Chapter One

I was chewing my gum probably much more obnoxiously then needed, but then again I was currently in a state of annoyance. I should have expected this to happen. It happens every week and every week it's still the same surprise. I needed to get more unpredictable reactions.

"Come back here Kaya." When I hesitated she looked as if she was going to get out of her chair and drag me all the way back to her desk. I didn't doubt for a moment that she would. Maybe I could run for it. She how ever knew that look.

"Now!" I looked at my french teacher and grimaced. Her brown streaked blonde hair was put in a messy bun on top of her head. Her light brown eyes stared sternly at me. She had a beauty mark right under her left eye. She was wearing a tight outfit. I mean tight as in her chest was way to big for that shirt. She looked as if she were slightly older then me even though she claimed to be in her thirties. I didn't know if she was going to the strip club or... All other suggestions are way over PG-13 sorry.

I sighed looking at the rest of my classmates quickly running out the door. It was a Friday everyone was happy about the weekend. I of course get called after class. I walked to her my eyes wandered towards the picture of the Eiffel Tower behind her. Poster with different French phrases were littered across the room.

"What is it?" I asked. I really don't understand why I asked.

"Why do you have to be so difficult!." she said in a thick French accent.

"Why do you have to call me after school all the time?" I countered in a way you totally shouldn't speak to a teacher. My day had been going great until right now. She had to be my last teacher of the day.

She glared at me. "Okay listen up," she said, her French accent completely gone. "I get it! You hate it when supernatural shit and human shit gets mixed up. But sweetie that is exactly what you are." She leaned back in her chair waiting for me to counter her. I really was getting predictable.

My eyes went away from the the picture to glare at her. I'm never one to disappoint. "Wow thanks. I'm supernatural shit and human shit all mixed in one. Greatest compliment ever." Her and her fantastic compliments, the highlight of my day.

"Sarcasm is a very ugly thing. Hey I'm all supernatural shit and guess what. I embrace it."

"That's really great Avril. Now tell me what's up?" I didn't like to drag things along. Just give me a forward answer and I'd be set.

Avril grinned a signature smile that only meant one thing. A lot of trouble was about to happen. Well at least a lot of trouble for me. "Okay so I heard that there is an amazing party tonight."

"Will there be demons?"

"Hell yes."

"Not going."

"Oh yes you are."

"You were bragging about me again weren't you?" I sighed we were going to have

a very long conversation about this one day. One that hopefully didn't end in one of us dead. Oh wait. Too late for that.

"Oh come your the only-"

I raised my hands up to plug my ears. "I dare you to continue you on with that sentence." Not that I had anything substantial to back up my threats, but she didn't know that. Wait... Yes she did. Screw it let's just stick with I'm not going. She'd have to drag me there. Mental pause. That didn't really work as threats went either since she's done that before...

She sighed. "Come on Kaya it's a Friday night. You need to get rid of some of that stress. " I didn't have any stress until moments ago.

She began to spin around in her chair with her arms waving around. Of course she would get one that spun around in circles. At least I knew one of us was having fun because I sure as hell was not.

I sighed and held a hand to my head. "Fine." She cheered loudly. "Your lucky! I'm having a good day," I said with a grin. I really didn't want to go to this party, but I knew there was no way around it.

"It gets even better!" Of course it does.


"Okay ghost girl..."

"Ever?" I stated questioningly.

"Yeah... There are suppose to be some major hottie ghosts coming to the party." Avril waggled her eyebrows. I suppose that was suppose to be some sort of suggestive comment.

"I don't know..." Ever didn't exactly seem like a partier to me. I could be wrong, but I doubted it.

"Oh come! It will be fun. I mean. I know this isn't your scene or hers... But you really need to get out more. I get it you have some problems. Everyone does and you need to find a way through them. Embrace this part of yourself-" I bet she had been planning this speech all day.

"Shut up before I am forced to do something that you will not find entertaining in the least. You wont like your face in the slightest afterwards I promise." She shuddered as if she was imagining it. Yeah embrace that.

She rolled her eyes. "How your empty threats amuse me. So ghost girl is she here?"

I shook my head. Ever was at school like every other day. Today wasn't one of them. Which really sucked because I needed her to help me on a test. There was a slight possibility that she was hanging around in my room. Slight, but still there.

"Nope. She's not here. I'll tell her though." I began inching towards the door hoping that Avril wouldn't notice.

She noticed. "I will be outside your house at five," it sounded more like a warning then a statement.

"Five?" I said slowly opening the door cursing it for the loud creaking noises it made.

"Well duh... I have to get you ready."

I rolled my eyes and walked through the door and slammed it as my response.

