Challenge: Create a short story or poem that is 26 sentences long, each beginning with the next letter of the alphabet.

"Anyone need a pencil?"

Benjamin raised his hand off the desk, "I do."

"Can someone loan him one?" the substitute teacher asked, not looking up from the papers he was shuffling.

Dead silence.

Everyone was quiet.

"Financial literacy can be a pain but this test is only to test your knowledge on-" the substitute stopped realizing the silence.

Growing silence.

Hand goes down and the teacher cleared his throat.

"I asked someone to give the young man in the front a pencil," the sub stated.

Just silence.

Kids sat and stared at the teacher as if he were speaking foreign language.

Laughter erupted.

Most of the kids giggled and laughed.

No one was paying attention to Benjamin as the laughter died down.

"Okay then," the substitute looked confused by the laughter and did nothing to hide it.

Poor Benjamin, his face was brilliant red.

Questions bubbled into the substitutes mind; ones he didn't bother to ask, because he already knew this cruelty.

Regarding the laughter, the teacher finally asked, "What was so funny?"

Students contained their laughs better this time.

"That's just Ben," a child in the back said.

"Under what circumstances is it deemed reasonable to laugh at another student's expense?"

Vacant looks began to spring up.

Wafting through the air, was a strong sense of repentance.

Xanadu vanished from what had been created from his favorite coffee earlier that morning, the teacher looked at them sternly.

"You children need to learn what this kind of mockery can produce."

Zany behavior not tolerated by him any longer after his experience, he pulled up a video after his experience in a school shooting; all the rowdy students were stunned to silence.