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Run Like You Stole Something

He had big hands and big feet. Someone once told me that guys with big hands or big feet had a big dick. However, being a guy with small hands, small feet, and a small dick I furthered that claim. And quite honestly I wasn't planning on being the person to confirm that accusation… but there was something about the feeling of his big hands around my waist that made me give in…

"…You look like a girl."

That. That was seriously the first thing he ever said to me.

At first I thought he wasn't even talking to me. It was my first day, so I wasn't really expecting anyone to bully me or talk to me for that matter.

"You…Kid in front of me…You look like a girl."

I turned around, a questioning expression on my face, "What?"

"You look like a girl."

My mouth began gaping like a fish as numerous things to say flooded through my head: "What the fuck is your problem?" "Who the hell are you to judge me?" "Fuck you!" but I decided on none of them.

"What?" was the only thing that came out.

"You should think about getting a haircut and some new clothes so people around here don't think you're a girl with no boobs…And an ugly girl at that."

"…What gives you the right to tell me I look like a girl? I don't even know you," I turned around, facing him.

"You sound like a girl a little bit too."

"What the hell! What is your problem?"

He leaned back in his desk and crossed his arms, "No problem. Just honest."

"That's not honest! You're just being an ass."

"Who are you to judge me?"

"Whatever, okay?" I turned back around.

"That's a terrible way to end a conversation."

"Just leave me alone, okay?"

"Why do you en everything with 'okay'? You sound really unsure of yourself."

I rolled my eyes," Listen, I don't need your crap. I just want to get through my first day without any trouble, so please just leave me the hell alone.

He gave a sadistic smile, "Oh, so it's your first day."

Oh god, I thought, Did I seriously just say that. That's like saying 'hey, pick on me'.

"Leave me alone. I don't wanna talk. Especially not to you."

"Why not?"

"'Cause you said I look like a girl!"

"Ooh, that's such an insult."

"What the fuck did I do to you?"

The teacher glared at the two of us. Some wonderful first impression I'd made.

"If you want to argue please go into the hallway."

We both rose, me following him out of the room.

Once in the hallway, I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, "Listen-"

But I was quickly silenced. He slammed me against the hard metal of the lockers, hands on my shoulders, lips crushed against mine. My eyes went wide. Before I could even react, he had pushed his tongue past my lips and was exploring my mouth. He would pull away for quick breaths, but it was a couple of minutes before he finally pulled away completely.

He wiped his lips on the back of his sleeve," My name's Leo...This argument is over now," he turned and walked back into the classroom.

I stood outside, confused and shocked. A guy...had kissed me...My first kiss...with an asshole of a guy. Five minutes ago, I would've bet money he hated me...But...he had kissed me.

I wiped my lips too and followed in his footsteps back into the classroom.

I was seventeen, a senior. My hair was brown, my eyes were blue, and I was only 5"4'. I was nothing special. I had no talents. I was never really good with girls, in fact, the only girl I'd ever dated dumped me because I was too boring. I was your average new kid at high school with no friends and no love life. I didn't even bother to care about love, or sex, or really anything along those lines.

I didn't know anything about Leo other that his hair was blond, his eyes were green, he was at least 5'10, and for some strange reason completely unbeknownst to me, he shoved his tongue down my throat.

"Hey! You!"

It was halfway through the day before I saw him again. I hurried down the stairs, seeing him, ready to bombard him with questions. I stopped dead in my tracks halfway down the staircase thanking god he hadn't heard me. He'd grabbed some girl and was now pressed up against her, intensely making out with her. I released an angry groan and continued down the stairs, pushing everyone out of my way, which is a terrible idea for anyone my size.

I didn't like him. He pissed me off. I wanted to punch him in that pretty face of his. I wanted to know why he'd kissed me.

I made my way to my next class, getting lost in the process, but eventually ending up there. After talking to the teacher, introducing myself like a good student, I turned around, desperately searching for an empty desk. But the only one I found was in front of Leo. He waved almost sarcastically. Inwardly I was throwing a fit, killing him and such, and so awkward reason, reliving our moment from earlier. Quickly, I shook that image from my head and proceeded with pretend killing him.

I sat down, sighing angrily.

"...Even at second glance you still look like a girl.:

I decided to do the smart thing and just ignore him.

"Oh, good tactic. Just ignore me. I can keep talking, you know. Then a teacher will come over and tell us to go into the hallway and I'll-"

"No!" I whisper-yelled.

"So you didn't enjoy yourself?"

"Of course not."

"Don't lie...You didn't push away."

I blushed, happy he couldn't see my face, "I-I meant to."

"Uhuhm...What's your name?"

"Can you just leave me alone?" I turned around.

"Naah, I'm afraid I can't do that. You're new here."


"I call first dibs."


"Why not?"

"Leo," the teacher walked over, smiling, "it looks like you and Elliot have become quite friendly with each other. Maybe you could go show him around the school? We aren't doing much today."