Why did I hang out with this party girl that annoyed the crap out of me? Avril was my connection to the supernatural world as well as my best friend. Well she is also my teacher, but we met each other before that. As with all good friends we put up with each others difficulties.

Your next question might be why does she have such excellent connections with the supernatural? I thought it was an obvious. If not... Well she's a demon.

The bell rang as I entered the shop "I'm home Mom..." I muttered afraid to walk into the house. Somehow I felt as if she would be able to tell that I had just agreed to spend the night hanging out with a bunch of demons.

"Hello Kaya," I heard a voice that wasn't my mom's answer.

I turned to see an old man drinking tea to my right. "Hello Mr. Johnson! How are you doing today?" He was here every Friday. I tried to stay away from older people since they had more of a chance of dying.

The wrinkles by his eyes became more evident when he smiled. "Very good. Thank you Kaya."

I smiled back even though I wasn't really in the smiling mood. The atmosphere of this placed always made me feel at home and at the same time unwanted. That walls were painted with a series of mountains, trees, and rivers. In the corner a miniature fountain could be heard. It's pretty sound as is the beautiful background. You could smell the different spices and tea in the air.

"Kaya you got home a little early."

She was wearing a kimono as she always did when she was in the shop or at home. It was strange to see people wearing them at all let alone in New York city. She was an adult though so she could do what ever she wanted. Todays was a black kimono with small Sakura flowers decorating the bottom half. The obi was a pink that perfectly matched the color of the flowers. The sleeves were especially long and if she wasn't careful could get into the tea. My mom was always careful plus this dress was a favorite of hers.

Her japanese features were shockingly gorgeous. Her big brown eyes glittered with unspoken happiness. Usually not seen around me. Her dark black hair was in an intricate bun that I could never hope to accomplish. She had little pink flowers thrown through out her hair though it could never really attract attention away from her face.

I looked nothing like my model worthy mother. The slight slant to my eyes and my thick black hair were the only two similarities and even that differed. My eyes were a icy blue color. To make things stranger my pupil was shaped like a cats. The thin long oval shape. My skin is deathly pale so I looked like a walking corpse. Doesn't that sound like the most attractive person ever? Yeah, not at all.

I reached down and grabbed a granola bar that I had hid behind the counter. "Yep." I opened and chewed the granola bar before continuing. "There weren't a lot of people around today. Guess I was lucky today." I said idly looking around my mom's teashop. "Where's Max?" Max was my seven year old half brother it was rare to not see him clinging to our mom. I was feeling oddly jumpy today and knowing where he was might calm me down.

"At his friends house. Remember I told you this earlier. So how was your day?" My mom was acting extremely nice to me. It wasn't exactly like she was extremely mean to me, but her behavior was strange.

I looked away. She has to know I'm going to hang out with demons. She never asks that. "Good. I'm going to a party with my friends at five. Is that alright?"

"Sure. Sure." Her attention was no longer on me. A customer had come in. I almost dropped to my knees in relief. If she had found out with who... Well that was a conversation I never ever wanted to have. I'm pretty sure my punishment would be death.

I opened the door behind the door behind the counter which led to a bunch of old creaky stairs. We lived above the store. I all but ran upstairs to my room. The clanging noise I made as I went up was obnoxiously loud. I slowed down my pace as I continued up the narrow stairs.

There were five rooms upstairs. My room, Mom's, Max's, the bathroom and the kitchen. The hallways was very cramped and only one person could move through it at a time. My room was the first one on the right.

I pushed open the door and immediately set my backpack down. I knew that before I could get started on my homework there was one thing I needed to do. Needed because if I didn't Avril would kill me.

"Ever?" I whispered. "Ever are you there?" I felt stupid since it looked like I was talking to a wall. I might very well be talking to a wall. I hated how I could never tell if she was there or not.

I felt cool air at the back of my neck letting me know something was indeed there. "Yes?" she said in that whispery soft voice of hers.

I turned around quickly, but still saw nothing. Here's the thing about ghosts. I could hear them pretty well, but couldn't see them unless they wanted me to. Well... I couldn't hear them if they didn't want me to either. I couldn't sense them at all unless they wanted me to. So basically I was completely powerless against ghosts.

Demons were different though. I could usually sense them and see through their glamour even when they didn't want me to. Unless they are really strong demons. If a really strong demon is hiding from you it usually means they are trying to kill you. It means your dead the minute they decided they wanted you to be. I considered myself to pretty damn lucky that I hadn't run into any of those situations yet. Not that it was common, but with my extremely horrible luck it could happen to me.

"Avril wants to know if you want to come to a party?" I said directly. No build up for me.

