fumbling with the right key, she shakily slid it into the keyhole and opened the door, Warily poking her head around the door, she looked for signs of life. Seeing none, she sidled in, and quietly shut the front door after her. Hanging her coat and backpack on the stand by the door, she wiped off her shoes, and made for the kitchen. Warily glancing into the kitchen, she slipped in. Grabbing a banana, she opened the fridge. Wrinkling her nose at the moldy food, she pulled out a pepsi and shut it.

Making her way out of the kitchen, she glanced at the framed photos on the walls out of the corner of her eye. A tear fell down her face as she saw one that was taken a long time ago. Stopping, she ran her finger along the broken glass marring her mother's face. Blinking, the photo was replaced by what they looked like now. Shuddering, she took the picture off the wall and ran up the stairs to her room, only stopping to grab her backpack.

Closing and locking the door, she slid down it and stared blankly at the photo in her hands. She was startled out of her reverie by the front door slamming open. Her eyes widened in terror as heavy footsteps thundered up the stairs. Standing up slowly, she slowly made her way to her bed as the steps got closer and closer. Sitting carefully on the bed, the steps stopped for a moment outside of her door.

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