A/N: This is a poem about, I guess me trying to help someone I made up. o.o Can't explain, wrote it because I wanted to. This has nothing to do with my life in real life.


You, with your utmost lies
batting those 'innocent' eyes
You're so fake
For gods sake!
Wouldn't you agree?
If you would just see,
And listen to me
but you choose to ignore me and be,
A 'little'

I try to help you
and others too
but you choose to push them-me away
"I'm fine, anyway." you say
I grimace, and turn away
"I get it, you lead your own fate,
with all your dates,
I mean, who am I to help a troubled one?
If you can't see for yourself that I am trying to help, I am done.

So, do not come crying to me
when you finally see,
that broken-hearts come with a fee
because I am done.
I tried to open your eyes
help you get past your lies.
I am gone.
Set free
of your