I will not hate the man who hates me. His animosity comes from him own thoughts not from who I am or what I stand for. I will not strike the man who strikes me. His aggression stems from his hatred. I will not harm the man who harms me mentally. His curses are born of his anger. I will not be angry with the man who is angry with me. His ire begins in his own feelings. I will not attempt to subjugate the man who subjugates me. His attempts to dominate are created by his own insecurity. I will not look down on the man who looks down on me. His condescension is begot by his arrogance. I will not try to ruin the reputation of the man who tries to ruin my reputation. His slender is fed by his ignorance. I will not endeavor to kill the man who endeavors to kill me. His violence is initiated in his own heart

I will do none of these things. It isn't about submitting. It isn't about declaring our aggressors superior. It isn't about giving in to fear. It is not about turning the other cheek. It is about turning away the energy of our attackers, deflecting their strength and rendering it to the void. I will not respond to criticism with a direct reply. To do so would be to enhance the power of the critic. Diffuse the power aimed at causing harm and allow it to flow away. By doing these things I will wear down the man who has named me his enemy. I will redirect his own attacks so I remain unscathed and he injures himself.

One who can behave in this way has conquered those who would defame him and damage him. When one chooses not to take direct reaction to attacks, one is secure in one's own wisdom. To expend one's energy in counter strikes is to succumb to the aggressor's attitude. Does flowing water strive to beat a rock to dust? Does the flexible willow strain to stand straight in a strong wind? To yield under tension is to avoid injury.

Always we should keep in our minds that the reaction one takes is one's own choice. The way we choose to respond to adversity should mirror that of the flow of water or a flexible willow in a wind storm. In this manner we will not break in the wind or waste precious time and energy attempting to damage something as sturdy as a stone. Remember that, though a large boulder sits tall in a river, flowing water wears even it down in time. One life will not wear down the aggression, anger, and hatred of the world but generations will grind it away slowly.