The Shell © Cora Vivian

The shell who was placed on a stock of books felt peace and serenity everyday in her life. She heard the oceans' water, the breeze of the wind, the birds chirping and the pure laughter of the children in the beach. Her shell was soft and warm. When the light touched her, she shone like gold-making her look more beautiful and wonderful. She sighed, it had been so long. So, so long since she had seen and heard the ocean. The shell glistened a bit in her side. She was crying. She had miss her home. The ocean. The shore. The children.

Remembering her home, she did not notice the light coming from the nearby curtain was overshadowed, someone was there. In the darkness, she looked dead and hard. She felt cold. If there was no sunlight to light her, she looked scary even though she was small. She stiffened as her mistress was coming. She was coming to get her.

Her mistress was a scary sight. Curly red hair, broken teeth and evil smile. As soon as her mistress touched her, she knew she will no longer feel the sun shining on her shell. She will no longer see the ocean. She will no longer hear the ocean's calmness. Her mistress took her from the shores three years ago, her mistress was scarier in the light. She, the shell, prayed quietly. Hoping that her mistress will have a kind heart and release her to where she belonged. The ocean. She heard her mistress evil laugh and flinched. Her mistress was so young, around six years of age with cold blue eyes. She felt her shell hardening, roughing up. She did not know where her mistress was going. Will she no longer be able to see the ocean? Will she no longer live in the cupboard?

Her eyes were closed therefore she did not know where she was going. But as soon as her mistress's hand no longer held her. She opened her one eye and took a glance. A secret smile had formed in her lips. Perhaps, perhaps her mistress was not that cruel after all. She gave her a perfect view of the ocean. She was placed on the window pane overlooking the beach. Children were everywhere, she could almost hear them laughing. The birds were flying up in the light blue sky. The ocean, it's waves were welcoming her. She threw her head back, the sun was shining so brightly on her making her look so alive. So wonderful. So golden. She knew this was enough. She would take any chance on seeing the ocean again. And it had happened. She softly whispered in the lonely room. "Thank you, mistress."

AN: This was a project for English, this is not Beta-ed by anybody. I hope you like it.