Okay so, here's my first story, well poem on here. I've been learning about the Holocaust and watched videos on it. They made me cry. Since I want to write a book about a boy during the Holocaust, I wrote this to get into my writing mood. Well, I'll stop talking now, so read the poem. I hope you like it.

I am a victim of the Holocaust

I wonder why I had to be born Jewish

I hear children crying

I see the Nazi soldiers

I want the children to survive, they haven't lived long enough

I am a victim of the Holocaust

I pretend to be happy

I feel nothing but pain

I worry about my family

I cry myself to sleep

I am a victim of the Holocaust

I understand that we are hated by the Nazis

I say that we shouldn't die just because we're Jewish

I dream that I might live

I try to live my life to the greatest

I hope I won't die today

I am a victim of the Holocaust

So how was it? I know it's probably bad, but this is my FIRST thing on here. I'll get better at writing, I promise. Don't except a lot of poems, I'm not good at them. So now I'm going to work on my first real story. It might be up today, it might not. So, have a nice day!