I got my homework out of my backpack and walked over to my desk. I pulled the chair out out so I could sit down. Time to begin the fun world of X equals who gives a damn.

"Why?" Her whispery voice trailed around the room. It was unnerving to not know where she was at.

I laughed. "The same reason as always. She like to party." I opened the book to the correct page and began to start my annoying calculus problems. This particular stereo type had fallen for me hard. I like doing my work efficiently sooner rather the later or maybe it's because if I put it off I'd forget about it.

I heard her exhale forcefully. I waited patiently. "I guess."

I think my jaw dropped in shock. The chances of her going were lower then the chances of me going. The fact that we both agreed was kind of scary. "Why are you showing this sudden interest?" I looked to where she should be, but knew I couldn't see her. She never chose to show her real form. I wasn't one who cared enough to ask her to.

"Good day," she muttered. Her tone told me absolutely nothing about her supposedly good day.

"Me too..." I stared awkwardly at the empty space where I thought she was. "Why did you?" I was curious. What did ghost do all day. Ever never really talked about it and I didn't know how comfortable she would be talking about it so I just decided to leave all that stuff alone for now.

She didn't say anything for a little bit so I thought she wouldn't answer. "My brother was in town." Right she had mentioned him before. I had never met him though. I had the sense that she was a very closed off person. She is a very lucky ghost. The chance of two people in the same family becoming ghosts is low. The fact they both had and ended up meeting each other as well... She was just the luckiest ghost ever.

"Be ready at five that's when she will be here."

"Avril..." She paused uncomfortably. "The demon correct?" Ghosts don't like demons or angels very much. This is because ghosts can be killed. If they are they turn into a demon or an angel.

"That be her," I muttered. "So five okay?" My answer was silence. "You had better be here Ever! I am not doing this alone," I shouted at the wall feeling utterly stupid. I heard soft laughter as my reply. She is so not funny.

I leaned back into the chair preparing to start my home work in earnest when a strange feeling came over me. It started as a light persuasion barely there, but this time it quickly escalated. "Oh Hell no. This is not going to happen right fucking now. This just ruined my great day!" My mind and body were being taken over. It felt like millions of hands were taken me out of my chair and pulling me to where I had to be. Where I needed to be. I had no choice.

I could fight it sure, but in the end fate would end up dragging me there. Literally. An unknown force would force me to go there. Wherever there happened to be this times. Sometimes I would fight this horrible urge, but I just wasn't in the mood to the unknown forces of the world. I would try to fight it some time later... Not. That's what I always said,

I glanced over my room dreading this. The walls of my room were colored a horrible blood red. My mom's choice in color not mine.. Every thing in my room was either a blood red or a never ending black. I could tell her that I hated it, -black was my favorite color and I would say this was too much- but I knew that she would glare at me for once her beautiful face filled with dislike. 'It's appropriate... Isn't it?' she would say yet again.

I walked over to my closet and angrily pulled it open. The forces that be were getting pissed at me yet again and began to yank at my body more aggressively. Another minute and I'd be yanked out the door.

"Oh be patient!" I didn't know if the forces had a conscience of any type, but it was worth a try. If they could hear me they chose to ignore my suggestion.

I looked around my closet extremely messy closet until I found what I was looking for buried under a pile of boxes and paintings. I slid it out from under them carefully not wanting to injure my self or them by accident. I pulled out a long scythe. Okay someone who has a scythe in their closest just screams problems.

I walked down the stairs with the giant scythe in my hands. No one even looked in my directions letting me know that I had fully turned invisible. The random forces guaranteed that normal human being couldn't see me while I was in the midst of a reaping.

I got outside and breathed in the air of New York city. I almost sighed in relief. Whatever I was looking for was extremely close by. Four blocks away at the most. I walked down the busy streets encountering no one in my way. Even though humans didn't know I was their some instinct made them make a clear path for me.

After walking a couple blocks I came upon a alley. Oh alleys how you love me and New York homicides so much. We had become really close friends the three of us. Two girls stood talking loudly. No one noticed them though. No one cares about other peoples problems.

"What should we do?" one young girl screamed. I watched carefully. I liked to get the reason behind the incident. Most of my kind just did it, got out, and forgot about it. As if it never happened. I could never do that. I had too much humanity to forget about events such as these. A strength of mine and a crippling weakness. I continued to watch trying to find my victim. Their life was only moments from ending.

"I don't know! This was your idea. Why did you say we have to try this?" the other girl screamed.

