Author's Note: I wrote this after seeing the movie John Adams, which was an HBO miniseries. If you haven't seen it you should defiantly check it out. It was truly inspiring.

When In the Course Of Human Events:

"…We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

Fifty-six men were very brave then,

They knew the consequences of the decision they had just made,

They did not whoop with joy when it was ratified though,

No, a golden silence hung upon them like a sheet

Because there was no going back now.

When the ink bonded them to the parchment forever

And was sent three thousand miles away,

They knew the danger of it all.

They had just pledged their lives,

Possibly even those of their families too,

Jeopardized so much,

For the future of us all.

And after years of bloodshed and determination,

A dream would come true.

Thirteen little colonies,

Would become thirteen free and independent states.

Our fore fathers were so brave,

As to challenge all they had ever known,

Then to start all over,

For when there is an end,

There is also a beginning.

For when in the course of human events nothing shall ever stay.