All my life I've spent on the road. I travel from place to place and I live to travel.

I guess I never had the option of living in a house and staying there-that's not who I am. I grew up with my ma and we'd just travel any and everywhere we could.

She was sort of a gypsy and there wasn't much for her to want to stay in one kingdom over another. She was an artist, a storyteller and a free spirit. Of course I never knew my dad, but it didn't bother me too much.

There was too much adventure to distract me.

I'd get into trouble constantly as a kid, but what more would you expect from adventurer?

Once we were in this small village and I met this boy my age. I told the boy I was an adventurer and he was amazing, he asked if I had a sword and naturally I said yes and took out my toy like wooden one. He wasn't impressed and said that the town's blacksmith made these great swords and wish he had one but he wasn't allowed nor did his family have the money for that.

So what was I to do but try and steal a sword of my own?

I ended up getting chased out of town by the blacksmith and wound up sitting on the field by our carriage until ma came and gave me a stern scolding.

And I guess that also sums up my life. Causing trouble, having own shenanigans and spending my life with my ma. I never really had a friend and I've never had a girlfriend. Of course I never fancied a girl enough for that.

I do have my fair share of notches in my bed post I must admit.

Adventurers need some love too.

But anyway when I turned eighteen I departed ways from my mom.

I remember how she told me that she couldn't have wished for a better son and that we better see each other by winter. The most memorable thing about that was though was that she gave me one rule. Never in my life had she given me any real rules.

She looked up at me and grabbed my chin and pointed at me with a finger clad in gaudy rings, "Gabe there is just one thing that I must tell you," her eyes darkened, "I leave you to travel your own path and follow your own road, but there is one thing you must know. There's a village that I warn you to steer clear of. Never go to the village of witches."

Of course it didn't sound scary but just the way she said it sent chills down my spine.


They didn't exist.

The closest thing I've seen to a witch was my mother's friend who claimed herself as an oracle. I have to admit it though that, that woman was pretty accurate in her predictions.

So now what's an adventurer to do once he's fought the great lake's monster and saved the twelve year old princess from a renegade?

I smooth out my cotton shirt as I walk. My trousers are rather snug yet sag from my belt and sword. My leather boots are heavy and my dirty blond almost brown hair is permanently a shaggy mess as if I just had sex-or have been in a fight with a sea squid.

Where was I to go?

My leather sack a slightly heavier than usual due to my visit to the village of elders. They gave me this small glass jar of dragonfly wings which they said would come in handy, but I have yet to find a good use for them.

They warned me of the nearby village and told me to travel through the forest instead.

How can I resist though? Do they really expect me to totally write off any idea of going to the nearby village?

Against any good judgment I had I head even farther down the road.

This weird feeling overcomes me.

Slowly but surely the village comes into view. It looks normal but feels so cold-and I have yet to even take a step in it.

With a sigh I proceed.

The streets are alive and children are running around. No one seems to feel as cold as I do and they all seem perfectly fine. I don't know what they were talking about. I pass by a few stores and slow my pace when I come to a bakery.

I narrow my eyes and walk into it. My senses are consumed with the scent of roses and bread.

" 'ello dear, how can I help you?" The woman at the counter asks. She looks to be about forty but void of any wrinkles. She has the coldest pair of eyes I've ever seen.

"I honestly don't know…I just walked in here…"

She seems pleased by this, "We get that quiet a lot. Why don't you try a pastry? It'll do you some good."

I mull this over and my eyes scan the various desserts. Glass displays and jars are filled with mouthwatering treats. Cakes, tarts, breads, pies, everything you could imagine and more.

I open to my mouth to speak but stop.

From the other side of the room I hear footsteps, "Mum where's the-oh."

I turn around and I could literally feel my heart being ripped out of its place in my chest. Woman who seems to be about my age stands there in this vibrant red dress. The corset seems to fit her perfectly and her shoulders have a slight tan. Her collarbones protrude and her thick long dark brown locks are tied high. Her dark immensely long eyelashes frame her doe eyes which are a blue just as bright as who I presume to be her mother's but not as cold. And damn her lips- I just want to ravish her in kisses.