I glanced away from them. It wasn't either of these two girls. I needed someone who was dying. This person was a minutes maybe seconds from their death. Neither of these girls were near death. I saw something shudder on the cold ground of the alley slightly hidden by the dumpster. Bingo.

I moved into the shadows watching them cooly. In my eyes they didn't have faces they were just black shadows. The girl on the cold ground was the only thing in color in my new world. She glowed brightly and right where her heart would be shined the brightest. Even though I knew I should just get this over with I felt compelled to watch the scene play out. Anyways her heart still beat softly. As long as her heart was beating I didn't have to play my role. I had time before I had to complete my horrible task.

"Should we leave her here?" I snorted in disgust because I knew they wouldn't be able to hear me. They were willing to leave their friend in a dirty alley just because they're scared. I hadn't understood what happened yet, but I had a very strong feeling that she had been very scared too. I wasn't like humans in this way. I wasn't a coward who thought of themselves first.

"No that's horrible!" the other girl sobbed her hands in her hands. Her knees buckled as if she were about to collapse.

"But if our parents found out we took drugs.. We... We would be so dead." Oh. Just like their friend.

An overdose? Probably. I took a step towards the girl. Her heart had almost slowed to a stop.

"Who are you?" Her mouth didn't move, but I could hear her voice as clear as if she had been talking in my ear. She could see me now. It was almost over. Hopefully. Hopefully her pain would be over soon.

I bent down and closed my eyes as I saw her last memories. She hadn't wanted to do it, but one of her friends convinced them that they all should. Somehow her friend had obtained them. The dying girl had always been bolder then the rest so to prove her bravery she decided she would try it first. Then everything went wrong.

I closed my eyes even tighter. I hated it when people just made one bad decision in their lives and then their lives were ruined forever. Ended by one little mistake. These two girls would never be the same again. The guilt over what had happened would destroy them. They would blame themselves even though it wasn't any specific persons fault. The families lives would be ruined. It would all be because of one little mistake. I hated events like this they were unfortunate.

"I'm taking you to a better place Becky," I said in a soothing voice that I used for these moments.

"How do you know my name? Are you an angel?" Some part of her had realized that she was dead and had made the assumption that was what I was. I hated it when people asked that questioned it just made things seem more wrong. I would lie. I had to lie.

"Yes." No I wasn't, but it would only panic her if I said something else. She would probably think she was going to Hell.

Her voice began to sob. "I don't want to die though. I want to go to school and play soccer. My coach said I might one day be good enough to play professionals you know."

All of those dreams were coming to an end today. It was all over for her. I hated it when they told me things about themselves. It made everything seem more unfortunate. Their deaths even more horrible.

I kill four people a week on average. I sometimes liked distance from my victims, but when ever they spoke to me like this I couldn't seem to make it. They were humans. They had lives. They had futures. They had dreams. I ended it all.

I sighed I hated this part the most. "I'm sorry." It was the only words I could say. It made nothing better.

She began laughing hysterically. "I get it. Ruth and Liz are playing a joke on me. This so isn't funny." She said it stubbornly but I could hear the sobs in her voice. "Why did this have to happen to me?"

"It will be over in a minute. I promise." I began to raise the scythe.

"Wait! Wait!" I paused. I hated it when the began to stall all it was doing was prolonging their pain. She would probably end up in Heaven anyways since she had never done anything wrong. Every thing would become better this way. I just hoped she didn't beg. I could barely keep myself together when people do that. I waited patiently for her answer though.

"Can you tell my parents... I'm sorry." I could do that. I often wrote letters to the deceased families for them.

"Yes." I swung the scythe down before she could try to prolong this as long as possible. The scythe caught the soul and began to take it out of her chest.

I hated this part the most. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen though. Death shouldn't be so beautiful. Her soul became brighter as it came out of her chest. No blood this was all on an astral level. Sparks of white exploded from her chest as a glowing ball of white fire came out. It was life itself looking me in the eyes. When the soul was completely out it was shinning so brightly the sun looked dim in comparison. Then the soul began to fade away as it went wherever it went. As it did so did my special type of vision.

It was over. I hated afterwards almost as much as the event itself. A warm giddy feeling filled my entire body. The sudden burst of energy made me shudder. All demons got a payment for their job. I had unfortunately just received mine. If any demon chose to pick a fight with me now. I would be nearly unbeatable.

I looked for the girls since I would now be able to see their features. They were gone. They had left their now dead friend all alone in a dark alley. They hadn't wanted to get in trouble so they left their friend behind. It didn't matter though because their parents would eventually find out. The guilt would eat them alive

I hated my job. I hated who I was. I hated what I was. I hated everything about my life. I am Kaya Akuma. I am half demon. I am half human. I am death.

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