Once Daniel's foot stepped onto the asphalt road, every molecule in his body began to stir and his breathing became shallow. "How did I let you talk me into this?" Daniel muttered as he turned on the video camera and pointed it toward the Beldaire Mansion. "I don't even like this place."

"Dude, c'mon this is our chance to be famous. With this footage we'll be rich. And besides, you know I can talk you into anything." Jeff shrugged his shoulder and patted Daniel on the back.

Daniel sighed heavily and brought the camera down to his chest. This place gives me the creeps… The Beldaire Mansion was rumored to be cursed. In the 18th century, the mansion was owned by a widow who became mad and killed her two daughters. Soon after, she jumped off the roof of her mansion and committed suicide. Back then, because people valued their town's image, the story was covered up. Yet, weird things began to happen in the town. Children began to disappear and screams were often heard when one passed by the road that they are on now. Those who dared to step inside the mansion never came back. There were many people who seek to destroy the building, but oddly enough they became ill and mysteriously died. At least that's what Daniel gathered from his research.

"Damn, this place has a crap load of cobwebs and shit." Jeff glanced at Daniel and smirked sarcastically, "Pretty, isn't it?"

"Not exactly, let's just forget about all this and go home."

"Hell to the fuck no. Besides, don't you like scary shit like these. I know I do." Jeff smiled wickedly. He looked up at the mansion brightly as if he had found a treasure.

"Yeah, usually in movies and books or games. Not in real life. Are you sure you want to go inside? What if the curse is rea—"

"Stop being a little bitch and grow a fuckin' pair." Jeff snapped and opened the doors to the mansion roughly.

"Seriously, it's not cool!" Daniel whispered harshly.

Jeff sighed and took a flashlight out from the back of his pocket. He turned the flashlight on and shined the bright lights onto Daniel's face, blinding him momentarily.

"Relax bro, if you don't like this…" He brought the flashlight away from Daniel's face and to the floor. After a minute he cautiously said, "Then you won't like that roach crawling up your pants."

Daniel screeched and swatted at his pants insanely. Realizing it was a prank he stopped and yelled, "Fuck you! That wasn't funny!"

"Now, stop being such a fuckin' pussy and find some damn ghosts for once." Jeff shone the flashlight down the dusty hall.

"You can't be serious….I thought we'd be leaving by now."

"Damn, look all the pictures of these girls." Jeff said, ignoring Daniel's comment, "Looks like they're still living inside the fuckin' painting or something. Damn, that's so fuckin' creepy." Jeff pointed his flash toward the side of the wall where many pictures of young girls were lined up. "Dude, look how hot this chick looks."

Daniel looked over Jeff's shoulder. He pointed at the caption on the frame, "Precillia Williams. It's dated back to 1877. This is around the time that widow di—"

Jeff handed the flashlight to Daniel, who was still holding the camera, and placed his two hands on flat top of Precilia William's portrait. "Holy shit bro, her boobs are as big as my hands!"

"You do know she's more than a hundred years old, right?" Daniel pointed the camera at Jeff who still had his hands on the portrait. "She could be your great-great-great-great-great grandmother and you wouldn't even know it."

Jeff looked back at the picture and laughed. He grabbed the flashlight from Daniel's hand and directed it towards the painting. He leaned close to the painting and then compared it to all the other painting that lined the wall. "How fuckin' weird is it that this picture in smiling and the other ones are….not."

"For one thing, I find it weird that you're fawning over a dead person."

Daniel looked zoomed the camera into the portrait of Precillia Williams. If you look closely, it's as if she is breathing

"Bro, did you hear that?" Jeff directed his flashlight down the empty hall way. "C'mon let's check it out, maybe it's something scary that we could use."

"Jeff, I don't think that's a good idea… I have a bad feeling about this place."

"What did I tell you about growing some fuckin' balls? Don't you want to be the first to document this damn place?"

Daniel sighed heavily and followed behind Jeff. Although every molecule in his body told him to run away, he knew how important this video was to Jeff. No one had ever documented the Beldaire Mansion before. And because of this, Jeff wanted to be the first and somehow Daniel got dragged along to be Jeff's camera man. Then again, Jeff was the only friend he had and there was never a time that Daniel could ever say no to Jeff.

"Damn, I can't hear it anymore." Jeff stopped in front of a bedroom door.

"Jeff, let's go w—"

"Shut the fuck up, man." Jeff opened the door while Daniel backed away.

"Why, hello there…" A lady said as she stood before Jeff and Daniel. Daniel looked up at her in horror. She looked exactly like the portrait of Precilia Williams. Daniel, still holding his camera, pointed it directly at Precilla.

"Jeff," Daniel said cautiously, "Why are you standing there?" The insides of Daniel wanted to scream—cry. But Jeff didn't respond. Rather he was transfixed on Pricilla, whose eyes never left his. "What are you doing to him?"

Jeff suddenly collapsed and Daniel stood staring fearfully at Precillia. Her face suddenly turned demonic. The porcelain of her skin slowly faded into a rotten color of flesh. Her luscious black hair, turned silver. And where her beautiful red lips had once been is now infested with maggots and worms. Precilla slowly walked towards Daniel, her eyes gleaming red, and her bony hips swaying from side to side.

"It's been such a long time since I've had visitors." She drawled in her silky voice.

Daniel couldn't move. It was as if the piercing eyes of Precillia kept him from escaping. Someone, help me! Precilla's ugly form floated right before Daniel's eyes.

"You're dear friend is waiting for you..."

Daniel turned around and looked at the wall. His eyes widened as he screamed, but nothing came out. Jeff's picture was staring blankly out of the canvas in black and white. The flashlight was flickering on the floor where Jeff's body laid. Without hesitation, Daniel tried to run, but his feet wouldn't budge. What is happening, why can't I move? The room started to spin and Daniel's breathing became tight.

"Au revoir, mon Cherie." Precilla's voice echoed in his mind, "Say hello to everyone for me…"

Everything became a blur it was as if he was standing inside a kaleidoscope. No, this can't be happening…I can't die here.… Daniel sucked in a breath, but this time, as if under water, he couldn't breathe. His head became heavy and he collapsed.

When Daniel opened his eyes, he saw nothing but the darkness of the room. He couldn't feel his body. He tried to turn his head, but all he could do was blink. What is happening? Where am I?

"You're one of us now..."

Daniel screamed, but nothing came out.