Nano Wri mo.

Chapter one:

Give it any thought at all and what I was doing was completely, unreasonably, stupid. It didn't actually require much thought at all, but lately I wasn't really living by what was smart or well thought out. I basically just acted on the spur of the moment and hoped I didn't die in the process.

In the past month I have, gone sky diving, moved to England, bought a motorcycle and probably everything else reckless that I could think of and I had more planned. But after jumping out of an airplane at high speeds miles above the ground, I finally built up enough courage to do something that had been on the top of my list.

Now the list that was carefully tucked into my back pocket was a sort of bucket list. Something to do before a person died, but it wasn't my bucket list. My bucket list would have been much more simpler. Drink every kind of energy drink, Eat ice cream for breakfast, bath in a tub of chocolate...

I was much more reserved than the person who had written the list in my back pocket. Trevor had been my childhood friend. He was the first person I told I was gay, the first person to tell me he already knew, the first person to let me stay with him when my parents kicked me out, the first person I fell in love with, and he was also the first person I knew that died.

Trevor had been an amazing person. He could make me laugh any time he pleased by just being him, it didn't matter if I was depressed or angry he could just say something incredibly Trevor like and suddenly everything was okay. Bearable. Even when he told me he had cancer, even when he told me he wasn't responding to chemo. He'd just smile and tell me about how many virgins he'd get to bang in heaven for being such a good boy while he was alive.

"I didn't even blow up a building and if that gets those terrorists virgins- I must be getting cream of the crop." He joked on the day he was told he had about four months left.

We made bucket list's that day. His was full of exciting fun things; none of which he could have done confined to a hospital bed. Which led me to where I was. Before he died, he made me promise to do his for him. "At least one of us will get to live my dream life. You have to do it so when I look down from heaven I can live vicariously through you."

I stared at the application. The person at the front desk had handed me. All they gave me to write with was a purple pen. I guess I was focusing on the small things because I didn't want to actually fill it out.

I took a deep breath and muttered, "For Trevor." Only for Trevor would I ever even consider filling out an application to do porn. I still kind of wished he had scratched out this one when he gave his list to me. I'm glad he had gotten rid of 'go to the red-light district in Amsterdam. '

Full Name: Hayden Knight
Date Of Birth: December 12 1992
Weight: 170
Your Current Location: I'm staying at hotel in London but plan to get an apartment if I get a job.

Body Type: somewhat skinny? Little muscle.

Cock Size: 5.5inches.
Cut / Uncut: cut
Sexual Orientation:Gay

Tattoos: 1, back of neck
Piercings:two, belly and tongue
Have You Done Porn Before? If so, for who?No.

Turn offs:Too old or too hairy

Turn ons: around my age, light eyes
Top / Bottom / Vers : I guess Versatile
What kind of ID do you have: Drivers license
Contact No (Mobile): 555-555-5555.
Any Facebook/Myspace Profile: Facebook

STD: None

-Are you willing to get regular checkups with our physician on site? Yes

Anything else you wish to tell us: I'm American, I just moved out here and I could really use a job.

I glanced up trying to debate whether I should tell them I was still a virgin. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not and I figured if it was a bad idea, putting down that I wasn't experienced in this field probably was something to avoid.

A guy walked out from the door next to the receptionists desk, he looked around twenty three with sharp features, rectangle glasses and dark hair, it was no stretch to call him attractive and figured him to be one of the other- models? That's what they called the right?

He glanced at me. "You." He said looking at me directly.

The sudden voice made me jump even though I was looking at him when he said it. For the past half hour I had been alone with Mike, the receptionist. The amount of noise was limited to typing.

"Uh, yeah?" I said sheepishly. I couldn't tell if he was mad at me for staring or why he wanted to talk to me at all.

He smirked. "Are you applying?" He asked taking a few steps forward.

I nodded dumbly.

"What's your name?" He asked raising his eyebrows looking me over. It felt weird but I let him do it because I figured there was going to be a lot of people looking at my body if I actually got the job.

I looked down at my paper. "Oh, uh- Hayden. I actually have to turn this in-," I said getting up and felt my coat slide off my lap and to the floor. I had forgotten it had been there. I quickly picked it up.

The other guy took my application from me and quickly glanced through it. "Okay, great. Do you have time for an interview?" He asked glancing back at me.

I looked at him skeptically and confused. "I guess? Do they usually do that this soon?"

He smiled and his face looked like he wanted to laugh slightly. "No, we usually don't but I was just going to go on break from looking through the files and saw you. We're kind of looking for a guy your body type so- interview?"

The fact that he was actually someone who ran the place finally clicked in my head. I nodded again. "Yeah, sure. Of course." I said quickly. I probably came off as skittish, which wasn't that great as a first impression but I hoped I could gather my composure for the interview. Porn might not be my thing, but I was determined to do everything on the list that Trevor had wrote. It was the last thing and probably the only thing he ever asked me to do.

He brought me to a back room with a lounge chair and a couch. There was some file cabinets pushed against a wall and some camera equipment .

