Lenora Lloyd

Psappha's Dilemma

Ask me why
This useless charade.
"C'est trop tard"
To join the parade.

I'm just a David Robert Jones
As time falls to the Underground.
You played me down with Parisienne demands
And told me not to make a sound.

You say I "don't understand,"
Different species, different heart.
But understanding is only half.
I doubt you have that paltry part.

And punish you for nature—I?
Gladly, I'll apologize.
Don't reproach me—"Villain, witch!"
No joy take I in your demise.

But how can you compete,
A mere inconsequential trite, a hackneyed blight,
With my own Dinaric Athena
And her undisputed might
Oh, her sweet and glorious sight!
To which I, like Artemis, like moth,
Am but a magnet to her light!

And though she a goddess just in dreams
I whisper to you "au revoir,"
Escape your reins, forsake these chains,
And hope Olympus is not far.

And with molted wings I now escape.
I will not falter, not look back.
I stare but forward to her star,
Renew my hopes beyond the black.

But would I turn for her?
"You don't know the half of it"
In your own words, dear,
You don't know the half of it.

So, say goodbye
To this useless charade
"C'est adieu."
I've joined the parade.