Reality Check

This was so not how I wanted to spend the night of my first high school dance. Regrettably, John Hughes was not the director of my life and no boy would soon be riding up on a lawn mower to save the day

It wasn't really my fault that I was disappointed. 16 years of movies, books, and television shows told me that I should expect my prince to come in the first boy that came around. Even though there would arguably be hardship in my life, the shoe would show up, the spell would be broken, and the prince would whisk me away into happily ever after. It was this mentality that made me long for the beautiful dress, the perfect date, and a dance under the stars. And it was this mentality that had set me up for disappointment tonight.
I had spent weeks long for the perfect dress and had finally found it. My date had asked me the next day. It wall seemed perfect on paper. What more could a little sophomore want than for a star senior on the football team to ask her to the dance? Since he was a prince, that must make me the princess of the night.

Somehow I had really thought past the perfection on paper though. The idea that we were from two completely different friend groups and hardly knew each other outside of art class hadn't really popped up as a problem. It was his senior year so I just assumed that we would go with his friends. Five minutes into dinner I hadn't realized how difficult this would be. The boys were spending most of the time shoveling food into their mouths and forgetting that they weren't barbarians when they spoke. The girls were all perfectly pretty and flawless with their outfits. Everyone chatted happily amongst one another and frequently roared at private jokes. I could feel the eyes flicking over me as they took in my forced smile and small laughs at jokes I didn't understand. Around the time that our real food actually arrived Parker finally remembered that he had actually brought someone with him and apologized profusely for their antics. By the time we left the restaurant, I'd actually started to fit in a little.

Any reassurance I had been feeling quickly disappeared when we got to the dance. After one quick song in which he kept trying to pull my hips a little too close to his, Parker gave up and went to find his friends. This was apparently one thing that every teen movie did get right: teenage boys and a punch bowl.

Parker revealed himself to be the remorseful type of drunk who felt the need to pour out his heart and his woes. Loudly. He also lost the memory of how to walk correctly. His buddies found this hilarious and encouraged him, much to my horror. One of the buffoon's date comfortingly suggested that I get Parker out before the teachers caught him. Sensing that that was what I was best I began to lead him outside. It took him a bit to realize that I was leading him away of the party instead of towards it but when he did he began to fight to go back in. His tall stature and well toned mussels where no match for me in my wobbly heels. I was just about to give up and abandon the cause when a friend of mine appeared. Eland and her boyfriend where clearly on their way out, both looking how I had hopped before this all began.

"Hey, Emma! Need some help?" she called across the lobby. With only a few people in the lobby, teachers quickly glanced my way. Of course Parker also chose this time to stagger at my sudden stop.

Eland caught sight of my terrorized look and rushed over to help, smiling and faking it the entire way.

"Oh his knee gave out again didn't it! Ben, lets help her get him to the car, it'll be easy and will only take a sec."

Eland's grin had Ben grabbing Parker in a flash. Relieved to have the weight off of me I smiled gratefully to Eland.

"So girl, sorry your dance didn't go so great," she said loudly in a cheery voice. Our group made its way towards the door.

"He's drunk isn't he?" she whispered in my ear.

"Shh, I'm not going to bust him for it. " She gave me a raised eyebrow in return. "What? Just because I'm mad about this dance doesn't mean that I want him arrested."

Eland quieted but I could clearly see that she didn't agree. The cool night air was refreshing on my face but didn't seem to have the same effects on Parker. Ben called to us as he was forced to stop for when Parker doubled over. I rushed over to check on him, just in time for him to puke up the booze out of his stomach. All over my shoes.

I was too much in shock to even move. As Parker started gasping I took a step back with a gasp of my own.

"Officer!" I called. When one appeared a presented him with an applicant for a breathalyzer test.