"Okay Hayden. I'm Sam Sweets, I'm the co-owner of this little Production team here. I'm also one of the camera men. I started this company with my Brother when I was twenty and he was twenty five- he's mostly business side of this and I'm more along the lines of the guy who thinks up scenes and films when a camera guy can't make it. I'm now twenty four and my brother is almost thirty but he's the oldest person working here. We like to keep this particular website for young guys and we get that it's a little weird for you guys to have a forty nine year old tapping you." He gave me a smile flashing his pearly whites.

He owned this business? That was kind of cool. I guess, but it also meant he owned several other websites and it was fairly easy to assume he was perverted. But I guess most people who entered this line of work were. I would have to get used to it.

"We own a total of five websites, two other websites you will probably be able to be on right now, but before I delve into that I need to ask you a few routine questions." He switched his tone from casual to more serious. "Is there anything that you absolutely will not do in bed? Keep in mind the more hardcore things we ask do pay better but we do not want you to put you in a situation where you are completely uncomfortable. So don't just say no if there are something you don't do."

I shrugged. "I don't think I'd mind much- I guess no peeing or stuff like that. I want to always have a condom though. That's important."

He nodded. "So no bareback- got'ch'yeah." He marked something down on my application. "When did you first start having sex?"

I bit my lip. I had to lie. I couldn't say never and be shown the door. This was the studio Trevor picked. I had to get in. "I-uh-m- about?" I tried to think up something reasonable. I wasn't sure what was an appropriate age.

"When your first time was?" He said raising and eyebrow and leaning back in his chair.

"I-um-I uh,"

He sat up frowning a bit. "If you're too embarrassed to even say that- I don't know if this is the right-,"

I sighed loudly giving up. "I'm a virgin." I said finally. "I was trying to think up a believable age and I just couldn't. Sorry, I probably wasted your time." I stood up ready to leave. I didn't really want to hear the guy laugh at me.

"Virgin?" He asked reaching his hand out to touch my arm. "Are you serious? Not just saying that to get us hooked? Legit Virgin?"

I nodded slowly staring at where his hand met my arm. His fingers made my skin tingle. "Yeah." I breathed suddenly feeling like I had grown roots and had attached myself to the floor.

"Serious virgin? Never had sex before?" He asked again.

I nodded. "Yeah, sorry. I know you guys probably want someone with more-,"

"No, no. Virgins are hot." He muttered. "It's just-," He paused. "You- don't look like a virgin."

I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or a diss so I just gulped my spit and shrugged. "Well I am."

He frowned and sucked in one of his cheeks looking like he was debating something in his head. He motioned for me to sit back down. "Are you sure you want to go into porn like that? You weren't saving yourself for someone special? You want to do this." He asked looking like he was very focused. I could tell he didn't really want to be asking the questions.

"I- yes. I want to." I told him feeling a little self conscious. He was just looking at me so intensely

He nodded and watched me for a few seconds. "You are sure? First time can only happen once, and if you've been waiting- I don't want you to regret this."

He probably meant he didn't want me to try and sue or something stupid like that. I don't think I'd have a legitimate case anyway. It wasn't against the law to tape me if I had agreed to it. "I'm positive. I've thought about it, and yeah. This is good with me."

He nodded again very slowly watching me like I might suddenly jump out at him. "Alright. Uh, next question." He glanced away from me. "Why are you picking Porn as a career?"

I bit my lip. "I- I- Well it's kind of on my bucket list." Okay it wasn't my bucket list, but it was in my possession.

He looked sort of taken. "You made a bucket list?" He asked. "Aren't you kind of young?"

"I guess. You just never know how much time you actually have." I told him. "I might not live that long."

He frowned and his eye brows knitted together. "Are you dying or suicidal?"

"Oh no. I just mean that the future is hazy and we should just do what we want because we don't really know if we are going to get to live to be in our eighties. Could get hit by a bus or something." Really, I had meant that when you watch someone die, you can really take a step back and realize that life is short. That's why I wanted to get everything on his list done quick. That way I wouldn't fail him.

He chuckled lightly. "You're kinda dark."

I smiled tightly. I wasn't really good with people. I was actually pretty reserved normally.

"Any questions for me?" He asked switching back to his interviewer persona.

"Uh, yeah- how many people our usually on the set?" I shifted uncomfortably.

He lightly laughed again. "Well, the models, and one camera man. Usually there are three to four cameras set on stands but at one time there should only be a need for one or at the most two camera men to control the zoom bored and monitor the film."

I nodded. "Okay."

"Well, I'm fairly interested in you becoming one of our models." He said standing up and walking over to the filing cabinet. "I'm gonna give you a contract, look it over, comeback tomorrow with it either signed or just to return it. If you accept we will pick out another model and set up a date for the shoot. You will have a required on camera interview that we will post as your introduction on the website. If you sign with us you can either do it immediately after we have all T's crossed and I's dotted; or you can opt to do it before the shoot with the other model."

He turned back to me holding a thick packet of papers. He smiled. "See you tomorrow then?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

A/N: Shorter than I plan for most chapters this is more of an introduction to the story. I'm attempting Nanowrimo, so it's unedited. The challenge is to write a whole story in one month. I will be trying to update as much as possible for me. :D I really hope this works out.