Alright, let's get down to business, shall we?

It's been months since I last updated, because, frankly I don't know what to do with this story anymore. For the moment, it's on hold (although it has been for the last four months or so, it's now official). If you guys want to give me some ideas about what to do, by all means, don't hold back. But until I piece together where exactly I want this to go, I'm either going to cut it off way early (like next chapter early) or take forever to update again. So it's probably going to be cut into a short story now...

I made another account, too. Just to start fresh, yeah? I've got a 7 chapter 13,000 word story going right now that I'm epicly proud of :) and if you want to see it, my new username is "Up With the Birds". Yes, I'm going by a different name. No, Piper is not my real name either. I don't want my friends to find all this and know it's mine because I would be SOO embarassed, and thus the worst pen names of the century were born!

If you check out my new story, good for you. If not, thanks for reading this one and I'll try and make the final chapter as soon as I can. I love all of you that read this and gave me feedback. Your reviews really do make my day. 3

Thanks again and I'll end this freaking story as soon as I can. :-)