"Yeah, that sounds like a brilliant idea."

"And that's okay with you, right Elliot?"

"Yeah, it's fine," my voice was obviously sarcastic.

"Well you two have fun then."

We both rose and walked out of the classroom, starting down the empty hallways.

"...Why the hell-"

"Don't talk about it," Leo seemed to be scanning the hallways.


"You never know when someone's right around the corner."

"Then why the hell did you do it in the first place?"

"I couldn't help myself."

"You act like you hate me then-"

And then he did it again. He pushed me against the lockers again and pushed his lips almost violently against mine. Stupid fucking perfect timing. He pressed his body hard against mine, placing his knee between my legs, grinding his lower half against mine. His hands felt like ice against the blush of my cheeks. He took advantage of my momentary gasp, slipping his tongue into my mouth yet again. His hands began moving down my body, softly across my chest, then to my sides, and then under my shirt. I tried to push him away but only ended up gripping his shirt as though it was a lifeline.

Eventually he had to pull away.

"Why the fuck do you keep doing this?" I wiped my lips on my sleeve.

He said nothing and stared into my eyes. His were the color of chocolate.

"I know you've got a reason!"

"...I really like your name...It suites you."

"What he hell is your problem!" I push him and he staggers backwards., "What the fuck do you take me for! That girl you fucking kissed?"

Why do I care so much?Why am I getting so worked up?

Suddenly he got this real depressed look in his eyes.


"It's nothing."

"You're lying! I can read you better than that."

Out of nowhere he grabbed my shirt and began leading me away. He dragged me into the bathroom and down to the handicap stall, roughly shoving me into the wall, and locking the door.

"W-what are you doing!" I was blushing furiously.

"I've never done this before, so I can't guarantee I'll be any good."

"Be any good at what?"

he dropped down to his knees, pressing my hips against the wall. He grabbed my belt and undid it, then quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.

"What the fuck are you doing? I hardly know you!"

"Don't worry, I won't use teeth."

How the hell was his voice so calm and collected?

In a swift tug, he had my pants and underwear around my ankles, wrapping his hand around my lifeless member. I gasped and reached down to remove his hand.


"Be quiet or someone might hear you," he began to slowly stroke my already reacting length, not taking long for me to become hard, "You have such and honest body," he smiled like the pervert he was.


"Now why would I do that?"

He licked the pulsing blueish vein on the underside of my cock, causing me to moan in response. He ran his tongue across my slit, catching the first bit of semen that oozed from my tip.

"D-don't...please Leo..."

"You taste good."

"W-why are you doing this to me..."

He didn't answer and went back to licking my now rock hard cock, one hand one my hip, the other cupping my balls.

"Aah~Please~Leo! Stop!"

My request were futile and soon he had my member in his mouth, bobbing his head. Unable to control my movements, I reached down, tangling my fingers in his blond hair.

"St-stop! I-I..." god, I really didn't want to say this, "I'm gonna cum!"

Leo now only had my tip in his mouth, moving his tongue repetitively across the slit. And as promised, I came.

"A-aaah~!" I felt my knees buckle after I came, unable to withstand the pleasure.

I heard Leo swallow and felt my cock fall from his mouth. Luckily, he also caught me I his arms. He moved one hand under the back of my shirt to my, very unfortunate, feminine waist.

"You okay?" he softly whispered in my ear, then licked.


"...Why am I asking?"

"No..." I panted, "...why did you...did you do it?"


"Tell me...the truth..."

"...I don't know. Are you okay?"

"Why...do you want to know?"

"'Cause you're panting and your knees buckled."

"'Cause I just...you know..."

"...Don't tell anyone about this, okay?...Well never mind, you can tell anyone, but they'll call you gay, probably hit you and then tell me some dude's fantasizing about me. And I don't want anyone to hit that pretty face of yours."

"...What do you want from me?"

"...I'm not entirely sure yet."

"Are you gay?"




"...Then why'd you do that?"

"I told you I don't know."

I pulled away from him standing back up, pulling my pants and underwear back up, "What do you mean you don't know?"

"It means I don't know."

I turned my back to him, "...I need you to know."

He came up behind me, wrapping his arms around me, pressing his body against my back, "When I know I'll tell you...okay?"

"I-I guess..." I was happy he couldn't see the very apparent blush that was on my face.

Really, I wanted my answer right then and there. I didn't want to wait. I had to figure what he was trying to do. I had to figure out why I liked whatever he was trying to do. I needed to know if whatever feeling I had toward him was useless or not.

"Elliot..." his whisper brought me back to reality.


"Nothing...I was wanted to say your name...Say mine."

"Leo...," I half turned around, reaching one hand back and tangling it in his hair,"...Kiss me..."

He turned me around so that I was facing him completely, hands still around my waist. Softly he pushed his lips against mine, quickly trying to advance the kiss further, which I, for some strange reason, allowed.

It was so wrong, I thought. But right there and then, I didn't care anymore...

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