We're always looking face to face

But we don't see eye to eye

We're always in the same place

But maybe one of us is dying inside

Why? Why?

You may say that I'm not perfect. ooh woah oh oh oh

Or you may say that I'm a freakshow. ooh woah oh oh oh

But every time that you bring me down,

It's just another nail in your coffin.

Why? Why?

And all that glitters isn't gold. Oh woah oh oh oh

You just can't see it with your eyes. Ooh woah oh oh oh

But maybe if you look twice

You can see the sparkle underneath

The spark that starts the fire

So why you got to bring me down like this

So maybe once I trusted you

but now I miss, (the boy you used to be)

You're just bangin' all those nails in your coffin.