I slammed my hand down on my alarm clock when it went off. Grudgingly, I got out of bed to get ready for school. I showered, brushed my hair andn teeth, and put on my school uniform. It was a long sleeve, white dress-shirt and a pleeted, white skirt that went to my knees. I absolutely refused to wear that ridiculous white and gray plaid tie that went with the uniform.

I examined my small form in my door mirror, and frowned. My short, layered hair was extremely disheveled and was doing a pretty good intimidation of flame. My eerie, ringed green eyes had slight, purple shadows underneath them. My normally full, red lips were set in a firm line and my eyebrows had a crease between them.

I looked stressed and tired... for a good reason. Since the previous week, when the killings first started, I'd been having absurdly gory premonitions. I was used to seeing horrible things, but not like this. NEVER like this.

I stifled a yawn as I headed back to my bathroom, much calmer than I should have been. I ran a brush through my hair, and was about to apply some consealer, when the sight in the mirror made me pause. There, right in the middle of my forehead, was a zit. Disgusted, I put an end to its putrid life, then applied the pouder.

I stuck my tongue out at my reflection before heading downstairs, popping a mint in my mouth on the way.

"Alice, aren't you going to eat?" My mom asked from the kitchen. I looked a lot like her, but I was much smaller.

"No, I'm not hungry." I told her on my way out the door.

At school, my first class was, blissfully, art.

"Alright class," the teacher, Mrs. Vista, announced. "Since it's the first day of spring, I want you all to draw a picture of your favorite flower. I want color! No white. Begin!"

I pulled out my rather large sketch pad and drew a rose with dew drops sliding off the pedals. I smiled to myself as I looked at my finished work...until a dull throb started in my head.

Recognizing the sing, I flipped to a blank page. Closing my eyes, and let my hand go to work. My stomach flipped when I saw what I had drawn. It was the killer, surrounded by a surprising amount of carnage, with a bloody switch blade in his hand. As usual, he had no face. He was lean and obviously very strong, with a shock of frost white hair and broad shoulders.

Swallowing the bile that rose in my throat, I flipped back to my rose and began emphasizing the petals with shaky hands. The image of the previous picture flashed back into my mind and caused my stomach to churn.

"Mrs. Vista, may I go to the bathroom?" I croaked, raising my hand.

"How far are you on your flower?" asked the teacher.

"I'm done," I choked out. She raised an eyebrow but let me go.

I barely made it to the bathroom before I puked. Unfortunately for me, the janitor was also in there, so I was sent to the office. The nurse made me call my dad, who happens to be the sheriff.

"Hello?" Dad answered when he picked up.

"Dad? It's Alice." I greeted, still nauseous.

"Alice, this is not the time for one of your mint emergencies-"

"It isn't," I denied quickly.

"Then what is it?"

"I saw something..." There was silence at the other end of the line.
"Dad?" I asked, concerned.

"I'm on my way," Dad anounced and hung up. I sighed, and popped a mint into my mouth...

The next day, I was in my last and most hated class, math.

"Did you hear?" a girl from the back of the class whispered.

"Yeah, I can't believe it," snickered some-one else.

"Why would they let someone like her here?" some guy piped in.

"*snort* stupid witch. They should just lock it up and do tests on it like the freak it is," replied the first.

I shrank down in my seat, suddenly feeling as if every one in the world was staring and judging me. Thankfully, the teacher, Mr. S-something, started class just then. I wiped away the tears I refused to let slip out, angry with myself that I'd let some brats get to me.

The teacher introduced some exchange students from England. They were twins, named Danny and Jordan Frost. Their profile looked like the killer, but I couldn't be sure, seeing as I had no face to use as compairison.

Through my wet lashes, I could see the most exotic, liquid crystal blue eyes looking at me.

"Is he seriously checking it out?" a girl, who I guessed to be Tiffany, sneered loudly.

"Well, he won't want anything to do with it, once he finds out what it is," laughed Tiffany's side-kick, Ashlee.

My tears dried as my temper flared.

"Oh will you please just shut up!" I snapped at them, causing the blondes to flinch.

"Miss Night," Mr. S warned.

"Well if you won't do your job and say something, then I will." I glared at him, making him pale and swallow hard.

Feeling eyes on my, I turned. My eyes locked with one of the twins, and he smiled at me, full lips curving back to reveal perfect teeth. His twin did the same, dusting frosty white hair out of his eyes.

Squeals broke out through out the room from just about every female there. I rolled my eyes and dug through my book bag for my sketch pad and my mints, deciding not to engage the new comers. I already knew what hoping for someone to not hate me was pointless.

One of the twins sat behind me, and the other sat by one of the open windows, lucky bastard.

A folded piece a paper landed on my desk. I looked behind me, trying to figure out who it was from. Finding no one, I warilly unfolder the paper, fully expecting some sort of insult. To my surprise, it was only a name, written in pretty, loopy letters.

Danny Frost

Blinking, I glanced back before quickly scribbling a reply. Before passing it back, I noted how my penmanship looked like chicken scratch compared to his.

Alice Night

There was a slight pause before I got a reply.

The one every one's calling a witch?

The one and only

I'm sorry...

I turned to look at him, puzzled. He gave a cheeky smile and wrote something down.

My brother and I went through the same thing at our last school

Our conversation continued on like that for the rest of the class. Turns out, his brother was sckitzophrentic, and the twins had been made outcasts at their last school because of it. It had been so bad they had to move.

Yeah, I knew exactly how cruel people can be...