A new way to an old life
the start of the ending week
the beginning of the end
and the hope for a hopeless future

The blink of the hand
the turn of the face
the broken innocent smile
plastered to mold the empty space

The purest of evil thoughts
through which the best comes from
the bottomless pits of desire
that drives the body and soul

Twisted propaganda that churns people
around and around
making the sharpest of minds
draw blank

Through statue and speech
their words bring peace
but if gone unsatisfied
the population is labeled a hazard

Everything must be seen as two
as either the wrong or right
accepted or rejected
normal or mislead

Lies bend the truth
water rules the sky
up is down
and friends are not trusted

Eyes are always watching
always waiting
always observing
every decision
every move
every breath

There is no end and no beginning
there is only the malleable mind