Adri smiled politely, waiting until Momo's friends were gone before completely dropping the innocent act, closing and locking the door, smirking and licking his lips as he looked at Momo, his eyes glinting devilishly.
Momo caught the look and froze for a moment, knowing the basics of what Adri was thinking but not able to know exactly what.
Adri stalked towards him quietly, leaning down and kissing Momo deeply, forcing the older boy to submit.

Momo blushed, pressing close to Adri as he kissed back, whimpering softly.
God, what had put him in this kind of mood?

Adri smirked slightly as he pulled away, licking his lips-his tongue brushing against Momo's lightly.
"You're friends took too long to leave," he said softly, nuzzling him, "you should make it up to me, you said they wouldn't bother us today..."
He pouted slightly as he thought about it. Momo's friends and Adri didn't get along very well. Or at all, really. They only acted like it when they were around Momo at the same time or stuck in the same room together.

The blond blushed, biting his lip and smiling slightly, nuzzling him, "'m sorry, should I make it up to you?"

Adri purred softly, kissing him again lightly.
"Mm, I'm thinking blowjob and shower sex...what do you think?"

"I think I could do that..." Momo murmured, kissing his neck lightly, "Thank you for being civil with them..."
He kissed him lovingly before dropping to his knees, nuzzling his crotch lightly.

Adri purred, licking his lips again as he watched him. He'd actually been looking forward to this all day, and was very proud of himself for not just forcing Momo's friends out of the room and fucking him senseless while they were still there.
Though they probably were still hanging around outside, since they seemed to think Adri was an abusive bastard or something...which he totally wasn't. At all. Besides, he loved Momo more than anything. Momo smiled, looking up at him with bright, happy eyes, before leaning forward to unbutton his jeans with his teeth, then pull his zipper down slowly, kissing him over his boxers gently.

Adri purred loudly, smirking slightly. "Mmm, good boy," he whispered quietly.

The older boy purred at the praise, kissing his stomach gently, before pulling his pants down and off of him. He leaned forward again, this time, to lick Adri's member through his boxers.

Adri bit his lip, shivering slightly.
Normally, he would have rushed Momo, but he was being nice today.

Momo smiled again when he realized Adri was giving him the freedom of choosing the pace for now and, not wanting to abuse the new power, quickly rid the other boy of his boxers, purring as he licked Adri's bare member slowly from base to tip.

The younger boy shivered, blushing very lightly. "Mmm..."

"Adri..." Momo purred, nuzzling him gently, licking the head before taking it into his mouth and sucking gently.

Adri shuddered, biting his lip lightly and closing his eyes for a moment. God he loved Momo...

The blond purred softly, nuzzling him again before taking more into his mouth, sucking gently.

Adri reached down, petting him gently.
"Good boy...good boy, Momo..."

Momo moaned softly around Adri, so, so happy that he was pleasing Adri. He began to bob his head gently, relaxing his throat and deep throating the other boy.

Adri bit his lip, moaning very softly under his breath.
"Mmm, that's it, pretty..." he purred, smirking slightly.

The older boy smiled around his cock, one hand going to stroke the few inches he couldn't fit in his mouth, moaning softly, sending pleasurable vibrations through him as he moved his head.

Adri purred, smirking as he pet Momo, whispering praise to the older boy quietly as he gently thrust with the bobbing head, careful not to choke the poor boy.

The blond whimpered at the touches, letting Adri have control, purring softly, eyes closing as he opened his mouth wide for him, sucking gently.

The younger boy purred, thrusting slightly faster into Momo's mouth, smirking as he let out a soft moan and weaved his hands through the older boy's hair gently.

Momo moaned softly, hands going to Adri's hips to balance himself, relaxing his throat again and letting him slid deeply inside of his mouth.

Adri moaned softly, feeling tension tighten in his stomach.
"Mmm, good boy, beautiful..."

Momo whimpered softly, purring around him member, moving one hand back to his cock, stroking it gently as he sucked.

"Perfect..." Adri purred, tugging at his hair gently, his fingers tangling in the strawberry blond mess.

The slightly smaller boy blushed, looking up at him happily as he sucked.

The younger of the two moaned quietly at the sight, licking his lips as he watched, shivering as he felt Momo's tongue on the underside of his cock, biting his lip, "M-Momo, God..."

Momo would have smiled, had his mouth not been preoccupied. He tightened his hand around him and pumped gently with his bobbing, hand clenching slightly on Adri's side, whimpering softly.

Adri's hands gripped tighter in Momo's hair as he suddenly let go, a soft gasp escaping his tightly clenched mouth.

The older boy drank it all down with a loud purr, eyes shutting again as he sucked Adri dry, smiling as he slowly pulled off, gasping as he tried to catch his breath, thin string of release and saliva still connecting his lips to Adri's cock.
"Mmm, Adri..."

The reddish-brunet haired boy purred, kneeling down to Momo's level and kissed his forehead, his eyes glinting. "You're amazing, did you know that?"

Momo giggled softly, smirking slightly, "I know, pretty..." he whispered, nuzzling Adri gently, "I thought so too..."
He winked, purring, "But I did well? You felt good?" he asked, losing the smug look, and biting his lip, looking at him.

Adri smirked, kissing him deeply.
"You were perfect."
He purred softly, listening for a moment to the kids (Momo's friends) outside then grinning slightly.
"Still want that shower sex?" he asked, smirking.

The older boy smiled slightly, "Mmm, only if you make me scream so loudly they'll hear me..."

Adri's eyes glinted again.
"That's the plan, lovely." he answered, standing and helping his lover up, smirking.

Momo purred, pulling Adri's shirt off, before leading him towards the bathroom.

The younger boy smirked, opening the bathroom door for him and closing and locking it when they were both inside, pulling Momo to him and kissing the older boy deeply.

The blond giggled softly, wrapping his arms around his lover and kissing him back with a passion.

Adri purred softly, deepening the kiss and unbuttoning Momo's pants with one hand, gently pressing him against the door.

"Mmm..." Momo purred into the kiss, arching his hips slightly for Adri's hands.

Adri smiled just slightly, pulling his boyfriend/brother's pants and boxers down, pulling back to take Momo's shirt off as well.
"God, you're beautiful..."

Momo blushed, "Mmm, thank you...'love you too."

The younger boy laughed.
"I love you, I love you, I love you," he whispered, kissing him gently again, "So, so much, Momo. God, I love you."

"Mmm...'love you so much, Adri..." he purred softly, smiling and kissing him gently.

Adri grinned slightly, turning and going to the shower, turning the water on, humming softly.
"Are you ever gonna tell your friends we're related?" He asked randomly after a moment, looking up and blinking.

Momo blinked, then shrugged, "I won't deny it if they make the connection." he murmured, kissing him gently, "Why? Do you want me to tell them?"

"I don't particularly care, I was just curious..." Adri responded, smiling at him. "I am a little interested in how they'd react, but I doubt it's anything to be interested in actually."
He paused, putting his hand under the water to test it before nodding slightly. "The water's warm now..."

Momo smiled, kissing him gently, purring, "Mmm, wanna fuck my brains out?"

Adri grinned, "Definitely..."
The younger boy pulled Momo into the shower with him, kissing him deeply as he did so, holding the older boy close to him.

Momo smiled, kissing back gently, purring.
God, he loved Adri...