Author's Note: My point of view of Awlaki's death.

American Citizen Gone American Enemy:

Yes I do know,

That you were an American,

One who stood among us,

But was not like us.

You were different,

Not in the best way,

You walked down our streets,

You drove on our roads,

You stood before our flag,

Bearing the same title as us all,

But did not feel our pride.

Yes I do know,

That your loyalties lied elsewhere,

And would not be spared,

Towards such people likes us.

But to stand on the soil,

That protected your rights,

And to declare war,

On your own brethren

Is indescribable

Not in the best way.

You believe your rights have been violated,

But who am I to say?

I do not study the law,

Yet unlike you I stay by it.

In my opinion,

You forfeited your rights as a citizen,

By calling us the enemy.