Author's Note: A poem for the people of Libya who recently broke free from Kaddafi's rule.

Freedom Is Sweet:

I do not share your same land,

Or walk on the same soil,

I do not even share the same hemisphere as you.

Yet I still feel for you.

You are brave people

Rebel fighters.

You did not give up when some expected you to,

Instead you marched forward with determination

That even Kaddafi himself had to admire.

You shouted the cry of independence at first

Then after so much will and bloodshed

You were able to sing the cry of victory.

After forty-two years of the unfairness of a tyrant,

You became free.

You tasted the sweet, sweet independence,

And you knew in that moment,

That this life was for you.

Because independence is for us all

And no human should suffer at the hand of another,

We are all equal to the ones who stand on either side of us

Even those across the great bays.