"Hi," I say a bit like I've just ran a marathon.

"Hello," She deigns me a slight look but ignores me otherwise, "Mum could you come with me? I need some help."

"I could help you." I suggest.

"My aren't you a forward bloke."

"I'm more so bold, but sure."

"Well I don't need your help at least for this." She gracefully walks over to her mother and they whisper to each other.

I take note of how lavish and ornate the place is.

"I'm telling you Victoria-"

So her name's Victoria…

"Why not?" She's not even speaking to me and I feel a bit hurt by her tone.

"We need him…the…remember…" The woman's tone fluctuates in volume making it harder to pick out words.

"Fine." Victoria leaves without giving me another look.

The woman recomposes herself, "I'm sorry about that."

"Is she your daughter?" I ask ignoring her previous statement.

"Yes she's a very…cold girl. You're new to town I presume? Your attire gives you away mostly, but it's easy to spot new ones here."

I now notice how nicely dressed she is as well while I look-well like an adventurer. They look like they could be of a very high class.

"You're correct. Do you think you could tell me about this place?"

She looks pensive, but smiles, "Would you like some tea? I'll tell you all that I can."

I've done away with one cup by the time she speaks again.

"What is your name?"

"Gabriel-Gabe really."

"Well Gabe this is the village of the witches."

My mother would not be happy to hear this, but of course I already knew that.

"It's called such because there are said to be witches among us. And no man is safe when there are witches. They'll use you and eat you alive only to use you to stew you up. I really do wonder why a handsome young man like yourself has chosen to come here-although I do have a hunch that it has something to do with your aura-you seem very brash and very free, "

I chuckle at this and she continues, "You see a witch needs a man to help her. There are certain things she needs that only men can obtain for her-certain potions that she can only brew with a man. You can't resister a witch though she'll have you under her spell and before long you'll do anything she asks and not even notice it. So Gabe I suggest that you be wise with who you mingle with."

"And yet I've drunken your tea without any regard." I smirk.

She smiles, "That you have. If anything you should be weary of anything my daughter offers you."

"In all honesty ma'am I'd take anything your daughter gives me even if it was a cake filled with dirt."

"You and many of boys-but that's enough that that. How long do you plan on staying here?"

"Depends if I have anything to stay for." Feel a bit suspicious at how eager she was to change the topic.

"Well I think you shouldn't stay in town to long. Might I ask what you're doing here in the first place?"

"I'm adventurer and I felt like it was time to explore this place." I shrug.

"There's not much unless you're looking to find a witch."

Maybe I should try that. Seems likes everyone is so against that idea that I should just try it.

"Mum is that man gone I need to finish this potion-"

She stops dead in her tracks and her mother freezes. I smile inside.

"Potion?" I raise a brow.

Her mother sighs.

Victoria rolls her eyes, "Don't worry I can do away with this one-"

"How about not?" I stand up, our height difference highlighted, "I can help you willingly."

"You shouldn't." Her mother warns.

We both ignore her, "How?"

"I can get you anything you want." I give her a genuine smile.

"What if I want you dead?"

I shrug, "Then I can die for you."

Okay I don't really plan on that yet, but still.

Victoria looks amused, "What if I ask you to just go away?"

"I could do that too."

She finally looks at me, really looks at me and looks like she's pondering something.

"I can be anything you'd like and I can help you anyway you'd want. Witch or not."

"Oh sweetie I am a witch," She steps closer to me, "And if you're serious about this then I have a proposal for you."

"And what is it?" I take a step closer.

"Eat that." She points to her left and my eyes follow landing on a personal cake in a glass container. It's practically glitter and simultaneously looks dangerous yet like the most delicious thing I'll ever eat.

"Fine." Surprise flashes over her features for a brief moment.

"If you do one thing for me."

Victoria raises an eyebrow, "What?"

"Kiss me."

A/n: Wow! It's been a while since I've posted anything, but here I am during NaNiNoWriMo…speaking of which this might just be my story for it. Not sure how I feel about this. I haven't written a fantasy story since I was little, but I'm giving this a go.