The Future Life

Chapter 1: Christian's Story Part 1

I usually wear a windbreaker, a plain shirt and sweats with my black Converse where I go out. School goes from 7 to 4 or 7 to 5 on some days for Burgundy.

I looked at my credit bill. The bill isn't too bad. I only used 3 credits this month so far. I put on my windbreaker. There are no brands on clothing so basically everyone wears the same stuff. Although, that might not be very true in some cases.

I put on the black school blazer and a white shirt. I then put on the black tie followed by a plain gray sweater and black pants with black shoes. I then put on the overcoat. The overcoat is basically a long jacket in your school colors or just in a plain, dark color. The overcoat is like a trench coat with the collar of a shirt.

Since it was winter, I had to put on both the sweater and the overcoat. I hated wearing the overcoat outdoors since it wasn't that cold anyway but I didn't have a choice. Not unless I had a pass and I never got one unlike my fellow, helpful classmates.

I put on the grey overcoat and looked around the kitchen. I already ate my breakfast and I could just eat lunch at school. I grabbed my house keys and closed the door behind me.

I began walking to school as the metro cost too much and I didn't have a automobile. I noticed kids in school uniform walking to the local junior school. Junior or Public school was a school for children who were aged 5 to 11. It was also controlled by NUST.

I was at the school gate. Kids were in blazers and overcoats like me. Some were riding on their bikes, revising but for the most part, many of them were just talking. It was the only real thing you could do in this dump.

We all started lining up in single file. We began walking inside the school as I scowled and sighed angrily.

I thought " Why am I here? Oh right, because I don't want nor need the CSCL on my tail."

The CSCL is the Community Slacker-Catching League. They'll catch any student that is not in school. Even if that student is sick, they'll just give a squirt of Aqua and send them to school anyhow.

I went to my locker and took off my overcoat and put it on the rack. I had to keep the blazer on. My first lesson was History. Oh no...

I hate History and for a good reason too. Our class had this great teacher last year, Miss Greenbacker. She was very nice and made History interesting.

Unfortunately, something very bad happened to her. Sometime in the summer, she was reviewed by the local NUSTC ( NUST Teacher Council) and was found guilty of " not following proper procedures or lesson plans while teaching students."

She was sent to a teaching reeducation center and was never seen or heard from again. None of the staff talks about her. Not even the junior teachers.

Thing was, we were told by Ms. Greenbacker herself that she'd be our History teacher this year. We all were very happy about that.

So imagine our surprise when we walked into the History room and saw this tall, middle-aged man wearing wire-rimmed glasses and was in a fancy suit. He was sitting in Ms. Greenbacker's chair with his arms behind his head.

He introduced himself as Mister Gonzalez and that he would be our new History teacher for the next 2 years. Ironically, he was a recent graduate of the very same reeducation center they sent Ms. Greenbacker to.

His teaching was so far-fetched and complicated. It was horrible to understand and I couldn't get my head around it. I had gotten 3 marks by the time I left that room. And that, my friends is how I came to very much dislike History.

I opened the door to the History room. My fellow classmates were sitting, either conversing or reciting their writings. What were they talking about?

" Did you hear? Gerrat Ind. raised their skirt and pant size!"

" What! To how high?"

" Right above the knee, they're saying. They want it to make the change PERAMENT!"

" That school's going down the drain, mate. First, they lower their overall total for taxes. Then they introduce their own school shirt and tie for girls! And now this! They gone mad, I'm telling ye!"

Gerrat Independent School is a local private school eight blocks away from us and our biggest rival overall in both sports and academics.

It has a different grade system, mostly because independent schools have their individual school councils. The school councils decide everything and that include the school grade system.

Gerrat's reputation has been going down some for a while. In May of last year, Gerrat decided to lower their total pay. The complete pay for everything has gone down from 2,000 credits to 500 credits. Then in January, Gerrat's council decided to introduce a school shirt in Gerrat's colors. A red shirt or blouse with green sleeves and collar was introduced. The shirt also had the crest on the pocket. They also introduced a tie for girls. They already has a ribbon but this one was different. Instead of being a plain green, this tie had red stripes all over it.

It is kind of ironic to me because in our uniform, our pants and skirts go above OUR knees, too. But that's for summer. For the whole year? That's almost unheard of. But there have been worse.

Then our teacher comes in, blue blazer, red tie and cocky grin as usual.

This is NOT going to end well...